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  1. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Battery not showing bars on the battery was marked as the answer   
    i’ll ask one question because it seems you might have a charging problem. 
    ‘Did you follow the Sondors Charging Video, for your Model Sondors, on the Assembly Tab on their site?
    Contact Sondors.com on their website... we are not them but an independently owned forum of owners and prospectives.   
    Use their Support tab to start the Warranty Claim Process.
    Warranty Claims Process:
    Step 1 -  If you suspect that any part/component is defective, do not attempt to repair or replace it yourself or to have it repaired or replaced before contacting SONDORS— doing so may void your warranty and may cause additional damage, not necessarily limited to the PRODUCTS in question, and may also increase risk of injury.
    Step 1 -   Contact SONDORS Tech Support.
    Step 3 -   Provide photo, video and other details as requested by SONDORS.
    Step 4 -   SONDORS will work with you to get you riding, whether it is an easy ix or one requiring a warranty replacement part.

  2. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Fat tire original chain size? was marked as the answer   
    1/2 x 1/8

  3. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Sondors X how to make it faster? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, review this forum. Configure your LCD to remove the Speed Limitations on the controller. There are many posts here on the forum in threads pertaining to this issue under the Instructions header.
  4. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Pedal assist sensor magnet plate broken was marked as the answer   
    Yes, Bolton bikes should be able to supply your PAS sensor.
    As always communicate with the supplier before pressing the buy button so you both know what you need and what your getting.

  5. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Replace battery in Step bicycle was marked as the answer   
    Contact Sondors.com for Help with your battery.

  6. Reddy Kilowatt's post in No power was marked as the answer   
    It’s not about whether the battery is in or out of the frame, on any Sondors model, but the correct procedure of connecting the charger to the battery and then the wall outlet. And making sure you switch the battery on when trying to power up the bike by the switch on the battery.
    There is a list of Sondors Smart Step Videos that you should review from the Sondors website. Pretty necessary and valuable info for owners. 
    To remove your Battery use your key on the underside of the pack inside the open frame. 
    Lemmeno how if goes after review and if your Smart Step Battery will accept a charge. 

  7. Reddy Kilowatt's post in speedometer reading incorrect was marked as the answer   
    If that’s the only anomaly you are experiencing and your PAS Magnet Wheel is aligned with the pickup, I’d have to assume it’s either in the Controller or a Fault in Hall Sensor wiring inside a Higo connector or in the hub motor itself. Usually a Hall Sensor Fault will create a error message on the LCD. If the motor cable coming out of the axel has suffered any damage that might be a clue. I thought all Sondors X models were equipped with the guard by 2018 to protect that exit posing damage. 
    That particular problem, as the only issue, has not been presented here as I can recall but I’m stumped as to zackly what the fix might be, besides replacing the controller. If you haven’t upgraded to a higher 25 Amp rated controller, to increase torque and acceleration,  that might be the opportunity to trouble shoot that component and upgrade.  

  8. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Rear Brakes was marked as the answer   
    A good feeler gauge can be made, when adjusting the distance from pad to brake disk, loosen the caliper mounting Allen screws first, then back out the fixed inside pad stop and  use two business cards between that pad and disc, squeeze the brake lever to close the distance and use a rubber band or spare hand to hold it while you center  and tighten the caliper in its mount, then adjust the cable length. Brake cables will initially stretch a little when new, over the short term and require some brake adjustment. 
    A picture is worth a thousand and words and a video... just say’n. 

  9. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Fold XS motor not working (LCD + lights work ok) was marked as the answer   
    No your PAS magnet wheel and pick-up look correct. Since you’ve eliminated the brake cut off switches, that’s been eliminated from the troubleshooting routine. If you can use your Multi Meter and  check for voltage to the Throttle Higo that could eliminate it. 
    With those eliminated I’d suspect a bad controller.  Contact Sondors for warranty replacement. 

    You need to go to the Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook.  Once there ask to join.  Once inside, there is a link to a support form that you can use to get to Sondors tech support. While in the Group,  I  suggest opening up a thread and asking the community for help on this as well.  That will trigger folks' to tag the Sondors support reps who frequent that group and who are tasked with fast-tracking help in situations like yours - assuming they do not see your post themselves and contact you directly.
  10. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Where does this belong was marked as the answer   
    Ahhh, just like a Click & Clack, Car Talk Puzzler!
    I’m not familiar by having  hands on with the Fold X but I’d check and see if it might be from under the nose of the saddle. 

