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  1. Sondors.com the company, posts this at the beginning of their "Assembly of Sondors Electric Bike" page. "ASSEMBLY Now that you have your new SONDORS - Congratulations and Welcome! Note: If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the assembly process, please take your SONDORS to a reputable bicycle professional for assistance. Otherwise, please see the series of videos below to guide you through the process." https://shop.sondors.com/pages/assembly That is the best advise that can be given for your problem. Since no replacement part, ie the "front hub axel",
  2. Not Common on a trued wheel. Check the front hub adjustment. Try slightly loosening the inside nuts on the hub. If you have Park Tool’s (very thin) cone wrenches it could be accomplished without completely removing the wheel from the dropouts by loosening the outside hub nuts first. Since that’s the only hardware with rotational parts, moving against each other. Sondors wheels use sealed bearings, it’s unlikely, but not impossible, they didn’t receive initial lubrication during bearing manufacturing. But noise indicates binding. Check all spoke tension for consistency by feel or the
  3. https://vimeo.com/372551200 Make sure the brakes are fully adjusted including the brake lever cut out switch and try unplugging the brake cut out cables’ Higo connectors, one by one and see if power is restored, that will reveal if either cut out is responsible. REDDY
  4. Sure, any that "fit" but none of our regular Sondors Support Vendors stock or advertise a Sondors Thin Specific, Suspension Fork. Getting all of the forks specs to fit your Thin will take some effort. I’ll use this Rockshox ad as example. I’m not suggesting this fork will fit but review all the parameters in this listing that you’ll need to fulfill. This Rockshox does use; bolt on hub dropouts and it has a 1 - 1/8 steerer but the next important measurement you’ll need to match is the dropout spacing. https://tinyurl.com/ReddySaysFork I can’t recall "Aftermarket Thin Suspension Forks"
  5. FB is just a data collection platform for advertisers & the NSA. Review the Spy Factory. https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/spy-factory.html The 750 watt motors come in either cassette or freewheel versions (I have both & 13 bikes). EBW’s 14-28 is pretty close ratio with limited top end performance with that14T, but choice will depend on your mission; hills, flat, or your speed range requirement. My preference on my Electric Black Lightening, my eMoto GP’s preference is a 11- 32, mega range cassette, if you can find one. ‘I’ve switched to an 11-28T, so I can use a short
  6. That’s a typical anomaly for a Sondors Proprietary Communication Protocol hardware mismatch. I’d suggest your lcd and controller don’t use the same one. You’ll have to contact Sondors.com to sort it out. The best solution is to return your Sondors Controller and buy an After Market Controller and LCD, your choice, from Electrobikeworld and never have to deal with Sondors proprietary ever again. REDDY
  7. Contact Sondors.com and open a support ticket. REDDY
  8. Could be voltage sag while your riding and using power. How does your home indication compare, with your riding indication but coasting? Drawing current from the battery while riding (pedaling / using throttle) will cause the reading to be lower than when it’s static. Lower voltage (36V) batteries’ range differences, will be greater than higher voltage batteries with high Watt Hour Capacities (comparing apples to watermelons). Battery reserve will change as the individual cells balance the pack, while it’s being charged or after it’s been used during a ride. That’s a function of the batterie
  9. Yes, the bike in the 60V conversion is the same early Single Speed 350W, 15amp controller, Sondors, sold without the LCD display (ver no longer sold in that configuration, which shouldn’t include the Proprietary Protocol) just the next offering since yours. For all the individual components to perform they all need to be part of that upgrade; Motor, 7speed conversion, controller, LCD and because of the higher performance and weight, you’ll want to install better hydraulic brakes , with larger rotors to stop it. REDDY
  10. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1709-sondors-red-60v-750watts-7-speeds/#comments REDDY
  11. Contact Sondors.com and start a Warranty Replacement Request. Let them know the anomalies and test procedures you’ve accomplished to conclude it’s the LCD. Because of Sondors’ Proprietary Component Communication Protocols, the only way to check about aftermarket compatibility to individual Sondors Models, it’s imperative to verify those Generic replacement components with suppliers. ‘Electrobikeworld.com has the best track record for supporting Sondors’ Owners. REDDY
