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  1. Thanks for replying. I have a little over 2800 miles on my bike. I ride a little over 5 miles one way to work and sometimes charge it at work if I forget to charge it the night before. I do have the LCD with the 36v 8.7ah battery. When I use the PAS I usually keep it on 1 otherwise it forces me to pedal faster than I prefer to but my concern is when I am using only the throttle. I normally try to ride unassisted at least partly in the morning to justify being lazy after work & using the throttle. I will have to check out the voltage reading while I am riding this week & I will che
  2. I have had my Sondors Thin for about a year now & use it daily to get to work/home. I started noticing the bike was having trouble staying at full speed when the battery was running low a few months ago, it would keep me running at 19 instead of the full 20 when the battery was at about a quarter charge left(one bar on the screens battery indicator). Since then it has gotten progressively worse and is now down to only holding me at 16 with a low battery, when the battery is full the bike performs like it did straight out of the box but only for the first quarter of the battery or so. I
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