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  1. Hi there, i found out that there was some stem play on my fold coming from the front folding mechanism. I got it eliminated by adjusting the small rod under the lever (accessible when opened, 7mm hex afair), so the lever is a bit harder to close but no play remaining. greets Peter
  2. Hi neighbour ;), what‘s the problem with your current battery? I had a fuse related issue with mine and fixed it. Maybe I can help. Regards Peter
  3. Thanks Reddy, I will try to get a replacement charger. Another link to my video: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0oG4TcsmGKRJxN
  4. Hi Reddy, thx for answering! The LCD shows 46.8V. The charger current seems to alternate but not getting much over 20V?? vid1b.mov The video shows this funny behavior. Broken charger?
  5. Hi there, I have a problem with my Fold 48V battery. After riding until the LCD showed the last segment of the battery indicator, I wanted to charge it. I followed the sequence for connecting the charger, but the charger LED won't change from green to red and the fan doesn't start. Back in the bike, the indicator still shows one segment. I charged the battery before only three times without any problems. Any ideas? Best regards Peter
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