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  1. For all those who are looking for an air supply, or want to install it, similar to what Albert did, I found this website: https://www.scale-print.de/en/lufteinlasse-gitter/80-airscoop-flat-universal.html Production according to your own size is possible!
  2. That was a misunderstanding. I do not want to install a motor in the front wheel, but have a rim for a front wheel (Original Sondors 80 mm) WITHOUT hub and spokes and now need the missing parts.
  3. Thanks Reddy! Thanks Lindsey! I´ll contact you on your website in the course of the order!
  4. Hello! Need help by my Sondors X: I swapped the original rims (80 mm) for 100 mm wide rims. Unfortunately I got the wide front rim without hub and spokes delivered (from China - my mistake). Therefore, I have the original hub including spokes in the 80 mm wide expanded and installed in the 100 mm wide. I would now like to mount the new Sondors suspension fork, but this doesn´t work with the wide 100 mm rim (with the 4.9" tire), which means I have to re-install the original 80 mm rim, which now has no hub and spokes. That´s why I need a matching hub complete with spokes for the origin
  5. Hello! Find this on: https://autorevue.at/ratgeber/e-bikes-recht-gesetz-regeln (Translation with "google translate"): E-bikes and pedelecs: the legal regulations Austria E-bikes, ie electronically driven bicycles without pedal assistance as well as pedelecs (with pedal assist) are equal in terms of traffic law to "normal" bicycles. Thus, both e-bikes and pedelecs must be used on cyclists, if one exists. For e-bikes and pedelecs: The maximum drive power of the motor must not exceed 600 watts, also applies a maximum design speed of 25 km / h. The rated continuous power is to be di
  6. Hi Lindsey! Can I charge your battery with the original charger from Sondors, or do I need a special charger? Do you ship to Europe (Austria) and if so, on what terms?
  7. Fuscher Törl (2.428 m) / Großglockner / Austria
  8. .. on the way to the highest mountain of Austria ...
  9. Fuscher Törl (2.428 m) / Großglockner / Austria
  10. Fuscher Törl (2.428 m) / Großglockner / Austria
  11. Hallo, my X missing the cover ring (rubber ring) between steering head and (suspension) fork, where can i get that?
  12. Geopal04


  13. I ordered my Sondors X (Europe Version) on May 22, 2018 and it was delivered to Salzburg / Austria on June 19, 2018, less than a month!!! The replacement batteries ordered at the same time were delivered on October 8, 2018. I communicate exclusively through the very friendly and effortful chat on the Sondors homepage or reply to emails from sondors ("please type your reply above this line").
  14. Presumably is still a caliper mount adapter for mounting the Magura MT5e (brake disc 203 mm) on my Sondors X (disc 160 mm) required? Does the dealer know which adapter I need, or can you tell me which one to order?
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