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  1. After changing out the throttle and controller I still had the same problem. Unplugged the, front break, motor cut off cable and that corrected the problem.
  2. Couldn't find my multimeter so I put the higo connector from my other bike to the motor and the motor is good. Tomorrow I'm pulling my controller and back tracking until I find the problem. Thanks for your quick response. I'll let you know what I find.
  3. Looking for help. Both my throttle and pedal assist are not working properly. I took it for a short ride; both the throttle and pedal assist work for just a couple of seconds. The battery is charged the display is working and I've checked all the connects. I put a new controller on get the same results. Thanks!
  4. I'm trying to buy 2 skins but 'm struggling to get a response. I think I'll try a local sign maker.
  5. I added suspension forks and a Jones SG 2.5 Loop H Bar to my Sondors X and it helped. http://www.jonesbikes.com/jones-sg-2-5-aluminum-loop-h-bar/
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