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    Looks a little chilly! While we’re known, for mostly mild winters compared to most of you guys up by the Canadian border, down here in Texas. We’ve already had record setting cold weather too and 25° Mornings.... I finally built a fire in the wood burner. REDDY 7041A7B3-F9D4-44E1-8210-D09476D0F786.MOV
  2. Like This : http://www.key-display.com/Downloads/User Manual/KD718-K4 users manual-20180521.pdf REDDY
  3. Dave, all the Instructions, manuals and even a setup video for a couple of the displays are on the Forums instructions page. https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/ REDDY
  4. Ahhh, just like a Click & Clack, Car Talk Puzzler! I’m not familiar with the Fold X but I’d check and see if it might be from under the nose of the saddle. REDDY
  5. Make sure the PAS Magnet Wheel is making contact with the sensor pick up. REDDY
  6. Storm Sondors has sold so many eBikes he know what customers REALLY want. ‘White or Black, it’s a tough decision ...... So, I have one of each! Be sure to post pictures of your Step to our Owners Gallery. REDDY
  7. Reddy Kilowatt


    Nice Shot! I like the balanced symmetry between the ocean and lower elevation against the vegetation on the bluff with the distant shoreline beyond. ‘Really a well composed image. Reddy
  8. The ceilings are void and ripe for storage. I have 4 bikes hanging from the ceiling in my studio with vinyl coated hooks made for bike storage and I placed cross bracing between the 2nd floor joists so the hooks, could screw into lumber in the correct spacing to hang bikes by the wheels. Lowe’s has various sizes of these hooks. I have 13 bikes and storage is a multiple faceted solution here at my house. They even hang inside the bay windows of my kitchen dining bay, because they are out of the way there. You might consider one of the various bike pulley hoists to hang your Step in either orientation, Folded or not. Search Amazon for various “bicycle storage solutions”. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=Bicycle+storage+solutions&ref=nb_sb_noss ‘This is a particular space saving ceiling solution if your jerk to press exercise form is up to it with the weight of the Fold. Vertical position that rotates to Parallel to the Horizontal Ceiling system. https://www.amazon.com/Zero-Gravity-Racks-Bike-Rack/dp/B0756NS1MC/ref=sr_1_30?dchild=1&keywords=Bicycle+storage+solutions&qid=1573268589&sr=8-30 REDDY
  9. if you would have read the whole thread you’d have discovered. "Sondors water bottle holders" "A few of Sondors owners have inquired about the water bottle cages on my bike. This is a DIY set up using two 18x1 velcro straps and two water bottle cages. I used the straps to secure the water bottle cages to the end of the top tube, the bottom tube and the stem tube (he means Head Tube). Take care not to effect the stem and the steering. Of course you can buy the straps at Home Depot and the water bottle cages at any local bike shop. Start with one of the Velcro straps and wrap it around the top tube and bottom tube (in vertical direction). The first strap creates the base and prevents the metal bottle cages from scratching your frame. Then wrap the second strap around the stem and the opening between the top and bottom tubes and run it through the bottle cage frame to secure the bottle holders. For added protection, you can use two zip ties to better secure the cages in place and prevent them from shifting. " Reddy
  10. Wendy at Aliexpress Pasion eBikes offers a kit that can be configured as Rear, Front and Horn that is plug and play. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32761134632.html?spm=2114.12010612.8148356.2.739f58b1YkbXZw It might provide usable with higher voltage batteries but I wouldn’t recommend it. I don’t know of a powerful system that Includes a brake light function that’s plug and play. There might be one but I’ve not seen one reported on the forum. Member, Josh Wardell had created his own system with plans to offer it to Other Sondors Owners but his response on the forum didn’t warrant any further involvement. You can read his post here. https://sondorsforum.com/profile/1001-josh-wardell/content/ REDDY
