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  1. Thanks. Controller/LCD from Sierraebike. 25a. Maybe throw in another 500w again..just dont want to burn through it again. Its plenty fast though. Thanks for all the info...if I go 500w I just need a Bafang 175mm and is the (6) or(7) a factor or just a setting change? Nice bikes BTW!
  2. Hi...can anyone point me in right direction to upgrade my original Fold x 48 v to 750w...non-cassette. I have the KT LCD3 that came with the 25A controller when I upgraded it....I think LCD is compatible but I need a new 35a controller and 750w Bafang with large plug? Can anyone provide links so I get it right the first time? Looks like Bolton is out...Is there a motor swap that doesnt require the relace ect...?Thanks much,....
  3. Senegal, Im gonna upgrade my Fold x 48v LCD and controller. Its fresh out the box, if you would be interested in buying it...$75?
  4. Thanks for the quick direction. Im thinking playing it safe/easy with 20a. Ill be climbing a short hill as the bikes primary use, and not sure if 25a will run hot..?? So he replaced the LCD...is the Sondors incompatible? Thanks.
  5. Good day to all...While impressed by the package of the Fold X, 48v 500w bike, Id like to unlock some power. Will the Storm 20a controller be a plug and play upgrade? I have the Sonders LCD and throttle w/ on/off button.
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