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  1. Thanks. It's useful even in this moment.
  2. Thank you reddy. That's what i thought..but I have read so much (know these two articles for some time and the web) that in some point due to the power limited of my 15A controller (Actually he limits the Amperes between 11.5 and 12) I lost myself and I have doubt about this question and thought that it was maybe the battery my limit. Item solved.
  3. Thanks reddy. I Imagined that the motor was a 350W but was not sure. I will try then. but I still want to understand how the battery limit the power source to the controller and motor. Just want to learn about it. I have read many articles yet but still not sure of the role and limits (for the final power) of the battery. Confused. Thanks again.
  4. I stopped my upgrade cause I think that It's my battery that limits my system. My motor can hold maybe (not sure) 800W (it's a BAfang 250w48V). It has holded yet around 720 W when everything was new My battery 48v+14ah can offer now (10 months of use) around 650 wh (52 x 12.5) in max load. I could hold aprox 150 wh extra with my stock motor. My stock controller is 48Vx15A. It can hold around 720wh max but the battery will never offer that. Can someone help me to be sure that in my case (without previous upgrade of my battery) the controller upgrade would change nothing ?? thanks
  5. thanks. 25 or 20 A ? and..what's the tension and amperaje of your battery ? that will answer and help me. thanks again
  6. Hi Guys, thanks for the continous feedback. Love that. The more I read the more i understand...but still a lot to find out. I own a fold (european). battery 48v14ah, Bafang 250W, stock controller 15A. I was preparing my upgrade of the controller but...I think in my case it does not has sense. After 10 months of use my fold offers between 630 w (max batt load) and 510 W to the motor. Tension of the battery between 52 and 44 V. I have found that with this battery (14ah new ...12.5 ah now) the new controller would not change the Wh that arrives to the motor. I'm I wrong ??? can someone help me if this correct to discard (or not) the upgrade. thanks in advance
  7. thanks. Maybe i will try a 24" in the front wheel and just reduce the tire in the rear (20x3). I loved the cool bull tires that you had try in this fold. but imposible to find for me now. do you remember the profile of the tire that you used for the 24" rim of your front wheel. I think that i have a margin of aprox 50 mm from the top of the rim to the fork..maybe 60mm. thanks again.
  8. Thanks Biknut. I like a lot the idea...a lot.. but I'm scared of the rim change. The relacing of the spokes don't seem something easy. I would go to a professional if I decide to do it Only one doubt... wich tyre measure could you use for the rims and what is the final performance with the frame and weight of the fold. Are they enough support for the ebike ? and... is the total weight of the bike slightly reduced with this wheeel change ?
  9. Hello, Thanks in advance to everyone that contributed.. preparing my upgrade with the 25A controller.I own a fold (2017 european version- bafang rmg06.250.dc). I have the 48v 14ah battery. trying to buy the equipment needed. only three doubts: 1) in velomobileshop they mention 2 options of this controller I doubt with his size. can someone tell me wich should I choose ? by the way....I didnt find anything in Sierra ebike. only in The aliexpress shop of pasion ebike. At velomobileshop they're out of stock in this moment. 2) My stock lcd is KT LCD3... I think I will need another one for the new controller but I'm not sure. Can you confirm me this point ? Is the "wendy" lcd the only one that fit with The KT controllers (20 or 25 Amp) ? 3) too much 25 A for my 250w 48 v motor ?
  10. Hello,, very nice upgrade. I'm very interested in the wheel change in particular. I own a fold and I live in Spain. Could you tell me the important details to choose the proper 24" wheel. I ride 90 % asphalt everyday. I want to reduce weight and friction. Thanks. nice
  11. solved. i managed myself. It seems to be quite well attached. unimoke's installed. The front attachment it's mine.I don't want to install a rear rack and they don't send appropiate mounting hardware for this attachment in particular.. in my opinion..They are created for another bike with similar wheels. some night photos of the final result. this option fits very well for our folds..but they cost 100 euros. edit: i meant the front attachment of the rear fender...it's mine. the rest came with fenedrs and are useful.
  12. Hello. I bought also the unimoke's. Could you show the front attchment of the rear fender ? is it attached to the rear rack or to the frame ? thanks
  13. thanks for the advise..but anyway I want to manage the control my way...can you tell me how can I access the menu and change their fabric values ? I have a fold and I'm also european (Spain) but i guess there´s no difference in this. I tried to without success following the instructions that came with the lcd controller.. thanks
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