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  1. Good eye. I'm actually a pretty big guy at 240 lbs so the articulation is very likely greater than what most people would see. And the seat was nicking the front part of the trunk every time I encountered a major bump in the road. The distance was set up perfectly on my original carrier. Unfortunately the original carrier broke two weekends ago. Since I prefer a cleaner look, I purposely left off the side supports. Hard to blame the manufacturer, so I'll chalk it up to intentional user error. At any rate, I purchased the same carrier and set it up exactly the same way (adding the extra supports). However, when the new carrier arrived I noticed that it was slightly different...not realizing the newer one shaved about one-half to three-quarters of an inch off the distance between the two. Remember this is an adjustable carrier. The second simply didn't allow the carrier to slide or extend quite as far as the original. I had installed the second carrier the evening before I took the pics. A few days later, I was able to readjust this week without much fuss.
  2. Below are pics of accessories I've added to my Fold X. Was striving for a "clean", urban look. I replaced the knobby tires with street tires. For my carrier, I left off the side pannier braces. Below the pictures you'll find some after thoughts and lessons learned. And further down, you’ll find descriptions, links and prices for each product. FENDERS For the fenders, I debated getting the Luna Cycle Banana Fenders as well as the Electra Cruiser Stubby Fender Set. They're very cool looking as I love that black matte finish on both. The Electra set are only designed for Tires with a width of 2.12" and I prefer shorter fenders anyway. Note my RadRover rear fender attaches to the seat post. The amount of clearance is adjustable in two places other than the seat post. LIGHTS I get lots of comments on the bike. Many comments stem from the vintage front headlight. With that said, this Goodkssop headlight has more fashion than functional value. At 180 lumens, it'll warn on comers that you’re there. But you shouldn’t expect it to light your way in dark surroundings. BIKE RACK & TRUNK The positioning of the Yahill rack is adjustable and allows the trunk to rest comfortably on top. The M-Wave lockable trunk is convenient for times you can’t take all your belongings with you. For gym rats, it's big enough to hold a gym shirt, shorts and a pair of men's size 12/13 shoes. For the trunk you'll need a rack that's flat at least at one end....ones like the Ibera PakRaks won't work since they are bend at the front and rear. My biggest challenge was finding a way to secure the two because the trunk doesn’t offer an immediately obvious way to mount it on the rack. So you’ll have to cleverly devise your own way...industrial velcro, zip ties or other hardware. Should you decide to go with a storage solution like mine, consider using drilling a few holes in the underside and using small u-bolts to secure the trunk to the rack. I added half-inch of adhesive foam to bottom of the trunk to soften noise of objects bouncing around. SEATPOST Of all the accessories, the CaneCreek Thudbuster is definitely my favorite. Fat tires help smooth out minor road imperfections. However, there are times when I appreciate the extra cushion. Realize the Thudbuster will add about 4 to 5 inches to the overall height of your seat. And I’m already losing about three inches from the bike carrier and rear fender which both attach to the seat post. I’m 5’ 9” or 175 cm and it’s a slight stretch to mount the Fold. REFLECTIVE DECALS I’m all about making myself visible to other motorists. That’s mainly why I chose the red model. But I also like to make sure I’m seen, particularly at night. So I added red reflective tape to the rims for more side visibility. I affixed black decals for more rear visibility should my tail light give out. Virtually invisible by day the decals light up brilliantly at night when car lights approach. If you look closely at the trunk see if you can find the two triangles and the four lines. TIRES Although the pictures might suggest I live in a rustic environment, I live in an urban setting. So I replaced the knobby off-road tires with more "street" looking Kenda tires. The Kenda tires don't have much of a groove down the middle of the tire. So it would seem rather easy to lose traction… hasn't been much of a problem yet. I bought the tires on eBay and am not sure they're still available. However, if I were to do it over again, I'd get the Duro tires that have a similar look. In case someone might be looking for knobby replacements, I've added the Copertone and Mongoose tires. Goodkssop 180 Vintage Headlight ($14) Okiano USB Rechargeable Bike Light Set ($23) RadRover Standard Front & Rear Fenders ($59) Cane Creek 3G Thudbuster Long Travel 30.9 Seatpost ($149) Yahill Adjustable Quick Release Bike Rack ($39) M-Wave Lockable Hard Shell Bike Trunk ($51) Seattle Sports 1/2" Foam Trunk Insert - 20” x 15” ($18) CustomTAYLOR33 Reflective Rim Tape ($34) LiteMark Reflective Decal Variety Pack ($11) Kenda 20” x 4.25” Ringworm Tires ($31) Duro 20” x 4.25” Super Fatt Tires ($29)* Copertone BICI 20" x 4.0 Sandstorm ($28)* Mongoose 20" x 4.0 MG78456-2 Fat Tire ($24)* *I have the Kenda Ringworm tires. Products with asterisks represent other replacement tires. Also note the Copertone and Mongoose tires are 4.0” wide. I've been told they’ll fit on the Fold just fine. But you might want to double-check before buying.
