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  1. Your doggies are so adorable! And hey, no judgements here... having my dogs have been amazing and I truly believe that humans who love animals are the best! I was actually worried you will judge me for owning a Jeep... My husband has been looking for a house by a lake to retire but that would be easily 7-8 years from now. Anyway, I think I will be getting my new LCD tomorrow so I’m excited! I have to take it to the shop though cuz I wouldn’t be able to switch it myself. And please give me an update about your sidecar. Goodnight Reddy...
  2. I can’t beleive we’re so much alike. I take my dogs everywhere (except work obviously) and I use my Electra cruiser most of the time because of them. I still can’t find a big basket for both of them to go on my Sondors but I love your rig! Too bad I’m not as creative as you and I always need the bike shop for help for any bike additions. I would love to live far from the city but our jobs requires us to be in one at this time and most likely until hubby and I retires. Your dogs are so adorable! And you’re right, after rescuing our first one, a friend suggested to rescue another to minimize sep
  3. Yikes! I can’t believe you rode to pick up your pain meds & 29.3 miles- wow! I guess that’s the beauty for people like us - we heal a lot faster because we’re concerned about our health and enjoy some type of physical activity as part of our daily routine. My first concerned after the accident was not being able to ride and go to the gym. I used the Vespa for 14 years to ride to and from work and I was planning on using my Sondors instead after the accident (I have used it to work many times in the past too) but my husband wouldn’t let me. We live in Los Angeles and riding a bicycle is re
  4. Hi Reddy, I T-boned a car on Oct 25th- not my fault. The driver made an illegal left turn in front of me and I was on a middle lane on a three lane road- driver came from the opposing traffic. The Vespa is totaled but I’m still lucky because I didn’t break anything or injured my head. Just had a lot of internal soft tissue damage especially in my abdominal area down to my hips- I looked like I was 6mos pregnant after two days. I’m recovering but again- very lucky! Hubby wouldn’t let me ride one again and so my Sondors Fold X is the closest that I have. I wouldn’t be able to program t
  5. Hi Sondors family, Is it worth buying the upgraded Color LCD SCREEN/25 amp controller on a Fold X? It would be a good holiday gift for myself especially now that I don’t have a Vespa anymore. Thanks, Sunnie
  6. Thanks for the advice and your bike looks rad! Sunnie
  7. Thanks Matt! I'll definitely check it out. Sunnie
  8. Thanks Reddy! Yes, I had my first long ride yesterday and I had a blast! Didn't really use the throttle because I wanted to get an exercise out of my ride but felt the difference with the assist levels just to try them. My husband on the the other hand, loves the throttle :-) I really want to add accessories to make it a nicer commuter bike and I guess, I'll just have to get the assistance of the bike shop- again :-) Hubby and I are not as mechanically inclined as you folks? Thanks again for the advice regarding the rack! I'll send photos soon. Sunnie
  9. Hello everyone, Any suggestions on a decent bike rack for the Fold X version? I have to ride around with a heavy chain lock to secure my bike and a nice back rack would be nice. Thanks, Sunnie
  10. Hi Reddy, I received my throttle from Sondors Thursday and dropped my bike right away at the shop. I picked it up today and it's working well. They switched the throttle with the new one. I will be on this baby today and tomorrow. Thanks for all your help! Sunnie
  11. Hi Matt, I followed the steps but still didn't work. I guess I have to wait for the throttle and bring it back to Helen's Cycle. Thanks. sunnie
  12. I really appreciate all your support Reddy- you have been so patient with me. Yes, I can't wait to ride it soon and show it off. I drive a Vespa to and from work and bought this as another alternative. Our house is full of bikes already but really excited about this one. I'll wait for hubby to figure out the instructions that Matt sent. Thanks again!
  13. You are so patient with me Reddy- thank you so much! I will try to follow the instructions that Matt Robertson recommended. Thanks again! And by the way, Sondors already responded and will ship me a new throttle.
  14. Hi Matt thank you for your reply. But I think the problem is that I don't have the throttle power part- I only have the throttle, the part that can be turned on and off with the different light is missing.
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