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  1. Been a while since I've been on here. Thanks dude. Life is good, and made better with my fattie.
  2. Crasslee


  3. This is spot on. The only difference is i use self adhesive patches. So no need to keep glue about your person.
  4. Actually they were on an old mountain bike of mine. They only just fit. There's plenty out there similar. Although for me, these are just a stop gap until I find something I like better.
  5. Thanks for the advice dude. I'd been on their site today. But was looking for a bottle battery, not the triangle one. Although I might wait, and save up for that 48v monster. Actually I literally just ordered the 36/48 20amp controller. Hopefully that'll help a little, until I can upgrade the battery. I think one of the reasons I get less range is my weight. I'm approximately 220lbs. I know that's gotta make a difference. Yeah, I was really happy to spot that rack on here. All of the ones I'd seen that would fit here in the UK, were $140 plus. So you saved me some money to invest on power upgrades ? Thanks again. Lee
  6. Good to meet you all. I've had my bike since the beginning of September 2015. I ride it everyday. To work, and at weekends. I love it! At £555/$775 including shipping. It's the best money I've ever spent ? I look forward to getting to know you all a little better. Lee.
  7. Yeah, I've bought from them before. Unfortunately the only battery they stock at the moment, is that big 48v/20ah monster. Although at $589, it's a little out of my price range. I am looking to upgrade my controller. So I'll get one of theirs. Will a better controller get a little better performance out of my original 36v/8.8ah battery? I recently managed to pick up that rack you recommend, for just $25 here in the UK. I'd been after something comparable over here for a while. So thanks for that. Lee
  8. Thanks mate. It's pretty expensive. But i need a spare. The original only does about 11 or 12 miles on pedal assist 2/3 here in London. If you hear of any other suppliers. Please let me know. Thanks again. Lee
  9. Ah, I already tried Luna Cycle. They emailed me a couple of days ago to inform me they can't ship batteries outside of the US. Any other ideas? Thanks. Lee.
  10. Hey Andi. I joined a few days ago. Had a look here, as you suggested. Who's selling a replacement battery (hopefully better than stock) to Europe? Lee.
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