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  1. Biknut I'm not sure what the "pas" is. If it is the throttle than your statement is correct (does not work). I just went through the P & C settings and have listed them below. Than you again for all your help P1 100 P2 6 P3 1 P4 0 P5 15 C1 02 C2 0 C3 8 C4 0 C5 00 C6 3 C7 0 C8 0 C9 0 C10 N C11 0 C12 4 C13 0 C14 2
  2. Hi biknut I took some picture of the LCD. The volts are showing 54v and the throttle is showing green for the battery. I appreciate all your help and look forward to any other ideas you might have. Thank you OcFold
  3. Oc Fold

    Oc Fold

  4. Hi biknut Thank you for your response. I have tried bypassing the LCD by using the jumper ( I apologize for using the wrong terminology, I said plug in my post) but nothing has worked. Today I disconnected the battery and all the cable connections and let it sit for 10 minutes. I connected the battery and all the connection's ( the 2 red, 1 black, 1 yellow, and 1 green) but still the bike shows no battery status on the LCD. The brake icon does not even show up on the LCD (when the brakes are applied). I appreciate your help and I look forward to any other options you might have. On another note. i am frustrated because the day I received the bike it had damages ( paint chips) I wrote to Sondors and have not received a response, that was a week ago. Now with this issue I have submitted another email (Friday morning ( I know that was not long ago) ) but I have heard nothing on either responses. I'm kind of upset spending over $1000 on a bike and it not working less than a week after taking delivery. i do love the bike and wish I can resolve this issue. (sorry for getting long winded and off topic). Attached is the image of the chips on the bike the day I received it. thank you Oc Fold
  5. Hello Hi from Cali. Just received my new Fold X last week and have to say, this thing is awesome.
  6. New Fold X not working First off I apologize if this is in the wrong location Hello my new Fold X is not working. I have ridden the bike approximately 18 miles with no problems. The other day (Wednesday) I fully charged the battery and everything was working perfectly, however Thursday the bike would not work. When I turned on the throttle it shows full battery, but when the LCD is turned on, the battery icon shows nothing (0 battery level). I have tried disconnecting the battery and the LCD to try and reset it without any luck. I have also tried using the plug for the LCD to bypass it, however the motor will not kick on. I have tried contacting Sondors and have not received any response. I appreciate any help Thank you
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