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  1. So I talked to them at passion bike and they were little help, probably a language barrier. They said to send the controller to Kyle at Bolton Ebikes (sierra ebikes etc) and have him test it. I decided to shoot them an email over at Bolton Ebikes before wasting money on shipping, didn't talk to Kyle but the person who replied to my email suggested changing the p2 setting to 5, and it worked. 28.8mph!!
  2. I got a 35a controller, a 750w motor, and a 52v battery and it only hits 4mph. I tried it with the original condors 48v battery and get 3.7mph. I put the 25a controller and the 500w motor back in and hit 26mph with the 48v battery and 28mph with the 52v battery. I am unable to test the 25a controller with the 750w motor and the 35a with the 500w motor because the pins in the motor cables differ. Does anyone else have a 35a controller setup?
  3. Wow none of you read my posts. Why even bother replying if you are just going to ignore the issue? I mean its in the title and you just want to talk about the tire setting and how amps doesn't increase speed. I've already said i tried both 20 and 23 tire sizes, and the issue is a decrease in speed not the lask of an increase. As stated it's with the wheel off the ground, that means no weight, no terrain friction. Why bother posting if you don't address the issue? Maybe english is not your first languages, but in my post I didn't ask how to go faster.
  4. I tried both 23in and 20in. I understand that I should be getting an increase in torque, but should I really be getting a lower top speed than stock 15amp controller?
  5. Hi, I recently upgraded my fold X with a 25amp controller and LCD from pasionebikes on aliexpress, the one here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/PASION-E-BIKE-Controller-Display-24V-36V-48V-LCD-Control-Panel-For-Electric-Fat-Bikes-LCD/32780916691.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.iIrtyg Problem is after install I get a lower top speed, 22.9mph with wheel off the ground, about 21mph with me on it, it has a lot more torque but a lower top speed. I was getting 25mph with stock sondors 15amp controller with adjusted LCD settings. I have the 48v battery., and I used the fold x LCD settings listed here except I set a 20in tire: Is there anything else I can check? Is the controller defective?
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