  12. If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the assembly process, please take your SONDORS to a reputable bicycle professional for assistance. Otherwise, please see the series of videos under the support header on the Sondors.com web site, to guide you through the process. Take Your Sondors (whichever model) to Twisted Cog Bicycle Shop@ 167 Bridge St. Phoenixville, PA 19460. REDDY
  13. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/06/business/global-shipping.html The Port of Los Angeles, the main port of entry for goods from Asia, has seen significant congestion in the pandemic.Coley Brown for The New York Times Off the coast of Los Angeles, more than two dozen container ships filled with exercise bikes, electronics and other highly sought imports have been idling for as long as two weeks REDDY
  14. The manuals for all the Sondors LCDs, listing error codes, of the various types of LCS, for the different Sondors Models are under the Instructions header, here: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/ REDDY
  15. First, if the LCD has had any parameters changed, reset the LCD. Water is a constant issue. Try unplugging all electrical cables and replugging them carefully, to align the pins, while checking for water or corrosion, especially the large Higo Connector under the right chainstay, don’t twist them but ease them straight apart. If symptoms persist, contact support at the Sondors.com webs site. Most common diagnosis with those symptoms has been a failing controller. REDDY
  16. Have You Looked Here? https://www.discountramps.com/carriers/c/2130/ ‘in this thread? https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1691-perfect-vehicle-carrier-for-the-sonders-fatty/?tab=comments#comment-4995 REDDY
  17. That’s what this trouble shooting procedure is suppose to reveal. I suspect a bad controller, the most failure prone component with Sondors’ failures. Why? Please review every technology article on this site: https://www.electricbike.com/category/technical/ We Shall See. Have you changed any of the LCD settings? If so, I recommend resetting the LCD / Controller, to the factory configuration. ‘The fact that, regardless of battery used, 4 bars on your display, will cause a power shut down could be either a Controller Configuration Problem or a Controller malfunction. Resetting the cont
  18. So you measured your charger’s output voltage at 54Volts with your multimeter? Then use your multimeter to measure your batteries voltage after following, exactly, the charging procedure in this Sondors video . https://vimeo.com/343049462 but only after you’ve connected your charger to your battery do you plug it into the wall outlet. REDDY
  19. Sondors.com doesn’t advertise adequately that the assemble instructions are on the Sondors Web Site that advises you save the shunt for just such instances, especially when the LCD’s are damaged in a fall or other accident. You can buy a replacement cap at Boltonebikes.com. I keep mine with my Sondors, tapped inside the battery box. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/electrical-accessories/products/replacement-lcd-cap REDDY
  20. If the Bike Operates Correctly & doesn't shut down, without the LCD connected (of course without the advantages of the LCD’s Display Features or the PAS settings) that indicates a LCD is malfunction. I’m betting the shutdowns will continue because Controller Malfunctions and the Shutdown Anomaly is much more prevalent in controller problems than LCD failures. The electrical architect of all hub motor Sondors are basically the same and the Original Sondors Fat bikes were delivered and operated by owners without an LCD. REDDY
  21. Are you basing your Thermal Shut Down Theory on the fact that the motor, battery or controller are hot to the touch of your hand? Since neither the Bafang Hub Motor, the Battery nor the Controller have a thermal protection circuit, heat related shut down probably would be rare. Try installing the LCD cable Shunt, the connector cap the came on the controller cable, when your fold was delivered and you removed to install the LCD. If your Fold now performs without shutting down, the problem is the LCD. If it still shuts down, contact Sondors.com and Submit a Request to initiate a Trouble Ticke
  22. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/3133-new-cruiser-and-lx/?tab=comments#comment-12846 REDDY
  23. 52V 25Amp 350watt Single Speed.
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