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  1. It would have been too long for my project. I am making a solar powered kiosk to sell pottery from and educate people about solar and batteries for emergencies and power outages. I will get the kit to make it 64" later, for other stuff. I've been busy reviving a 36 year old "Fat Tired" bike that's been in my neighbor's garage collecting dust for 14 years. Only has 7,830 miles on it. Started like a top the first time I fired her up after jumping it with a jump battery.
  2. Matt, I received my LCD at the same time. Several people getting their bikes at this time have had this problem. I think Sondors had a defective batch. I've been riding less without a speedometer. One idea that made any sense are the magnets in the motor. It is the response someone here received from Sondors. But others have said their should be a rattling sound if this is true. Mine is silent. Maybe we should all report to Sondors and demand a recall.
  3. Thanks Tino. Sounds like the same problem on 5 different bikes (four here and one at the other forum.) The only solution I have heard of for our problem was from a Facebook forum. One person said they fixed the problem when they replaced the motor. So, it sounds like it must be the magnets in the motor. Sondors should know this for certain by now. I received my Sondors Thin7 in January 2018 like Matt. May be a production problem.
  4. Ours doesn't seem to have a Time function.Mine stopped presenting the MPH and distance. Most people think it is the sensor magnets in the Hub motor. A real bummer. Everything else works. I just need to get a separate speedometer. Or figure out how to fix it. admin note: restored from June 9
  5. All I am asking for is what to check. I am waiting to upgrade my controller untill Wendy X has the color LCDs in. Today's project was assembling the trailer.
  6. I was hoping someone understood how the Speedometer worked. From the hub? From the PAS sensor? I did spray a little oil on the cassette, making sure I didn't overspray. Like I said, I am going to wait to change until the color LCD is out. I'd like to try some fixes. At least the PAS and everything else is still working. I can use a bike app on my phone for a speedo until the color LCDs come out. Thanks!
  7. Matt, Did you find a solution? Like you, I am suspicious of the PAS sensor. My KD51C display just developed a similar problem. It will occasionally show the MPH and then goes to zero. I had the PAS cut out in the middle of a 12 mile ride, but it came back after turning the LCD on and off. Toward the end of the ride, it wouldn't show speed at all. I hate to replace because I am waiting for the new color LCDs.
  8. I have one of these trailers ordered. They are in high demand, so there is a couple week backlog. Because of the kickstand placement, the hitch won't work on the horizontal bar. I sent several photos of the back axle. They will make a custom axle hitch (larger diameter hole and lower placement.) It is rated at 300lbs. I also have flexible solar panels ordered. I am a studio potter and am designing a modular Art Fair/Farmer's Market display to go on the trailer. I went with the wide model because it can hold my Akita Dog's crate. I will also build the solar top to the Art display to fit a camping module. I've found an MTTP controller for the panels than can charge our bike batteries directly. Bikes At Work Trailer
  9. Is your top speed on the Fold 45kph? I wanted the lower settings for the first too assists because sometimes you just want to amble and take in the view.
  10. Just to add: I found that 28" wheel was the correct setting form my Thin7 using a GPS app to confirm. I am now getting 22mph which is plenty fast for me and keeps me legal on the bike paths and trails here in Minneapolis.
  11. Great! I have mine set at: s-1 15 s-2 30 s-3 50 s-4 75 s-5 99 I had it at 9 settings, but found that it required too much clicking if you needed top power (s9) from bottom power (s1)
  12. SamCR, I thin you do. Follow what was posted above. Here it is to be handy: Power up LCD press and hold + and - buttons at same time then press and hold + and - buttons again your in the right spot. VOLt will be showing Press + one time to the next parameter SCr press i (power button briefly) to access levels S-1_## (mine 15) S-2_ ## (mine 25) S-3_ ## (mine 35) S-4_##(mine 45) S-5_##(mine 55) when finished, press and hold i (power) to save and back out
  13. This video has nothing to do with the product you are speaking of. It is something that could happen to ANY Lithium battery. It is basic knowledge that you never want cells or cell packs of differing charges hooked together. Would that be the proper warning?
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