  11. Well, fewer magnets would make a 60 Pound bike a few grams lighter, affording better acceleration (I’m not sure it could be measured though) but the extra magnets increase responsiveness and a smoother reaction to the motion of the crank. PAS is related to bike speed as controlled by the controller and your LCD will display the wattage being applied at the various levels, balanced with your physical effort, to arrive at the watts supplied to the motor. Those wattages being applied, to the various pas levels can be manipulated by users in programming the controller. . What is interesting is that the closer you pedal at the maximum speed allowed by the controller’s clipping setting, the less wattage will be delivered to maintain that speed, combined with your leg power. It’s kinda an Ecco function and the faster you can pedal to that limit the more efficient the bike is. REDDY
  12. I’ve replaced my original Fat’s, 8 magnet PAS assembly with one with 12 magnets but I’m considering a change to this fully enclosed 12 magnet version, https://boltonebikes.com/collections/electrical-accessories/products/single-piece-pedal-assist-pas-sensor to upgrade my Custom Sondors “Narrow”, now named the Electric White Lightning, when I switch to the 750watt Bafang that I’ll purchase On 11/11 from Aliexpress during their, site wide holiday sale, ‘Singles Day’! I buy another one every year. REDDY
  13. Robert Heinlein would be proud because we shared Grok . REDDY
  14. You have an incompatibility issue. Your new controller is not compatible with your existing LCD. Contact the supplier of the controller. REDDY
  15. Neither, go to Bolton, best fat suspension fork for the money. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/frames-and-parts/products/fat-bike-suspension-fork Always make contact with the supplier to verify compatibility with your Sondors. REDDY
  16. Check with Bolton. Best suspension fork for the moola. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/frames-and-parts/products/fat-bike-suspension-fork REDDY
  17. Check to make sure the Thermostockel is contacting the rederstrator. Might just be a loose connection. Reddy
  18. We’ve seen that issue here before and on disassemble it was found the the motor was full of rust from water incursion. Really not a Sondors Company Warranty Issue, if that’s the cause or if the bike is out of the warranty period . Another scenario would be a loose motor magnet which is explained in a post here on the forum/. REDDY
  19. https://shop.sondors.com/collections/parts-store REDDY
  20. The reason they don’t supply instruction manuals (which are available here) is for manufactures product liability. Sondors Manufacturing could be held responsible for accidents and injury by a sympathetic jury when someone used the info in a Sondors supplied manual to upgrade the performance of their Sondors to an illegal state as limited by state or federal law and they got injured as a result of of those changes. Reddy
  21. Tire manufacturing figures can be misleading but you wont find any discernible differences in somewhat similar tire sizes. Some higher numbers will result in actually smaller tires than those with slightly lower numbers. More important than slight differences in claimed size is what kind of performance you expect out of your tires. My favorite tires for my Electric Black Lightning are Vee Tire Co, Mission Command II’s and they’re published size is 4.7” but they are taller and wider than the Stock Sondors 4.9" Chaoyang tires. In the lower thread count version they are a little more robust and in the higher thread count versions, more supple. They wear faster than the Chaoyang’s with softer, sticker rubber and I like them best when the center section is almost completely worn away to almost a slick. They then corner like a Moto GP tire. I ride mostly very clean smooth pavement @ 20+ Mph / 32+ Kph. I’ve been thru 3 rears and one front in 13,000 miles / 20,900 Kilometers. Your riding style and habits are a consideration in your choice. ‘For Durability I like the Chaoyangs although they are noisy which translates in to higher rolling resistance. REDDY
  22. I’d guess that your throttle is not closing. Would help to know what model you have and any more information. REDDY
