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  1. I ended up canceling the order with volt because it was taking so long. I ordered some from rad bikes that work perfect. There is a post on Facebook page with all the pictures. https://www.facebook.com/groups/StormOwnersGroup/permalink/1970609816401741/
  2. Has anyone tried these fenders on the sondors x? I bit the bullet and purchased some Im just waiting for them to ship now.... one of the few places I have found that has them in stock https://www.voltbike.com/fat-bike-fenders.html
  3. All great options and ideas from everyone. I used to overdress and have to change once I got to my destination. I was talking with some local year round riders and they told me best option is to plan on being chilly until you pedal for a bit.... being on an ebike means I don't have to ride till I sweat but rather just till I'm warm. I found so far my fleece head peace and thin jackets working well. I know as December and January come I may need more protective options to stay warm as I ride in the snow. I do have a DOT and SNELL motorcycle helmet from my motorcycle days I may use when it snows... keep the ol brain bucket around
  4. I had to drill out the part that connects to the axle. Like mattrobertson said the axle is larger. Use a clamp when you drill it out to avoid getting hurt and other then that it's super easy to put on. All you have to do is remove the nut.
  5. Im no electrician by any means and just starting to look at plug and play lights. is there a specific reason you are connecting to the battery for power instead of the converter box that all the other wires come from? or does that require an "upgraded" box? I have a thin 7 and I dont think I have any spare connectors coming from the converter box but Im going to look
  6. thats awesome Im looking forward to your comparison. I may have to get a rad Rover after taxes
  7. Leif Hansen

    Leif Hansen

  8. so after the temps have dropped here in Idaho I started wearing my full face mask and remembered why I hated it... foggy glasses and lens. so instead of going and buying a $300 Ruroc helmet I really want... I purchased a snorkel mouth peace and used a "airborn" medication tube and Boom... no more foggy glasses.... oh and I wanted to share my new setup for my lights. I really like having them up front like this makes it more like a motorcycle .
  9. so after pulling the rear motor apart and lubing all the needed areas the sound is gone. turns out there was some dust between the rubber stopper that goes around the axle bar on the left side of the hub.... if that makes any sense.
  10. they are fenders. when you get your thin let me know how the rad rover compares. I thought about the sondors thin 7 or the rad rover for months before price pushed me to the sondors. how do you like the Rad Rover?
  11. I might have to try that.... but the chain does seem weak compared to others I have had in the past. And at least the snake made it out ok 😉
  12. So today I needed to bring the family truck to my brother so I loaded up my Thin7 and drove over. Let my brother try my gold beauty and started my ride home at half battery power (36v larger capacity). Was doing great until my chain kept shifting from 7th to 6th gear back and forth.... then it happened.... my chain broke with 2 miles left and one bar on my battery. Being the environmental conscious person I am, I let the chain hang off both sprockets so I could recycle it once I was home. I am impressed to say after ridding on pedal assist 5 for all the ride I was still able to throttle home with my battery still left with 34v remaining. Total distance 8.52 miles time 32 minutes and still had a blast
  13. I have a chariot light 2 and I haven't had any issues pulling 2 kids but that could be why my back wheel has that squeaky sound I posted in the troubleshooting section......
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