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  1. I put the Thudbuster LT on my Fold X pretty quickly after getting the bike. Unlike the other poster, I definitely notice the movement of the seat now though it isn't excessive. I am recovering from back surgery and I wanted a little more suspension help - beyond those cushy 4" fat tires. I also have a Thudbuster on my MTB. I think the Thudbuster is maybe a little pricey, but the build quality is excellent and every little bounce helps my backside so recommend this mod enthusiastically.
  2. "But my recommendation would be to wear the Chaoyang's out or at least give the a thorough work out before deciding to change tires, which we all tend to want to do to personalize our rides." Who have you been talking to Reddy?!? Lol That is such good advice and I so resemble that remark about immediately looking to upgrade/personalize. Also the comment about weight on an ebike being much less of a concern. Again, really appreciate the feedback and I have nothing but good things to say about my time with the "stock" Fold X so will just keep riding for the time being. Thanks
  3. Thanks Reddy. Great info as always. So the stockers are a little on the heavy side based on the others I have taken a look at.
  4. Anyone know the weight is of the stock tires on the Fold?
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