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  1. i Find This in EBAY And i Purchased as Replacement the My White Cover i ordered this but dont fix SONDORS MODEL And MODEL X the opening is more bigert this is in Ebike someone make with 3d printing and sale but the don't make yet for Sondors fold or fold X Air Vents for Sondors Ebike
  2. Some One STOLEN TIS CAP for Me Any One Know How I Can Get This One Or Replacement or To Get Some The Cover The HOLD or Ventilation CAP Thank
  3. THE ANY ONE KNOW ABOUT The generator or solar option, for recharging as we ride, exists for the high capacity li-ion batteries we use on the Panasonic SANDORS X ?
  4. Reddy Kilowatt Thank For The fast & quick Respond ABOUT : the THROTTLE I Purchase Various model over Differents websites and ALL HAVE 6 CONTACTS i need with Just 3 higo Conector so i buy with sierraebike (Kyle) and don't work the Controller & the Throttle So That is not the option And in This Web . https://sierraebike.com/products/throttles the dont specific don't say the have 3 connectors So i Not Sure at this point
  5. NOW!!! i NEED TO CONNECT THE LIGHTS FROM TO BIKE ? Here is The Product: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Pasion-ebike-led-48V-36V-24V-electric-bicycle-front-light-20W-led-and-rear-tail-light/32761134632.html Here is My Rack i need to make a lot modifications in order to make happen the Rack are from AXIOM Fatliner
  6. The Second Problem is i Looking for a Throttle Sondors X with (3 pin HIGO plug) For SANDORS X & SANDORS X Folder NO AT: Thumb Throttle Sondors 3 pin HIGO plug That is Bad Product Any Idea? Thanks
  7. Hello Guys i been read all you chat about the SANDORS X i Have 2 The SONDERS X Folder & SONDORS X But I Looking For 2 SOLUTIONS 1) i Looking For Recharge the bike As i Ride and i have a aidea is any bicycle-charger-kit-bottle-dynamo-electric-generator The Charge The Bike As you Running Anyone Have a idea! YEEEP The Have to Be 52V or 48V Any idea if is any product like this? or How can make some like that ? Thank Guys
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