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  1. Shocker

    ebikes for kids

    My daughter is 13, and she is able to handle a Fold X 7.
  2. Yes, I have quite a few throttles in the parts bin, and I will experiment some when I find the time and motivation. Thanks for sharing your experience on this topic.
  3. I had another chance to ride the same Fold X 7 again, and I was able to modulate the throttle to produce different assist level (love that real-time watt meter on the LCD) with very sensitive and tiny adjustments. With that, I concluded that the bike is taking the readout from the hall sensor but not mapping it properly. If it is not possible to change the power curve from the controller side, maybe a different throttle could mitigate or solve this problem? Hmm...
  4. Last week, I had a chance to ride my daughter's Fold X 7, as the ground still had quite a lot of unmelted snow. It didn't ride as well on top of the snow as I had hoped, but it is much better than my other bikes for sure. Anyways, while plowing through the snow packs, I've found her throttle literally is like an on/off switch. It was nearly impossible to modulate the motor assist level other than mostly on or off. I've tried different PAS levels, but the behavior didn't change. Is there an LCD user setting to change this?
  5. Shocker

    Rad Power

    Thanks for the detailed analysis. I am more attracted by their racks, baskets, and fenders. They also have built-in lights. I guess I could obtain all that with some research and trial fits. I don't personally ride a Sondors. I started my daughter on a Fold X7 late this year. I did notice she had some problem clearing the larger width down tube, but otherwise a good beginner ebike for her.
  6. Shocker

    Rad Power

    Anyone has experience with Rad bikes? Their specs seem a little better, and the pricing is very competitive to Sondors. I wonder if anyone has upgraded.
  7. Shocker

    YAY! They are on the way! Update 2

    Congrats! Just in time for the holiday, too.
  8. I wonder how they've derived 68? Wish there was an industry standard to express ebike range. My old Nissan LEAF's real world range was close to manufacturer's specification.
  9. Shocker

    October 22 deliveries

    @ScoobySnacksI actually think the support person handled your chat session very professionally. Yes, it sucks for them to miss the delivery date more than once, but I have more beef with the Sales and Marketing department than anyone else. Sondors needs to shape up and irons out these wrinkles, as this type of practice of over promising won't help the company in the long run. Because the margin is so thin (one of the reasons we've purchased our bikes, right?), there really isn't much room to compensate some of the purchasers that got screwed. I personally would offer those whose bikes were delayed some store credit, but I'm not running an inexpensive ebike company.
  10. Ours seems to reset after toggle off the main battery switch next to the charging connector.
  11. Shocker

    Can I See Your Fold X 7 Handlebar?

    Yeah, the Hold's handlebar has some strange curve, so it is not even easy to make the LCD to face a good angle. I think it is possible to center mount the LCD, but it will block the access to the folding lever. On your bar with a long stem, maybe you could have had a stem LCD mount instead?
  12. Shocker

    Can I See Your Fold X 7 Handlebar?

    Thanks guys. I now have some options to try out.
  13. Shocker

    Tire Pressure for Fold X

    Thanks for the assurance. It's our first fat bike.
  14. Shocker


    Hopefully your mechanic will find the root cause and fix your problem. That is awesome that you are enjoying your bike. My daughter and I also did 18 miles last Sunday, with her on a Fold X. Now I have to develop her confidence and ability, so she can go higher than 15 mph to keep up.
  15. It seems on our Fold X 7, the hand brake levels have to be installed fairly far away from the grips due to throttle, shifter, LCD, and PAS buttons. Is there an alternative mounting arrangement instead of putting the levers toward on the inside, which makes it hard to reach?

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