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  1. Hi everyone! So, as of a week ago, I upgraded my stock SONDORS fold X to those of the new SONDORS fold XS - with the exception of the 750 Watt Bafang motor. I got the extension cables for the new LCD screen and the new half twist throttle from VeloMobileShop, along with their aftermarket 20amp controller upgrade - and since you need to swap out the stock LCD screens I decided to go with the newly released new KT-LCD8H color LCD screen. I have everything plugged in and working correctly-however-I’ve watched the videos on the website for the product listing and I wanted to know since it is such a new product if any of you who either had the new SONDORS Fold XS (which I doubt since there were only 100 produced) but, I was wondering if anybody, particularly you Simon! LOL-had the programming codes for this new LCD. I do not want to ride the bike or power the motor by the new throttle - but I have* turned it on and confirmed it's all working..... I just need the parameter settings. It still has the same P and C parameter sections - but with changing from stuck to the 20 amp controller and any other changes in the screen or controller I am wary. everything is listed on one screen (as you can see on the VeloMobileShop website where I bought it - as opposed to having to cycle through them on the KT-LCD3 that comes stock with all Sondors bikes. Does anybody happen to have *any experience programming the new KT-LCD8H for a SONDORS fold x - with the 20a controller - and could possibly share them? I know this is a longshot.... ? I am not really sure besides the vendor where to turn to. As always I appreciate the help from my fellow E bike riders and that’s why I love our community! Everybody else will have directions but not like people in the community well for our bikes specific date. I am praying someone has experience with this screen. Please look at it on VeloMobileShop.com if you don’t necessarily have the part I'm asking for help with - but <like simon> have the technical know-how to maybe offer me some guidance. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for any of your ingenuity or resource for this guys..fingers crossed ? Ari
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