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  1. No because now is the perfect time to upgrade to a 20 or 24Amp controller, if we can determine that the motor is good. To do that, well need to measure current or not, with you coming multimeter in side the High connector you inspected today. Does the motor rotate both forwards and backwards with the chain off the Freewheel. Does it make any noise while turning it or any clunky resistance or binding. REDDY
  2. You can use the search window on any page of this forum. https://sondorsforum.com/search/?q=Stem Riser&quick=1 REDDY
  3. If the Throttle is powered (it’s not motor power, just a small control current) there is power getting to the controller but the controller and motor itself are the likeliest device failures. Carefully snap the top off the throttle and look for any broken or displaced wires Inside. Has the bike been exposed to water; left outside, or ridden in the water? Make sure the large Higo Motor Cable on the right chainstay is properly connected with no bent pins inside. REDDY
  4. The Battery is the place to start and if you have keys to the battery, remove it and look for damage on the plastic surrounding the contact points on the battery and cradle. If you can’t remove the battery, check for voltage between the battery & controller with the battery switch on by piercing the wires with the multimeter probes, that’s why they have sharp points. You didn’t mention if your throttle LEDs are lit with the battery on and the power button depressed on the throttle? LEMMENO REDDY
  5. They want you to replace the cap that you disconnected to install the cable to the LCD. Instructions online tell you to save the cap for just this type of trouble shooting problem . Your picture is not the end of the cable that the Green Interior Cap plus into. They want to know if power is restored after completing these instructions. Review, especially @ 7:00 https://vodprogressive.akamaized.net/exp=1594436755~acl=*%2F830528511.mp4*~hmac=2be1e6e3f2d7dec4cd04da08a43ca4990340f3ccea297930c053e1b95916531b/vimeo-prod-skyfire-std-us/01/1798/9/233992569/830528511.mp4?filename=SONDORS+Fold+Assembly.mp4 REDDY I NAMED MY LONGHORN ‘SONDORS”!
  6. Since your in California, let me phrase it like this. The Skinny on replacing the motor are Totally Rad. It all depends on which shop you take it to. Since you as ask how many hours, About 30 minutes for rear wheel, freewheel/cassette (which ever) & brake disc removal, dismount the tire and tube. . ‘About the same to remove all the spokes from the rim and remove them from your old motor frame. I’d say 2 hours to install the new motor in the rim and true it, if all the used spokes can be used. Another 30 minutes to install the motor hardware, install tire and tube, put it back in the frame and adjust the rear derailleur. Plug in the motor and test it. Now that is about how much time it took me, maybe a little more. Since your asking about labor time, am I correct that Sondors.com is sending you a new motor? If not, I have more info for you about replacement motor choices. LEMMENO REDDY
  7. Review this guy’s builds. https://www.youtube.com/c/jehugarcia I have 3 -52V batteries @ 54Ahs and one 67.2V 30Ah. My electric bill averages $35 a month until I turn on AC. I live in an Oak Forest but haven’t used the ac at all this year and when I do when the temps stay @100°+ for days on end, only use it for a couple of hours before I go to sleep. When I need supplemental I have a lil generator. REDDY
  8. No , but a 12V panel can power a Solar Generator (basically another Li ion battery pack with associated hardware to output 110v to a dedicated 48V battery charge with its own BMS that charges your battery to 53V. Connectors are off the shelf but not necessarily @ Home Depot. I’d suggest you go to electricbike.com and review the articles about Li ion batteries. REDDY
  9. https://youtu.be/OjYoNL4g5Vg https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1914-25-amp-controller-in-a-fold-x/?tab=comments#comment-6528 https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2153-750w-fold-x7-24errr/?tab=comments#comment-8077 I’m Out. REDDY
  10. That is more good info and the power level indicator should not show any value it the motor is not powering the bike. Does just using the throttle restore power? The first thing you should do when it quits is power off then on at the battery and if it restarts or restores power that should eliminate a brake lever switch. But would probably indicate it’s the controller. LEMMENO REDDY
  11. Most likely the Large HiGo connector from the controller to the motor under the right chainstay needs to be reconnected properly. But because you say the motor started making a noise, like (¿), ....sounds more like a magnet or magnets inside the.motor have come loose and have damaged other components inside the motor. REDDY
