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  1. So i have a related question..... Apparently sonders is selling some Color LCD display for older FOLD X it also comes with a bigger 25A controller. Does anyone have any experience with these, sounds tempting, but worry about excessive battery drain when offroad. Also if they going to change 250 or so for the kit it sure as heck have a way to bypass the 20mph speed limit function. Other than a kind of useless color display that just eats up more power think other folks offer aftermarket lcd and 25a control that not only give more power but also do away with silly speed limiter. Does anyone use one of the aftermarket kits I mention or have any experience with this new color lcd +control kit for foldx?
  2. Thanks David, I was able to resolve this issue traced it to a bad soldering job in the hub..
  3. ill def check the Vee Tire Co Mission Command tires out - was more concerned with the tubes - as some of the tubes ive seen are thicker than others. as i was saying (should have clarifies things a bit better ) looks like the bike comes with chaoyang 20x4.0/4.9 inner-tubes, im not sure if i needed the exact size - and ended up getting some tubes locally but they were kenda 20x3.5/4.0 tubes and not sure if it would be real snug. But you say it will be fine with the 3.5/4.0 tubes instead of the factory 4.0/4.9 tubes?
  4. So for FOLD X - i see the factory TUBES they were sent with are haoyang 20x4.0/4.9 (100/116-406), whats a good replacement ? Perhaps im confused is the factory tube then a 20x4 or 20x5 (4.9) ? - i thought the tubes were just 20x4 and accidentally picked up some kenda 20x3.5/4.0 - should i return them or will they fit my fold x?
  5. So the Connector looks good , nice and dry - none of the pins are bent. Likely the cause of the error is water, Im just not sure how to get it out of there other than the evaporation methods mentioned. i have a harbor freight heat gun - should i use that on the motor case as well - dont want to break things or make matters worse? Sorry someone mentioned a drain plug.... But I did not see any thing other than the battery on/off cover, is there a good way to drain any water that might be in the frame? I'm thinking of taking a part the bike and inspect controller for water.... but am also wondering if i should drill a few holes in the lowest portions of the frame, and tap the holes (and have stainless hardware put there) this way if water ever got in the frame i can use the holes to drain and air out the frame.... is there any problem with doing this? How should i wash my bike in the future (i hate seeing it so dirty)?
  6. OMG ! yes - ok so this is my first ebike and i wasnt sure of care.... but now that you mention it was pretty dusty and iwanted to rinse it off - perhaps it has water somewhere..... was careful not to get the electronics - but perhaps some spray got in somewhere..... crud... what do i do ?
  7. Thanks Matt and Reggie, I'll try to tighten up that connector with some electric conducting grease later tonight and report back.. If anyone has a later lcd controller manual than the one I have attached for my SP302 controller (12/2017 FOLD X) please let me know. KT-LCD3_2015.pdf
  8. To confirm.. the Lcd that I have apparently its SKU number is "SP302" I'm assuming I need the 2015 or later manual but again not sure who really makes the stock lcd controller that came with the bike.
  9. Yes Im not sure of the model like I said I just got my FOLD X in December. But I'm just using the stock lcd controller that came with the bike. I'll look at the original box for a model number later tonight on my FOLD X The bike is in assist mode 2 so think the lcd is OK... As for the cable it feels tight I can't even seem to budge it either way.... I tried to push the two connectiors together but based on how difficult it was I'm assuming it's fully seated In the other connector -, I pushed very hard.. I took a look at the other end of that cable at the point where it goes into the axle and removed the rubber boot to take some pictures.... Looks OK but I still have the same issue. The last ride I took had a lot of rocks so perhaps something jarred loose, or perhaps the cable got caught on something when trying to get it out of thee car.. Not sure... Does anyone know if there is a service location near me Fullerton, CA 92835 that can take a look at what might be the issue??
  10. need to know what "03 Info" means on my display i just jot my bike in December and already its giving me some weird code.... what does this mean - and how come you sonders is so lazy as to give out information on the LCD controller for my FOLD X. half of the codes and modes of the LCD are not described anywhere. At the moment i'll just settle ok knowing what a flashing " 03 Info" on my display means. Everytime i use the assist throttle on my FOLD X - i get this message and customer support for sonders has been pretty cruddy... can anyone here help as to what might be causing the issue. there is also a slight noise form the motor that i do not recall hearing before (but perhaps its just me).
  11. Oh cool I'll Def check that out and see if if fits on the sonders fold-x thanks for the tip.
  12. Thanks Matt, will keep this under consideration, as due to my height I keep the seat post pretty low. Will do some more stock trail rides and look into the ST if my Rinsten doesn't work. Thanks Again for your feedback on the thud buster. On a side note since a front suspension fork would raise the front end considerably, has anyone heard of dampeners for the handle bars (or neck)? On a dirt trail over the weekend and there was a bunch of rocks say from 2"-5" and the handlebars brought back memories of when I took out my rear patio with a 75# jackhammer.
  13. I ordered a RISTEN Spring - will update when it comes in if there is too much bounce ill def check out the thudbuster... - the only reason i wanted to test the RISTEN is on the Thud-buster i worry about the seat being too high as im only 5'6", and having that big thing under the sear might might be problematic... how tall are you, and whats your inseam length if you dont mind me asking?
  14. Is there a specific list of options for various bikes? I have a sonders Fold X and was wondering what the options are and mean in the stock controller, and if there is a way to improve power on hills. I also set my speed limit thing to 44 mph but it has no effect. I was also thinking that it might be possible to fool the controller and get more speed from selecting a smaller tire than the 20" (say 10" ) ot perhaps get more torque from selecting a bigger tire than whats actually there .... is there some manual or something that goes through what all the "C" options actually do?
  15. Interested to know what solutions best for sonders FOLD X - - thudbuster - suntour - Rinsten Spring - suspension forks or a combination of the above
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