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  1. I don't know why most "disk brake" racks wouldn't fit. The Ibera IB-5 is very popular with Sondors owners. The Topeak Explorer is another good rack.
  2. the power assist cuts out at a set speed, which is due to legal restrictions. I can outpedal the power assist downhill and on the flat if I'm feeling fit.
  3. @saxman would have been interesting to know what bike you're talking about. I have a Fat, fits me OK at 6'3", but I did need to raise the handlebars quite a bit. Non-freewheel could be chain tension, chain alignment, chain binding, or freewheel. Bottom bracket bearings...I need to think about that. The safest thing to do while walking the bike is to either set PAS to zero, or pull the brake lever enough to activate the cutoff switch.
  4. leave it in the bag of rice for a week.
  5. I don't know about the 7 speed, but on the single speed Fold, the options are very limited due to the shape of the left chain stay.
  6. The Origin8 crankset in 165mm does not fit the Fold, the left crankarm doesn't clear the chain stay. Drat.
  7. I am still seeking a crankset, and, I did find a reference to a left crank arm that may work with Sondors: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B075FM93Z4/?coliid=IX45N6RE81LC1&colid=2SLPB6T357794&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it I just received the Origin8 crankset in 165mm, and in comparing left crank arms, it looks like it is going to work. I need to have an extended garage session to verify.
  8. Good info @Ken Glucksberg. I’ve seen other mentions of the pedals as suspect. I bought a set of flat platform pedals for my wife, and she likes them better than the folding. Which is good, as the pedals were destroyed as well.
  9. I’ve ordered the Origin8 crankset, will know in a couple of days if it fits the Fold single speed.
  10. Any reason why that wouldn’t fit on a single speed Fold?
  11. And the right crank arm failed today, same issue with the pedal stripping out. Anyone one know of aftermarket crankarms that have the proper clearance ?
  12. Yes, my wife's Fold suffered left crank arm failure at 25 miles. I may be able to get replacement parts from Sondors, and am actively looking for aftermarket replacements.
  13. Outside possibility that the axle is broken. Definitely take it to a bike shop, and stop riding it.
  14. Let us know if you find a quality 3 speed freewheel, I bought one of the crappy ones and tossed it. I also tossed the stock freewheel, and replaced it with a Shimano. The Shimano has a removal tool, which is nice, I'd like a find a 3 speed with the same quality and with a removal tool.
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