  3. Hi Raymundo, Definitely doable...and might be easier to explain if the pedal is in a known position. 1. Take either pedal then rotate so that it's parallel to the floor. 2. Now push it inward (i.e. towards the frame) 3. Then fold the pedal up or down (so that it's perpendicular to the floor). No need to start with the pedal parallel to the ground, but now you know how. Perform the same on the other pedal if needed.
  4. A glimmer of hope. I just received an email confirmation indicating a label has been created for the Fold X (two months later)...still no word on the controller. FYI, a label being created doesn't really mean anything yet because UPS doesn't have it in their hands. I ship stuff every day via UPS and FedEx. And it's only when the product is in the freight company's hands will you get live tracking with an ETA. Whenever it ships, I should receive it the following day since I live less than 50 miles away from the dock. Hopefully before the New Year. Stay tuned.
  5. I made a September purchase...which was pushed back to the week of October 22nd and I'm sad to report that mine has not arrived as this is now supposedly scheduled to arrive mid-November. Below is the conversation I had with customer support. My concern actually goes beyond the delivery of the bike, but support in general... I live in a residence that has a small elevator. So, before I purchased I asked customer service what the length was from the "nose" of the front tire to "heel" of the back tire. THREE times I was told what the wheel base length was...why would I need to know that??? Just realize that you're not getting a knowledgeable bike person on the other end. I contacted customer service on October 13th regarding wheel nuts. Paul in customer service said he'd check and I have still yet to hear back. I mean, what if there's a recall? How quickly do you think you'd be notified??? And what about support for bike fixes??? Or even the inventory of spare parts??? Click three times to view full size.
  6. Hi, Senegal. I'm not trying to persuade/dissuade anyone...just trying to help you and others make a fully informed decision whether you're considering to buy or invest. At any rate, you mentioned that energy costs are rising nationally and perhaps globally, implying higher electric costs might negatively impact sales. What I'd like to do, is draw attention to two things: 1) fuel calculations and 2) the typical e-bike owner First, the operating costs. Electricity for an e-bike is no more than 1/5th of a penny per mile. So consider the following as a "worst case" scenario...Let's say your bike is your primary mode of transportation and you ride on average 50 miles/day six days out of the week. Okay, 50*300 days is a nice round 15,000 miles/year. At less than a 1/5th penny per mile, the annual fuel cost would be around $30. Even if electricity prices rose 50%, you're still looking at less than $50 annually. So I'm not convinced that rising fuel costs would be deal breaker. In fact, fuel costs wouldn't seem to be a factor at all. And I'm referring to fuel calculations from Electric Bike Review found here: https://electricbikereview.com/guides/true-cost-of-electric-bikes (find the second set of bullet points) Second, consider the demographics of e-bike users. We're all aware that Sondors bikes are probably the most affordable e-bikes you can buy. But the cost range of a Sondors is still $800 - $1200 (after tax and shipping). For anyone even thinking about plunking down a thousand dollars, I doubt they would be so sensitive to electricity costs. Therefore an extra $15 or $20 per year in fuel costs shouldn't scare off a potential e-bike owner.
  7. Hi Everyone, Ordered a Fold X which is scheduled to be delivered later this month. I'm almost in the circle of trust (i.e. member of the Sondors family). Look forward to sharing and learning with one another.
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