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  1. It's going to be a while before I get to the kickstand. After 19 miles on my bike , the mid-drive sounded like it was self destructing and Sondors Tech Support requested I box the bike up and send it back to them for analysis and repair.
  2. Nice job on the swap! Wraps look neat and organized. I too recently received my bike (Thursday) and after a short ride felt the need to replace my handlebars. I like a little more rise for an upright sitting position so I went with a set of BMX bars with a 4" rise. I also replaced the seat with one from Sondors' XS model. I'm still trying to find the instructions on setting the percentages for each level. I changed it to nine PAS levels but I can't find how to set each level. If you figure that out, please share.
  3. I plan to take mine next week to a shop that MIG/TIG welds and have them add a small aluminum plate that I can drill and tap threads and use one of the standard kickstands on an XS. This way, I can remove it quickly if I take an aggressive ride or add it for an urban/paved trail ride. Sondors should seriously consider adding Bosses for this during the frame fabrication so customers have that option
  4. Just a FYI post, I just received my new Rockstar and thought I was having issues with powering up the bike. I unplugged and re-plugged both electrical connections and charged the battery to full power but no change. In fact, it just takes another second or so longer than previous LCD's to boot up. I treated the Rockstar like my XS and discovered that I wasn't pressing the power button long enough.....
  5. Anyone documented the Rockstar controller functions and settings? Mine recently shipped (finally) and although the display/controller functions similar to other Sondors controllers, I can't seem to find instructions for changing the PAS % on the 3, 5, or 9 position options. I toggled mine to nine PAS settings but haven't figured out how to control each of the nine positions from 1% to 99%. Also, I don't recall seeing the AI Sensitivity setting on my X or XS bikes. I think it's for changing the Ambient Light for improving the visibility in sunlight. The Rockstar settings are as follows: Speed Limit Unit (Imperial or Metric) Auto Off (1-9) Not sure but maybe the amt. of idle time before auto shutdown Brightness (100, 75, 50, 30, 10) Power View (Power or Current) AL Sensitivity (0-5) Trip Reset (Y/N) Vibration (Y/N) Feedback from controller buttons Service (Y/N) Info for servicing or troubleshooting Assist Mode (3, 5, 9) Number of PAS options BACK (to top of list)
  6. DavidN, thanks for posting the admin password. I have a request in to Sondors Tech Support to provide instructions to adjust the PAS settings. Have you made any Advanced Setting changes? Do you know if any instructions are available?
  7. I also received and installed my new air ride front suspension for my X and rode it this morning. It is a noticeably better quality shock. I'm glad Sondors decided to improve the quality of their front shocks and suggest they convert solely to this shock as opposed to the spring model. Thanks Sondors! I'm now patiently awaiting the delivery of my new XS bike...… 😀
  8. Reddy, my bike is kept inside the garage, never outside, and I take very good care of all my 'toys'. When I removed the tire all was dry inside, no water at all. The reason I'm certain it's a defective tire, is because the rubber was much more thin at the splitting location. The attached photo is of my front tire, with the same mileage as the defective rear tire. It does have some wear but as you can see, nothing like the rear tire. The first video attachment is a short clip of the tire before I replaced it, showing the tire warp that could have caused the irregular wear and splitting. The second clip shows the entire circumference of tread to show the tread clearly wearing more near the splitting location, more evidence of a defect. This info is being offered as feedback to the forum with the hope that it gets back to Sondors to discuss product quality with their suppliers. 20180919_183519.mp4 20180919_183550.mp4
  9. I won't argue the tread wear but even so, the tire shouldn't be separating.
  10. Hey Biknut, what are the specs on Buffy's handlebars? Looking for the clamp diameter, rise, any bends, etc. My hope is that they would fit my X model..... Thanks!!
  11. I ordered one on Wednesday but I really don't think the tire should be falling apart like this. I wanted to document it for Sondors to provide feedback to their tire company Chaoyang.
  12. JCJ


  13. Has anyone experienced a tire separation issue like this? I have 1148 miles on the tire but all have been in the last eight months. I run 17 psi in the tires.
  14. JCJ

    200 miles on the odometer!

    I was thinking about adding a thread on odometer comparisons to see how many miles are on the bikes and when they were purchased. I purchased mine last Christmas (delivered 12/27/18) and here's my speedometer as of 9/6/18 showing 1168 miles so far:
  15. My cruiser handlebars are just a set off a Schwinn bike I have and I had to add a set of bushings/spacers since they were 1" diameter. There's plenty of bars on the market, you'll just need to determine which style, riser height, etc that you want. The wiring on the handlebar control was short so I relocated it down the bars a little but all other controls (brakes, throttle, 7-speed twist) had plenty of slack. Here's a photo:
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