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  1. Hi, i am having a problem with charging my 48v sondors battery. i use the bike to commute to and from work. i came home this evening with 47.8v showing on my screen, i have the 25amp system from bolton. i plug in the charger it runs 5 mins. and the light turns green. i have 2 chargers one of them is new from sondors,same thing on both. last night it only charged up 80%. the charge before 56.3v. this only happens occasionally. the battery is in the house for 30mins. and warm before i charge it. does anyone know what is the problem? the bike was delivered 12/2017 and it's an x-7. any advice is greatly appreciated,thanks Dennis-deecee.
  2. thanks reddy, the info is greatly appreciated. DeeCee.
  3. hi, does anyone know the correct bottom bracket size for an x-7. mine started grumbling on the way home from work. only 710 miles and it's rough as gravel. thanks.
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    new xs

    hi, has anyone recieved an e-mail from sondors on the new limited edition xs yet. i was wondering if anyone had any info on it.
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  6. hi, just recieved my sondors x 7spd. started assembly and so far am very happy with quality. have a headlight and tail light from luna cycle and rear rack from ibera.should be out on it tomorrow. does anyone know of a supplier of full fenders? i really don't like the plastic clip on type especially with a rear rack.
  7. hi, my first time ever joining in on an online group and first time e-bike owner( when its delivered). ordered an X with 7-spd. and screen. i do a short commute to and from work with a one block hill,hope it all works out. i am an avid biker with 30+ years road biking and commuting. thought it was time for something new. what i have read from everyone so far has been fantastic, very informative and great to see so many people so involved. thanks for a tremendous amount of excellent info.i do plan on modifications in the future so many questions will be coming. thanks again to all and happy and safe riding. DeeCee in N.J.
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