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  1. Hi Sondors family, What are the current recommendations on tires, these days? I have a Sondors X, fat-tire style. The originals wore down after about 1000 miles. I replaced them with another set of Chaoyangs. One of the replacement tires has split open, and threads are exposed. Gotta replace it. Any alternatives? I'd like to stick with the 4.9 size. I tried installing a Maxxis Mammoth 4" tire at one point. It just didn't seem to fit right. Thanks!
  2. Thank you, Reddy. You're response was super quick...i just posted on another forum seeking advice on alternative controllers. I've seen the Velomobile controller and display; but I'm interested to see if there are any new alternatives. Color displays are hitting the market now. Not that color will improve my ride; but I'm sure color will become the standard in the next year or so. Anyway, lacking any other alternatives, i'll probably go the route of Velomobile. As you said; they're reliable and reputable. Thanks again! -Matt
  3. Are there any compatible after-market controllers+displays for Sondors X? I have the 48v model Sondors X purchased in December of 2017. My display has quit displaying my speed. Sondors replaced the display, but that didn't fix the problem. I am now interested to see if there are any controller alternatives. I see that some of the other ebike manufacturers are installing color displays. That would be a nice upgrade. I have seen the Velomobile "Wendy" display+controller. If there aren't any better alternatives, that's probably what I'll get. Any thoughts or advice on controller upgrades would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt
  4. Finally...after four months...the new display arrived in the mail last night and I swapped out the old one, this morning. Sadly, I'm here to report that this did not resolve the problem. My speedometer continues to read 0.0 miles per hour. (and now the odometer has been reset to 0.0 miles traveled) To recap: 1. Speedometer doesn't display a speed. Just stuck at 0.0 mph. 2. The motor/controller knows when I'm doing ~20 mph; the PAS shuts off at higher speeds >20mph, and kicks back on when I've slowed down <20mph. 3. I can spin the rear wheel...no clanking noise from loose magnets in the motor. At this point, I have to believe that it must be the controller in the battery compartment. And since this is now a problem on both of my Sondors X bikes (purchased at the same time), I have to believe that: a) I'm not the only one having this issue. b) Sondors is aware (this is purely speculation; I have had no indication that they acknowledge this issue) I've emailed Sondors support; but don't expect to hear back this weekend.
  5. Argh...the goatheads! I've done three patch jobs in the past three weeks. Must be the season. Mr Tuffy liners? I think I'll be ordering a set today. These flats are killing me. I got one on the way to work, yesterday. Lost an hour and a half of work. Another friend recommended converting to tubeless...though...not exactly sure how that helps. I've pulled a goathead or two that hadn't compromised the tube. Anyway...Any particular brand of slime? Looking for recommendations. Thanks!
  6. Hi, brief update. After 4, long months, my new display is in transit. Hope to have it tonight or tomorrow and will let you know if that fixes my problem. On a side note; i have two sondors bikes, both purchased at the same time, early January 2018. My wife's bike finally began to exhibit the same problem last month. Stay tuned for another update.
  7. Quick update - I emailed the Sondors support group. They requested that I unplug the LCD; and plug it back in again. To no avail. The next step is to send me out a new LCD; but they're on back-order right now, so delivery is expected in a couple more weeks. I'll be honest...I'm skeptical this will fix the issue. But we'll see.
  8. @John VanderMyde Can you send a link to the product/products you bought on Aliexpress? There's a lot there, but not clear what I should be looking at/for. Couldn't find a 25amp controller. Thanks!
  9. Reddy, I have the new KD51C display. Or is that the controller? Anyway, it says A1111. Glad to hear that it's unlikely to be the motor. It's odd to me that the controller would be failing with these symptoms, though. Being an intermittent issue...it flashes a speed once in a while, but goes back to 0.0, seemed like a mechanical issue. Anyway, I contacted support on the web chat...they asked me to submit a ticket via email. I'll report back what I hear.
  10. Reddy- I haven't gotten the bike "very " wet; no pressure wash or any riding in the rain. But I have ridden when the ground is mildly wet. I usually try to avoid puddles. I wouldn't suspect water damage. (though, I guess I can't rule that out, either) So this morning, before my ride to work, I powered off, and disconnected EVERY higo; starting with the battery and including the one near the motor under the chain stay. No avail. Once it was all reconnected, powered up and spun up the motor; no reading. (execept an occassional reading that flashed in, but returned to zero) I reset the controller to factory defaults. Restarted. Retested. Still nothing. Rode to work. I noticed a couple of things. On the two or three small hills I go down, I am almost positive the motor/assist kicked off at/above 20mph. I tried holding the throttle down and peddling to max ability, and motor was shutting off at some point. Presumably 20mph. So I suspect the motor and controller still now the speed. Ok, I'll contact Sondors today using the website chat option. We'll see what they suggest. Thank you.
  11. John - Thank you. I was afraid that was the answer (speedometer sensor is in the motor). But after scouring the bike, front and back, side to side...I drew the conclusion that if it's not somehow associated to the PAS sensor, then it must be wired inside the motor. Which means...there's nothing serviceable for me to inspect/clean/repair.
  12. HI Folks, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on my speedometer problem. It's not registering...or registers a speed for a fraction of a second and flips back to 0.0. This started yesterday. I have a Sondors original model X. Ordered and received in the beginning of January, 2018. I've been ridding to work-and-back routinely, as long as its not raining. I've put on about 600-700 miles so far. I was out for a healthy ride yesterday when I looked down and noticed the speed registering 0.0 miles per hour. I stopped, restarted the whole bike (powered off LCD; powered down the battery; powered it all back on again), and same thing. If I watch the LCD, every now and again, the speed registers for a brief moment. (like half a second, it will flash a speed and go back to zero) Pedal assist is working fine. The 5 ranges of assist are working as expected. The battery indicator is fine. The power assist indicator fluctuates based on assist or throttle levels. Odometer isn't working...for obvious reasons. (but I thought I'd point that out). I've gone around the bike and cleaned it all up. I thought maybe the speedometer was somehow fed by the pedal assist disk/magnet system; but evidently not. Any thoughts on this? Where's the speed measured from? Thanks! Matt
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