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  1. Thanks for the great question SHOCKER,i have replaced two front chainrings on my FAT X7's with 52 tooth's from an outfit called PLAYBOY at ALI EXPRESS the bike is darn near perfect to my liking-any faster would be too risky for me,i can pedal all afternoon at 20mph now! Good luck with the chainring update on your Fold X7.Its worth it.
  2. Does anyone know where i can get a replacement chain ring that would allow higher speed for my FAT X7?Tool needed to pull crank? Thanks.
  3. Hi all , Does anyone know what diameter a seatpost i should order for my 2017 X FATTIE ? In MM?
  4. Oh yea , i put two rear view mirrors (ZEFAL convex) from AMAZON. They fit in end of SONDORS handlebars and give excellent rear views for road riding.
  5. HI Peter here just back from winter nite ride in VERMONT, I'm 260 LBS and the X bike moved me fine but i was greedy and did some mods !!! I modded my X7 with a 25 amp controller, lcd and new thumb throttle fromELECTROBIKEWORLD.Finally got dash set up with three headlights from EBAY cheap, and can see in the dark ! I recommend the cloud nine seat to be comfortable, it actually fit onto the SONDORS seatpost !!! Front suspension works great ! Top speed 33 downhill ,23 on the level.I bought the fatbike fenders from RADPOWER BIKES and got them to fit,( it really helps stay clean and dry in the mud and rain )!!! the rear rack was from AMAZON , 110 lb capacity from WEST BIKE $25 bucks .....i recommend the 25 amp controller onto the XBIKE...it almost jumps off the line and can pedal assist up the steepest hills!!! I'm glad to have the 7 speed gears.....Getting a new X7 with front suspension next week, i am going to use its battery with my silver X to double the range, for long trips, then i will upgrade the new charcoal blue X with the new LX 52 battery , 25 amp controller, lcd and thumb throttle from ELECTROBIKEWORLD to further increase my top speed , i know i'm greedy but its just so much fun , AND good exercise too !!!
  6. Peter Towle

    Peter Towle

  7. THanks Matt, for the insightful explanation.
  8. Thanks Reddy , Its a very thorough how to video i'm studying it now.
  9. Thank You MattRobertson for the EXCELLENT description of the theory and practice of brake adjustment,i was stubborn and decided to keep trying to master the art of brake adjustment ,instead of going to a mechanic and i finally started to get the hang of it, now things are rolling freely AND braking well.
  10. 15 isn't too bad for us beginners ! Thanks.
  11. Ive been trying to get my brakes to stop rubbing, and have been running into trouble trying to balance brake lever resistence with freedom of the wheels spinning,my wheels spin nicely when i slacken the brake cable and if the pads would be aligned at proper distance from disc the wheels should still spin freely when brake levers are not squeezed....i really need to seek professional assistence at my local BIKE SHOP tomorrow because i have done best i can . P.s. i enjoy my 1/2 hour ride every day anyway and did an 18 mile rail trail last Saturday.
  12. Excellent info REDDY , thanks ,its fun getting to know my bike !
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