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  1. The settings are a bit confusing. Carefully read the manual. In order to access the personal parameter settings you need to press the + and - buttons for 2 seconds and then press them again for 2 seconds.
  2. I'm thinking my top speed setting is40 kph (24.8 MPH) although I have never seen better than 22 MPH.
  3. Lee Love has the answer. That's where I have mine set. The factory settings must be for a 36V Fold. I usually use settings 1 or 2 on relatively flat streets at 6-8 MPH walking the dog. Occasionally I use #3 on hills, but almost never use 4 or 5. I also set the max speed on my wife's bike to 20 KPH. It was too fast for her at 40 and scared her a bit. I'm sure that when she gets more used to it, I'll be able to set it back up.
  4. The frame is all welded out of 6061-T6 aluminum. The steel tubing for the receiver is bolted to the carrier. The runners are 2"X 2" X 1/4" "T" stock with 2" X 1/4" ends. I cut the pieces on my band saw and had them mig welded locally. I had the aluminum, but it would also work to use 2" X 2" X 1/8" steel angle, and easier to weld. The 1" lightening holes reduce weight and make good tie down points without any significant structural loss. We'll see about the cover. It does a good job of hiding the contents. If it causes too much drag, I'll scrap the idea.
  5. It's not shown in the photo, but I have a dense foam block between the battery enclosures where they re also tied together. That, along with attaching the wheels to the rack makes it secure. Not shown in the photos, but I am also using 3/8” nylon rope instead of the useless Harbor Freight tiedowns shown.
  6. @G.O.D. I can't understand why you cant see the photo Anybody else with the problem? Here are the photos of the finished product. We found a barbecue cover last fall and were just ready to trash it when I tried it on the bikes. Works perfect!
  7. Reddy, From what I have seen, i believe the 51C is better looking and more readable than the previous unit, but question if it has as many programmable features. Example; it has a new walk mode which I think is neat, but I have not been able to program it to go any slower than a fast jog. When I walk the bike up hills, I just jog the thumb throttle to the speed I want. this makes the walk mode useless. I still need to learn more about programming it and hope to write an english translation of the manual in the near future. Jim
  8. Reddy, The KD51C is the first LCD I have used, so I am not qualified to say which is better. I was only commenting that the unit with the A1111 sticker on the back, like mine, is the KD51C.
  9. I just finished my hitch rack for our two Fold X bikes. Now we can take them on long trips without filling up the car. They are welded up out of 2" X 1/4" aluminum "T" material I had around. Heavy, but should work well. I'll post a photo with both bikes loaded after I get the other one out of the basement.
  10. I have the foldX. My free wheel speed is 24.5 MPH on both bikes. Power is one bar.
  11. The weather finally allowed me to try out my PAS levels yesterday. After a short ride, I feel that my settings are going to work out well. Perhaps a bit of tweaking later, but for now 10, 20, 50, 70, 95 looks good.
  12. It looks like the snow and ice might give me a chance to try out my settings tomorrow. I’m chomping on the bit.
  13. Thanks, nikwax. with 14" of snow, I haven't been able to try my settings yet. I'll try what I now have and adjust accordingly when the weather improves.
  14. I also changed my previous post settings to those JCJ came up with. I wasn't aware that we could go below 25% and think his settings will be better to try.
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