  12. The only problem with Model Aircraft comes if you Fly Them. )) REDDY
  13. I would never bastardize my many, un-ridden, considered abused Classics, by adding inhuman, inhumane, or Non human motive power (although have considered teaming-up my border collies that I regularly harness to haul my Trash & Recycle Bins the 1/8 mile trip down my driveway, to the city street for pickup) to any of these also now hung like criminals, from the ceiling of my studio. Nor would I molest the other trusted friends, I regularly Do Ride and try to replace all parts on these with original as equipped when I bought them. ‘My Original IndieGoGo first Gen Sondors (bought or joined that campaign on the second day) has few original parts still existing; Bottom Bracket, Frame, Fork and Battery Box that still remain. Even the BBox closure bolt has been changed and I’m modifying it again today. HEY! It’s what I do. But do tell, what are those propellers in your picture? Record Your Bike’s Serial Number. Unfortunately bicycle and especially eBike thefts are the reality and because you live in a state with the most eBikes, it records, record numbers of thefts. This thread on our forum is a good resource for protecting your purchase. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/102-locks-keep-your-sondors-safe/?tab=comments#comment-568 But to summarize; find indoor parking where ever you go. Some owners walk their bikes along side even when in a grocery shopping. GPS tracking is available in either seat post or steering tube tracking hardware. Buy the most secure locking system you feel comfortable with taking on your bike. My first deterrents are my motorcycle alarms, that fit under my saddles for maximin affect. Register you bike on one or the bicycle registries. Engrave you DLNumber, under the Left Chainstay where it will be less visible to the thief after it’s been stolen. ‘Even the most prudent and careful owners’ bike Can Be Stolen and even our Forum’s Owner and Administrator had his taken from a secure location but thankfully recovered. REDDY
  14. The circuit for the brake cut off is NO, normally open, so if the switch is not Completely Open, If the brake cable (not the electric wire) is binding somewhere in its length, it might not allow the switch to deactivate or open. Yes all shipping, not just international, is quite slow with many steps in the delivery chain. I’ve been also waiting on items for over a month and local brick and mortar retailers, like bicycle shops have run out of many standard items like Tire Sealant and Chain Lube. The Pandemic is wrecking havoc world wide and not just human health and life. Intermittent application of motor power (pedal assist) does not supply enough of a definition of the symptom you are experiencing. I’d suspect that if it was a brake lever switch that some manipulation of the lever in question would then return power. Have you tried adjusting the brake pads? If the disruption is only during part of the pedal stroke or rotation ... or if the disruption is intermittent during application of ONLY the throttle, IE: application with out pedaling, that would certainly change the diagnosis. Can you be more explicit in your ec=xplanation? its also possible, especially if you’ve been changing settings in the LCD setup.that it could be responsible. ‘I’ll assume that you’ve isolated the brake lever switch as being the offending hardware though. . REDDY
  15. Make sure the magnet disc on the bottom bracket spindle is making contact with the pickup thru-out it’s rotation. That’s the most common cause of intermittent power delivery. In general, the switches inside the levers are not repairable or replaceable. Make sure your brake cable to the caliper is not binding because that can cause a cut off activation during handlebar usage. Usually the switch will only be damaged because of damage to the lever, in a fall or accident . If it is the switch, you’ll require a replacement lever, I believe L & R are identical. LEMMENO REDDY
  16. Consider where your going to carry your tools to change a flat. It’s takes 3 combination wrenches to change mine because front and rear axel nuts are 15mm or 17mm and the derailleur has its own nut. Then you’ll need to carry an extra tube, patch kit, nitrite gloves, a microfiber cloth, a multi tool and of course a Luna ePump. )) That’s about all for flat repair. I carry a $1.99 Lowe’s plastic drop cloth that will cover my bike and my self in case of a heavy downpour rain event. How bout 4 bungees of 2 different lengths, or cargo straps, to strap large items to your rack when necessary? I carry my 12.9" iPad Pro and my iPhone along with charging cables and a charger for each because my iPhone is lightning and iPad is USB-C. I carry a 4 cell - 18650 Li ion battery bank to backup both devices and power my headlight. I prefer to power supplemental devices on separate power supplies than off my main battery. My tail light has a single 18650 cell. Something I learned from aviation. You’ll discover all kinda of stuff of your own preferences, needs and wants once you start outfitting. REDDY