  11. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Pedal bushing insert removal was marked as the answer   
    Very Carefully.
  12. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Mysterious squeak on new Thin was marked as the answer   
    Hello Maximum, Tighten both the Square Taper Crank Bolts after adjusting/tightening the Bottom Bracket Retainers. Very common malady. Conventional Wisdom is to coat the spindle tapers with the lightest, thin coat of Phil Wood Waterproof Grease. All the bottom brackets on the 4 Chinese Manufactured Bikes were dry.
    Does the sound change when you pedal out of the saddle?

  13. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Rear brake not engaging was marked as the answer   
    Hello Brett, Sorry but your description is not detailed enough to formulate an accurate guess. If the cable moves when you squeeze the Handel Bar Lever and the Arm that the Cable Clamp attaches to on the Caliper moves, then it might be internal inside the Caliper. I’d suggest taking your Thin to a Bike Shop. The few dollars they’ll charge you for service is worth starting a relationship with a shop.  Even if you have to replace a Tektro Brake Lever or Caliper they are some of the most affordable  brakes in the industry. 

  14. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Pedal assist goes when not pedaling was marked as the answer   
    Yes, turn off the power before you dismount the bike. That should be the safe procedure for Electric or Gasoline two wheeled vehicles. I’m most cases that is caused by either tight chain tension causing the Freewheel to turn while the bike is walked and thus the crankset. Sometimes it’s just the internals (springs and pawls) inside the Freewheel are not able to disingage or “Freewheel, Freely”. ))  It’s impossible for the power to be sent to the motor without the PAS Sensor, sensing motion unless the throttle is accidentally pressed, with the exception of “Walk Mode” being engaged, see below. 
    Unless the LCD is set to PAS 0 it’s unsafe to dismount with the power on and even that can cause an accidental engagement if the right set of circumstances occurs, if the bike falls over. 
    There is a setting in LCD SETUP for Walking Mode. That can be your issue. Since you didn’t mention what LCD you have or when you bought your Thin, I’ll guess your have the KT-LCD 3.
    Watch Kyle’s Video and check your settings.  https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/

  15. Reddy Kilowatt's post in speedometer isn't registering/sporadic speeds was marked as the answer   
    Mark, sounds like the not uncommon controller problem. You need to go to the Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook.  Once there ask to join.  Once inside, there is a link to a support form that you can use to get to Sondors tech support. While in the Group,  I  suggest opening up a thread and asking the community for help on this as well.  That will trigger folks' to tag the Sondors support reps who frequent that group and who are tasked with fast-tracking help in situations like yours - assuming they do not see your post themselves and contact you directly.

  16. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Thumb throttle works but pedal assist doesn’t was marked as the answer   
    Make sure the PAS magnet wheel it properly aligned and touching the sensor on the crank spindle.

  17. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Handlebar post clamp was marked as the answer   
    @Lisa You need to go to the Sondors Storm Owners Group on Facebook.  Once there ask to join.  Once inside, there is a link to a support form that you can use to get to Sondors tech support. While in the Group,  I  suggest opening up a thread and asking the community for help on this as well.  That will trigger folks' to tag the Sondors support reps who frequent that group and who are tasked with fast-tracking help in situations like yours - assuming they do not see your post themselves and contact you directly.
    I have not seen that part on the Sondors.com parts list but that list is ever changing. You may also submit a request @Sondors.com so they have an account of your problem. Generally, these two avenues will get you the part that’s broken.  Be sure and identify Which Sondors model your writing about. There are many.
    Tell them Reddy Kilowatt sent you from the Sondors Owners Forum.

  18. Reddy Kilowatt's post in always starts in #2 was marked as the answer   
    No, not because of the controller, nor the specific LCD rather,an option in setup. You’ll need to review this “Video”by Kyle @ Bolton Ebikes, in this post and change that setting. 

