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  1. I am. 6' 4" and a little lighter than you (and a little older). My Fold X is by far my favorite bike. Fits me fine for trail and street, though I am not doing particularly long rides on it. I would agree that the original would be a more traditional choice but I have surprised myself at how comfortable the Fold is for me. I did add the Thudbuster for some height and comfort. Good luck.
  2. Well, when not sloshing through bayou mud my Fold is often seen inside a local pub near me. I do get a lot of questions about the bike but usually from aging beer drinkers like myself. Still, those bars and stem gotta help...!
  3. Reddy - that’s a pretty sexy set-up you have there. I think i am going to go that route.
  4. I have been riding my fantastic Fold X in a lot of mud lately. It's been a lot of fun but this clay is tough on the knobbies!
  5. Yes, thanks for the link. Currently, it never leaves my sight
  6. Really having fun with this bike! Easy to put together and maybe it's just because it's my first ebike (and fat tire bike) , but what a kick it is! Rack and bag next - which will also help as a rear fender. Also need to clean up wires...
  7. Mine has arrived! Sadly, I am traveling so it will sit a couple more days in a box until I can put it together and ride. I ordered the Thudbuster seat post thinking I would want it it soon enough. Very curious to see how the Fold X is for a tall rider...
  8. Timing and bike type must be everything. I ordered my Fold X in black/red, my preferred color, earlier this week and had a UPS shipping notice within 24 hours. I believe the number was around 40 in stock at that time. Bike should be here in a couple of days.
  9. Magus


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