  23. If your pads are worn out or you need them in a hurry, Amazon has multiple listings for them . https://www.amazon.com/s?k=tektro+aries+disk+brake+pads&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtf_tBRDtARIsAIbAKe1gMzu4KVzWbNJpr0JzZ_ltxOYTauwD-gidTfc9i_RdXgmcIXHz0RcaApAgEALw_wcB&hvadid=214120918466&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1026658&hvnetw=g&hvpos=1t1&hvqmt=b&hvrand=5924970785068700913&hvtargid=kwd-357457334391&hydadcr=2430_9914346&tag=googhydr-20&ref=pd_sl_9juia613gg_b if you can wait a few weeks, the best prices are on Aliexpress or EBay from out of country and I buy them in bulk and prefer to install new pads when my Tektros need to be adjusted. I tend to keep brake cables for a long time because cable stretch, with new cables, can require several adjustments until the cables stretch-in. If your brakes are just not as efficient as they were, it could be pad contamination from road debris or from some bike washing product which will also need pad replacement before they’re worn to limits. Always nice to have a spray can of automotive brake caliper cleaner on hand, especially for hydraulic brake systems. This is where I buy Tektro Pads https://www.ebay.com/itm/1Pair-Bike-Bicycle-Disc-Brake-Resin-Pads-Fr-Shimano-M375-M395-M446-M515-TEKTRO-g/192263551504?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 REDDY
  24. What does it say on your brake caliper, what manufacture? Reddy
  25. Will They Fit in the Frame & Fork? While it is possible to buy a complete new 29” front wheel that you can mount your existing Brake Disc on, you can’t with your rear. That will requiring building a new rear wheel, lacing your Bafang Hub Motor in the new 29er Rim and calculating new spoke lengths and truing the new wheel in a truing stand. That procedure will require the services of a experienced bike shop. And you should consider the following : Head Angle, Trail, and Pitch Stability “Trail is a function of head angle and fork offset, and it’s the largest determining factor in how a bike corners. 29-inch forks are built with a longer offset than their 27 inch counterparts, which means that 29ers require a steeper head angle to achieve the same trail measurement. A more kicked-out head angle yields a bike with greater pitch stability, or fore-aft stability. This means that when things get wild, you’ll be less likely to be ejected over the handlebars. This is mostly a factor for high-speed descending and steep terrain”. “Considering the impact of steering geometry is critical for making comparisons between bikes of different wheel sizes. A 29er with a 68-degree head angle will maintain composure at high speed, but low-speed handling, particularly cornering, will tend to be sluggish. By comparison, a 68-degree head angle on a 27 inch bike will yield a noticeably more responsive handling feel, but will be less predictable when initiating turns at high speeds. So, if you’re comparing bikes between wheel sizes, expect a 29-inch bike to be roughly two degrees steeper than a 27 inch bike with similar cornering characteristics”. “At a given speed, 29’ers do roll slightly more efficiently, and it’s most noticeable on flats or gentle grades, either up or down, with successive small bumps. The difference comes down to angle of attack. In other words, the larger wheel approaches a given obstruction at a shallower angle, enabling it to roll “through” the object, rather than “over” it. However, this example assumes a constant speed, and mountain biking is a dynamic activity”. “There’s a price to pay for this improved roll over. Larger wheels weigh more, and that added weight is placed farther from the hub, which further increases the wheel’s inertia. In other words, 29’ers require a stronger effort to get moving. This phenomenon is most noticeable when exiting turns, and during technical climbing, where bursts of acceleration are part of the game. Big-wheel evangelists will of course point to the fact that you’ll run lower gearing to compensate, but gearing doesn’t change the laws of physics. The fact remains that 29’ers maintain speed more effectively, where 27 inch wheels accelerate more efficiently.” Considering all that, it’s is probably less of a concern if your MXS will be ridden mostly on city streets and paved trails ..... One of the advantages and maybe pitfalls of waiting on our Sondors to be delivered, is deciding how to personalize, customize and modify our new bikes, in the time it takes them to get to us. I had new Carbon Fiber Replacements for the Handle Bar, Stem and Seatpost in my Parts Bin more than a month before my Sondors would arrive. I had replaced the Original “Tractor Seat” with one that my butt was already accustomed too, almost as soon as my First Generation IndieGoGo Sondors Fat arrived but all the other improvements I’ve made, were after riding quite a few miles and evaluating just what to consider. Now after over 15,000 miles, only the Original’s Frame, Fork, Battery Box and Bottom Bracket remain. Be Forewarned.... Once You Start It Ain’t Easy To Stop... the upgrades, not the bike itself, Magura MT-5e, Quad Piston and Pads Hydraulic Brakes with Larger Discs haul my Electric Black Lightning to a stop! 😀 REDDY
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