  17. All of those I mention will fit. But as always ... contact the supplier to verify usage or fit before you press the Buy Button. Especially when ordering eBike specific hardware. REDDY
  18. That type of melted plastic around the contact point is generally caused by the battery not being completely locked in the cradle. Arcing and excessive current drain produces heat and the plastic starts to melt. REDDY
  19. The Sondors 48V battery is the best deal for the money but the frame it’s meant to to fit has a bigger battery triangle box, than the Sondors Original. But with careful placement of the new controller it can be done. If you’re considering an aftermarket battery I wouldn’t waste your money on a 48V when a 52V triangle battery has 10% more power. First person I’d contact would be @Lindsey Nguyen at Electro Bike World and discuss your plans with her. She was one of the first Sondors Suppliers to upgrade to what you suggest. You can even private message her from here. Never considering buying anything from a supplier before you’ve discussed the purchase with them. REDDY
  20. The three most popular rear racks, reported on this forum by users, are from Axiom, Topeka and Ibera, but there are many, many more to consider. You should start your review based on your intended use. And then review the panniers offered by each manufacture that you like, that are easily mounted to that manufactures rack. The only suggestion I can offer is don't consider the Axiom. It’s cantilever lower mount design, is an effort to utilize an existing rack designed for rim brake bikes, with the addition of a stand off and an extra cantilever brackets to accommodate disc brakes, that do not transfer the load directly to the bikes dropouts or seat stays. I’ve got one. It’s been problematic for heavy loads and I’ve had to replace the blind nuts that the cantilever brackets mount too a few times and fabricate doublers for the cantilever brackets. I also have a Ibera, on another bike, that does mount directly to the seat stays. But I’m not recommending it either because the hard shell panniers on that, light weight bike, are not designed to carry heavy loads and I can’t say either way, if it will or won’t. But it’s Damn Skippy Better, than the Axiom. ‘I’m not a fan of top trunks because they raise the center of gravity and are a detriment to good handling and getting on and off your Tall MSX, but mostly on dismounting. I can easily get my right leg to step over the top tube, getting on my bikes but I have to swing my leg over the saddle and rack to dismount. Of course you can just fall over and crawl out from under it. REDDY
  21. A few owners have changed from the folding handlebars : https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2214-buffys-custom-fold/?tab=comments#comment-8851 Howdy From Texas. REDDY
  22. Sondors does supply them on the Fold XS but it appears they are out of stock on replacements. Try contacting them for a delivery date. Sondors.com REDDY
  23. That information is only available from Sondors the Company. www.Sondors.com But I can suggest that the cost will vary dependent on which of the many ebikes Sondors’ models and options are selected. We are the Owners Forum an independently owned entity here to support other owners and administered by owners. REDDY
  24. One thing I’d check first, is the large Higo connector under the right chainstay for positive connection. An intermittent power delivery problems associated with the battery level switch and LEDs (especially with a known level of battery power / charge) would raise suspicion about the battery level switch first but I’d suspect a bad / loose connection in the battery interior. Might be in the Battery’s, on & off power switch itself. After making sure you have a completely full battery charge by recharging the battery and taking in to consideration the time it takes to recharge it, then double checking the voltage level with a multimeter. Opening up the battery, looking for an anomaly, like any wires that are loose or bad connections. ‘A fully charged 48v battery should read around 53V. LEMMENO REDDY
  25. There is no Insider Information suggesting Sondors will discontinue previous models and I’d speculate, why would Storm do that ¿ and shoot himself in his foot, on products that are still the best value in eBike’n, that sell in the ten’s of thousands of ebikes and render himself unable and footless to ride one. Can’t see that happening unless his new ebike company is named ”eBikes for a Buck Less"! REDDY
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