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  1. I believe it refers to the Assist Level parameter settings. Reddy
  2. That sounds like either the wrong setting value in the Programing in your LCD, or what has been more common, the wrong VERSION OF THE LCD for your particular Sondors eBike. Please contact Sondors.com, Chat, for instructions on submitting a trouble ticket for a support tech to contact you. In the meantime you can review the manual for your KD51C LCD. REDDY
  3. You have two choices because your controller is not compatable with any aftermarket LCD, only the particular one for you’re model Sondors Fat from Sondors.com at an exorbitant price. But for about the same money you can buy a new higher amperage delivery controller (20or25amp, [more torque and slightly higher top speed] ) and the generic KT-LCD3, from any of the vendors listed above.. You can also choose to buy from Aliexpress but the savings is minimal and if any items you buy is bad or become defective, the return shipping you'll have to pay, is more expensive that the product, and it generally takes 4 to 8 weeks for delivery. I do use aliexpress for some accessories and new 750Watt Bafang Motors For Project builds but not for anything that I need NOW. I bought two Kickstarter Sondors and an Indiegogo Original Fat. Reddy
  4. This post explained the parts comparability. I would suggest that if your bike is not from the original Indiegogo campaign, the only bikes who’s controllers are compatable with aftermarket LCD’s, that you use the opportunity to upgrade both your Controller and LCD from one of the 3 US based suppliers for about the same money as just the compatable LCD for your model Sondors from Sondors.com. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike https://lunacycle.com/sondors-upgrades/ There are other LCD options to consider but the KT-LCD3, is the original standard that will work on Sondors if your bike can use a generic LCD. See mike Ritchie’s post. REDDY
  5. Make Sure the large Higo Connector, under the right chainstay is properly connected and all pins are neither broken or bent. https://sondorsforum.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2552 REDDY
  6. Jason S Sounds like you Fried Something but your description is lacking pertinent information as to what. My suggestion is to find a local shop that works on Ebikes. REDDY
  7. Roy, I’d say your suspicions are 100% correct and that’s most likely the problem. All your findings will help the Sondors Company Service Tech Speed Up the process of getting you a new battery because you’ve already discovered the defective element and narrowed it down to the switch. You and your guys did an excellent job. Of course this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t have other problems but I think you’ve found the culprit. Great Job 👍🏻 REDDY
  8. Hi Roy, One very basic but important first procedure when charging the batteries is to connect the charger to the battery before you plug the charger battery cord into the wall outlet. The light on the charger should show a momentary green then change to red to indicate charging. When finished charging, to full capacity, the light should turn green. The batteries are usually only charged from the factory to about 50%. This is the recommended level for long battery storage for all Li Ion batteries and packs. Charging batteries can take several hours depending on existing battery charge level. The fact that you saw some blinking on the charger led, from red to green, several times, is not a normal condition. That could indicate a malfunctioning charger or some intermittent malfunction in either of the charger or battery cable connection plugs or even the battery, on-off switch, which has been found to be defective in at least one report, here on the forum. It could indicate a malfunctioning battery BMS board or circuit. You can help us determine the fault, by doing some basic trouble shooting with a multimeter, a tool all eBike owners should have. Plug in the charger and measure the output voltage of the charger. For a 36V battery the charger should supply 42V. You can do the same, to check the battery (even a new uncharged [defective charger] battery should have detectable voltage. It should have enough voltage to power on the LCD and show some level and actual voltage reading on the LCD (if your version LCD has the Voltage Function). I have no experience with the newest square KD51C LCD. Make sure all cables between battery and controller and controller and devices are properly connected, especially the LCD. Important to never twist the Higo connectors because the pins can be easily bent or broken. Make sure the battery is full seated in its cradle Probably, from our experiences, reported here on the Forum by owners, the most common failures are the Controller followed by the LCD. Unfortunate that a brand new bike has problems but rest assured the Sondors Company will make sure you have the Sport you intended. LEMMENO REDDY
  9. This is the direct replacment for the Original and all models with the 4.9” tires. https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store/products/kick-stand-320mm-for-4-0-tire-sondors REDDY
  10. Mike, that’s really a question for Sondors.com . They don’t share that info with the owners forum. I’m guessing that the Company is selling existing stock, of the avalable models now on their website, before another production run begins and then it will depend on how popular and how many Fold Sports they think the market will want. But as modified, here on the Forum, Biknut modified his wife’s Fold with smaller, narrower tires so she could more easily ride. REDDY
  11. Great, I luv combining commuting options. We don’t have ferries here but I do take my Electric Black Lightning on the commuter train into the city.
