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  1. Sorry for dropping the ball (I don’t visit this forum often anymore). Battery is stock for the 500w 2017 model — 48V, 14aH I believe.
  2. Keep it. Best thing I’ve ever done to my fold — I’m getting 750-800w to the motor!! Then again I have an US model...not sure if that makes a difference?
  3. I have been using a thudbuster with a 30.8 shim and it fit just fine (slightly loose in fact, I would get the 30.9 shim if possible)
  4. Hi mike do you have the 7 speed fold? If so did your existing throttle work with this controller? Apparently you need to purchase the sierra throttle control as the 7 speed sondors one won't work with the new controller...
  5. Same thing just started happening to me a few days ago — no matter what I do or in what order, the charger light stays green when I try to charge the battery of not ONE but TWO Fold X's that I have (both which previously charged just fine until now!!!) Did the replacement charger work for you? Not sure if it's more likely that BOTH chargers went bad or BOTH batteries went bad (I have yet to hear back from sondors support).
  6. Awesome! Thanks for being the guinea pig lol, looking forward to hearing the results.
  7. Suspension fork available for Fold X? Does anyone know if it's possible to fit a suspension fork on a fold x? I was thinking about something like this: 20-inch Beach Snow Bike Fat Bicycle Suspension Fork 20 * 4.0 Tires Front Fork What size is our steerer tube?
  8. Anyone have a OEM 40T crankset for sale? Hello! I'm new to the forums, just got my Fold X last month and am loving it! After reading some of these posts, it seems like many people have swapped out their crankset for one with a LARGER chainring — ironically I want to do the opposite!! (I want to lower my gearing) Would anyone that has upgraded their crankset be willing to sell me their original 40T one? The Fold X comes with a 44T crankset, so it would make a difference for me (I realize you can order one from their site but I don't want to wait another 2 months just for this!)
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