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  1. Here are photos before and after. The results are acceptable and cost was $0. I would still like a one inch longer brake lever.
  2. Arnold


  3. I moved the thumb throttle to the left side and was able to shift the right handbrake about an inch to the right and I am now able to grasp the right brake lever with four fingers instead of two. A longer brake lever would be a nice mod.
  4. Skinsaphrenics, I see you have an "A" at the end of your order number and I did not. Did you make a change to your initial order? Back in 2001, I added heated seats to my PT Cruiser factory order and it delayed my order as if the date of change was the new "initial" order date. I was also bummed when people who ordered after me were getting their cars before me. Once you get your bikes, you will be very pleased with their performance.
  5. Ordered one black and one white Fold X 7 early August, got UPS shipment notice October 20, and were delivered to East coast October 26. Per Andi's must read "regarding delivery of your new Sondors", the UPS tracking showed the bikes in California until the day of delivery.. I went on an 18 mile ride over the weekend with my wife. We are pushing 60 and she said it was the best bicycle ride of her life. To everyone waiting for your bicycles please be patient. Sondors will deliver and it will definitely be worth the wait.
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