  19. Reddy Kilowatt's post in CODE 24 was marked as the answer   
    Motor Hall Signal Anomaly!
    http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf
    I’d check to make sure the lg Higo Connector under the right chainstay is properly plugged together. Do Not Twist It, just make sure it’s properly aligned and completely plugged together. 
    I’m dreaming of cooler weather, heat index was 107°F here today.
  20. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Clock in Square LCD? was marked as the answer   
    The Clock is not one of the features that in enabled on the Sondors Version of the LCD.  I can verify that and it came straight from Sondors.com

  21. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Mrs was marked as the answer   
    Let’s start at the beginning. Which model Sondors do you have? 
    Does it have the LCD?
    What are the things that turn on?

  22. Reddy Kilowatt's post in New Thin Owner: A Few Basic Questions was marked as the answer   
    I doubt that you could because of the knowledge, skills and tools needed to build a Lithium Ion 18650 cell battery pack, nor would you end up with more long range capacity.  But I also believe in the tenant, “What One Man Can Do ....  Another Man or Woman Can Do. The Thin’s 10.5 Ah Battery already uses high quality cells.  The Sondors Thin Model eBike has a narrower triangle battery box that limits its use of most aftermarket High Power / Long Range triangle packs that are avalable and fit in the larger box of the Original Fat and Custom Narrow models. The only use of those larger 52V packs, in a Thin, was Member Chad Lauterbach and he removed the Thin’s Triangle Box and replaced it with a Triangle Bag to hold the larger battery.  https://youtu.be/ublFs7IU05c    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u-4mKh1WaLo

    Almost Everyone ... wants longer range but most use their legs to extend range past 20 or so miles. My own, 2015 Indiegogo Fat, with it’s, very low capacity, 36V , 8.8Ah canister battery afforded a range of about 24 - 26 miles when I first received my Sondors. Because I used Panniers to carry tools, tubes and air compressor, and carry groceries, the heavy and heavily ladened Fat Bike, was no fun to run out of battery capacity and rely solely on my legs, even for a seasoned cyclist. I did look at those, few non powered miles that I had rode home, as training opportunities though.   I soon developed better battery management skills, and still view every outing as an opportunity to conserve battery reserve because “Every Volt You Don’t Use, on your trips, Is One You Don’t Have To Replace”, and our batteries only have a limited number of charging cycles. It’s relatively  flat here, something that  affords me the opportunity to ride my usual daily routes, of either 25 or 42 mi, in PAS 1. There is one short, but somewhat steep hill on the only road I travel with a 40mph speed limit, that is heavily traveled, that is safer to keep my speed up, to spend less time on it, so I do usually use PAS 3, to keep my speed uphill at over 20mph but I also use PAS 0 on the back side of that hill and on other down slopes along my route to conserve reserve. It’s also easy to keep up speed, once you’re in your sweet spot, the balance between, Cadence, Bike Speed and Terrain, to ride without assist. I enjoy manipulating, both PAS & Gear Selection during my rides to keep in that sweet spot. It also combats boredom. I try to only use throttle to leave from a dead stop and only to gain some momentum and balance. Throttle use extraordinarily drains the battery,  just look at the watts being used, on the LCD, when you use it.  YMMV. 
    As far as theft protection is a factor, there are a few threads dealing with protecting your Sondors here on the forum.  Stealth May Be helpful but in my experience, two factors I use, I believe are more importantly as worthy as a good bike lock.  I have secured inside parking at most of my usual stops including two of the three Walmart’s (one is unsympathetic to the loss value of my Ebikes) and the other deterrent is an alarm system. Any tiny touch of my bikes triggers the alarm and it’s loud, draws a lot of attention  and it’s effectiveness as is apparent, when I forget to disarm it when returning to my bikes. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1117-how-to-lock-your-sondors-electric-bike/

