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  1. Thanks for the comprehensive reply! Years ago I found a Bafang motor spec sheet (sadly couldn't find it anymore and I'm not sure what the source was) which indicated that 250, 350, 500 and even 750 motors all had pretty much identical specifications so even back then I was thinking that maybe Bafang just prints whatever they want on the motor cover... Thanks for confirming this. You seem to have a pretty massive chainring on your bike! What's the top speed of that beast?
  2. So the LCD on my 2018 Sondors X recently broke and I got a replacement from a 2020 Sondors X (thanks again @Dogbreath 😊). As I was not sure if the controller on my older bike would be compatible with a newer LCD, I also purchased Dogbreaths controller, which has a slightly higher Max current and Rated current values than mine. For now I have only swapped the LCD which works perfectly, but I was wondering: 1) Would I in some way benefit from the 2020 controller (I think it could affect max torque but I'm not sure)? 2) Is it safe to upgrade the controller? Could I damage my motor if I would do the upgrade? My current controller values: Rated voltage: 48V Max current: 15A Rated current: 7A Low voltage protection: 40V Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2v-4.4v 2020 controller values: Rated voltage: 48V Max current: 20A Rated current: 10A Low voltage protection: 40V Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2v-4.4v I have a 250W motor on my bike: BF RMG06 48V250W(13)
  3. Hi, just to make sure: the LCD has two wires coming out of it; one that connects to a wire coming from the controller and one connected to the three buttons (+, - and i), right? If yes and if your estimate of the postage is about correct, I would be interested in buying the LCD and the controller! That would be about $105 including shipping with some trackable shipping method. I could pay with paypal, upfront of course. Let me know if you're still interested in shipping to Finland!
  4. Hi, sorry for the late reply. The LCD in my 2018 Sondors X does not work and I've waited an answer from Sondors if it's covered by warranty (it's not). So I'm definitely interested but I'm not sure if your LCD will work in my X as my controller has slightly different voltage/current output: Rated voltage: 48V Max current: 15A Rated current: 7A Low voltage protection: 40V Throttle adjustment voltage: 1.2v-4.4v I think I need to do more research first so that I could be certain that it will work..
  5. After reading Mike Ritchies compatibility guide I guess I need to get a new KD51 LCD from sondors..
  6. Hi, do you have any idea what it would cost and would you be willing to send the LCD to Finland? 🙂
  7. Holy crap it's alive! I unplugged the display, plugged in the Higo cap and voila, there is power! Thanks Reddy! Now I just need to replace the display... Any suggestions besides sondors.com (which I for whatever reason think will take ages to arrive if I order from there)?
  8. I didn't realize I could try the bike without the LCD. I do still have the cap that I removed when I installed the LCD, I need to try it out. Thanks a lot for the tip! 🙂
  9. Hi, I bought a Sondors X about two years ago. I've ridden about 1000 miles on it. It's the model with 48V 17.5Ah battery and I think 20A controller. The display is the square KD51C version. Yesterday morning the display just didn't power on and there is no power going to the motor. I can hear a rapid clicking sound coming from inside the display when I'm trying to power on the bike with the power-on button on the handlebar control. The battery is about 75% charged so there definitely should be power available (the battery indicator on the battery itself shows 3 out of 4 lights and the night before, when the bike was working perfectly, the display showed 3 out of 5 bars). Do you have any idea is it the display or the controller that has gone wrong? I've tried to disconnect everything, let it rest for a while and then re-connected everything with no luck. Is there anything else I could try?
  10. Holy crap, the bike is absolutely brilliant! Last few days have included some fresh snow, a studded front tyre and a LOT of smiles Everyone else is struggling in the snow and I'm just flying past all of them...
  11. Hi all, In the evening of November 21st I finally got a UPS tracking number for my Sondors X !! The bike should arrive in Finland next monday, November 27th. Anyone else constantly hitting F5 on the UPS tracking page?
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