  12. No but there 3 major Sondors support vendors online in the US of A and several on Aliexpress. There is a combination Head & Tail Light made, originally for the Sondors Fat Bike that is plug and play with the spare red Higo connector on that controller. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/electrical-accessories/products/new-led-headlight-and-tail-light email Kyle to inquire if it’s compatable with your Fold XS REDDY
  13. Mike, Glad to have you aboard. Be sure and write about your riding adventures and how you like your Fold XS. That’s a hell of a ride. Please post pictures in our owners Gallery REDDY
  14. Go to Sondors.com and join chat by selecting the ballon in the bottom right corner of the page or messages, on how to get a replacment. But generally, it’s the belt that needs replacment. So few people have posted about the Belt Drive Option, we just don’t have any data about replacment parts on the Forum. REDDY
  15. You don’t say if you still have calipers (only “you have no brakes”) or where the lines were cut, ie; before or after the controllers Higo connector but I believe IF you’re just looking for Levers, this is the Tektro model you should be searching for. TEKTRO EL-350 E-BIKE BRAKE LEVERS Verify from seller that they have the correct Red Higo connector. REDDY
  16. The likeliest culprit is the cut off switch in one of your brake levers, especially if you’re fallen or the bike has and damaged one of the Levers. let the forum know if that’s problem. REDDY
  17. 7 speed your choice of Ratios. There are documented accounts here on the forum. Reddy
  18. You can try 1665 , it was known to be the upgrade controller and LCD Display Pasword for Fold models. Every controller in various models had its own admin code and Sondors won’t divulge those because of product liability. REDDY
  19. You should post your request on the Sondors Modders Facebook page, also.. I’m no help there as I don’t FaceBook. )) REDDY
  20. @Eric333 I buy 750Watt here. Not much demand for replacment 350Watt motors on the forum, rather owners upgrading to higher wattage geared hub motors. https://eunorauebike.aliexpress.com/store/group/BAFANG/904105_257734884.html?spm=a2g1y.12024536.pcShopHead_6161773.1_3_1 Be sure and contact them with your exact model number so you get a direct replacment, although you might consider a 500 watt motor for more acceleration/torque and slightly higher top speed that’s still compatable with your Sondors as equipped. Communication is vital with vendors in China. Those replacements used to be avalable from our three main US vendors but I haven’t seen them listed in a while. Reddy
  21. For anyone Fix’n Flats on especially Fat eBikes with Disc Brakes, I adapted this solution to keep from damaging the motor cable at the axel exit, the Disc on the other side of the wheel and even the spokes, not a scratch. I use the milk crate to store spare bike parts but added foam pipe insulation around the permeter to support the wheel when fix’n flats. I find it Invaluable. REDDY
  22. Let’s start at the beginning. Which model Sondors do you have? Does it have the LCD? What are the things that turn on? Reddy
  23. No, the Original Sondors Fat eBike and other iterations of the Fat; Sondors Narrow, Custom, X and XS, all use a wide body Hub Motor and the Thin uses a much narrower bodied hub motor because the frame’s rear triangle and dropouts are ..... Narrower. I do not recall anyone installing a different hub motor, posting here on the Forum but of course, there are many applicable motors available in the market place that would fit the narrower spacing. Might find it hard to find a plug and play motor with all the correct connectors for our controllers, but installing a more powerful motor is certinally doable if that’s your quest. Hub motors come in many, many types, configurations and power requirements. Id suggest reviewing the Electricbike.com’s Forum. https://electricbike.com/forum/. It’s geared more for the builders than for Sondors Owners. REDDY
  24. Sorry I missed this post when it arrived.... I ride a lot. I thought I had remembered Lindsey, of Electrobikeworld.com stating in a post on the forum, that they shipped to Europe. Nick replied to my inquiry : “Hello Reddy, Yes we can ship batteries to Europe including Germany. Of course there will be an additional fee for shipping anywhere outside of the USA. If you would like a shipping quote, please reply to this email and give us an address and the battery you would like to be shipped”. electrobikeworld@hotmail.com “Thank you, Nick Customer Rep” They carry two 36V Bottle Battery for Sondors Upgrades, this 10Ah https://electrobikeworld.com/products/summit-36v-10ah-lithium-battery-replacement and this 14Ah https://electrobikeworld.com/products/bottle-battery-36v-14ah They also feature a 48V -10.5Ah, which offers a higher top speed. https://electrobikeworld.com/products/lb48-bottle-battery-48v-10-dot-5ah REDDY
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