    https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Anti-Theft-Vibration-Motorcycle-Waterproof/dp/B0734QN8K    It mounts invisible under the seat and has a key fob remote. 
    A Rear Rack and Panniers (almost always one of the first addition owners make to their bikes with possibly a rack top trunk), that could carry another High Capacity (remember Ah = Distance & Torque) battery pack will hide the Bafang Hub Motor on your bike making it less obvious. 
    On mitigating your expectations on distance, you have purchased one of the most lauded Ebikes in the industry because of its value, price and quality. The fact that it is relatively inexpensive is an indication of its range. The marketing hype on range, is probably obtainable by the fittest of individuals under optimum conditions, thus the disclaimer in the Thin’s offering advertising. There are independent online reviews of the Thin and other Sondors models online and personal experiences from other Thin Owners  on this forum. That info has been avalable since the Thin’s introduction. You really can’t expect  Stealth B-52 performance from an entry level eBike. Ya gotta spend the Moola! $. https://youtu.be/0ZFq-09gzTw.                  It’s been written here before but Sondors eBikes are excellent platforms for customization and performance upgrades. 
    The speed limiting function on the LCD is the ONLY setting that will increase a Factory Sondors top speed. The 42Kph setting doesn’t mean the bike is capable of that speed.  Setting the wheel size, actually tire size is only so that the correct speed in indicated on the LCD.
    Further I’ll submit the Technical pages of the Electricbike.com web site. Every Sondors Owner should familiarize themselves with the various articles they have questions about. It,  along with its companion Forum is a constant partner for information by the most interested user of our forum.    https://www.electricbike.com/category/technical/
    Reddy Kilowatt,
    Over & Out,
    Smok’em it ya Got’em. 

    IMPORTANT: This post  is intended for the use of the individual addressee(s)  named  above  and  may  contain information that is confidential,  privileged  or  unsuitable  for  overly  sensitive persons  with  low  self-esteem, no sense of humour or irrational religious beliefs. If you are not  the  intended  recipient,  any dissemination,  distribution  or  copying  of  this  email is not authorized (either explicitly or implicitly) and  constitutes  an irritating  social  faux  pas. Unless the word absquatulation has been used in its correct context somewhere other than in this warning, it does not have any legal or grammatical use and may be ignored. No animals were  harmed  in  the transmission  of  this reply,  although  the  yorkshire  terrier  next door is living on borrowed time, let me tell you. Those of you with an overwhelming fear  of  the unknown will be gratified to learn that there is no hidden message revealed by reading  this  warning  backwards,  so just ignore that Alert Notice from Microsoft: However, by pouring a complete circle of salt around yourself and your  computer  you can  ensure that no harm befalls you and your pets. If you have received this email in error, please  add  some  nutmeg  and  egg whites  and place it in a warm oven for 40 minutes. Whisk briefly and let it stand for 2 hours before icing.
  23. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Thumb throttle - Higo 3 or 6 wires? was marked as the answer   
    There are both 3 conductor  throttles on the newer Sondors and 6 wire on the single speed older models. This is a replacment for the one you show and Sondors is the only know replacment for one exactly like the one you broke.
      There is no known replacment for  the 3 conductor throttle at the present but you can find one without the correct Higo connector and splice your old connector in, at one of the suppliers on Aliexpress. Yes, it seems to be difficult to get replacements at present. 
    You may communicate your displeasure to the Sondors Company at  Sondors.com. The owners forum is not part of the Sondors company. It is hosted and administered by owners to help others members.  It is not a complaint board, so please refrain from posting those sentiments here as you have already agreed, in the Terms of Use when you registered.

  24. Reddy Kilowatt's post in question to Sondors management was marked as the answer   
    Sorry saxman. The Sondors Owners Forum is not connected to Sondors.com, but hosted and administrated by owners for owners, so your request needs to be sent to the company @ Sondors.com 

  25. Reddy Kilowatt's post in Replacement Controller was marked as the answer   
    That 3 button selector on the handle bar is the control selector for the LCD. It comes with the LCD. Amoung other functions, it will allow for 5 levels of Pedal Assist.  
    My suggestion is to buy the KT- LCD3 from Kyle @ Bolton (the color KT-LCD8H is more expensive but easier to configure). Follow the recommendation to configure your existing Velomobile Hot Rod 20amp controller with it, using the manual listed here. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-sondors-ebike/
    That’s Kyle. In the video. Your Controller may have configuration problems and by re-setting it up, that may solve all your problems. If you still have problems, then I’d suggest replacing your controller with the 25Amp ver from Bolton. Ask Kyle if it will fit in the battery triangle Box. You’ll still only  be spending a C note, on both )) 
    You can also find instruction on assemble and care for your Thin on the Sondors site or YouTube. 
    I grow a small garden (a lot more than I can eat) here at my Lake Cabin in an Oak Forest.

    I distribute veggies to both small town offices and water dept,  near where I live. Sooo I’m known to those guys as Capt’n Tomato Seed, the modern day repurposing of Johnny Apple Seed.

    Capt’ Tomato Seed ...no wait..Reddy!
    Ask me about coffee. 
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