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  1. Anyone know if this Sondors Fold X LCD can be made to work with my Sondors X (not a fold)? Thanks!
  2. Thank you. Should have mentioned that this is an actual Sondors brand LCD. I would have assumed that any difference between this LCD (Fold X) and one meant for a Regular X was just programming
  3. Hi I accidentally bought a KT-LCD3 LCD meant for a Fold X, but I own a regular fat X (both 48v). I tried to connect it anyway but I get no Graphic Battery level display and none of the pedal assist modes make any difference. However, the voltage number itself works. Are there programming instructions I could follow for the X to fix this? Or am I out of luck and need to return the LCD? The LCD box says SKU#SP302 F3333 48v Thanks!
  4. Love the pup & thanks for the help. Because I had one dead battery and two Thins, I was able to isolate that it wasn't a controller or charger issue. The battery showed 0 volts on the multimeter. Here's what I think the problem is... on a whim, I flipped the switch on and off a dozen times (because for a fraction of a sec after I turned it on, I would get my LCD to react). By doing that, it stayed on, which leads me to believe I have a defective switch on my battery. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. Battery Dead? I have a Sondors Thin that has been working fine since I bought it over a year ago in May. Today it wouldn't turn on. I have the Luna LCD and it would flash for a half second then go dead. The battery test LEDs on the battery itself will not light either. I tried swapping batteries to my wife's thin (with no LCD) and it does the same on the throttle LEDs (flash for 1/2 sec then nothing). It's been charging all day. All connections have been triple checked. Is it a goner? And if so, what options might I have to repair or replace... this is my commuter bike! Thanks
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