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  1. I’d suggest a starting point is to get accurate measurements on your existing axel while waiting on Sondors.com. Then See If: https://robertaxleproject.com/bolt-on-axles/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5JvB6oK19QIVQBPUAR1NzQBtEAQYAyABEgKTBvD_BwE has an appropriate replacement. Reddy
  2. +1 323-372-3000 Published on their website. REDDY
  3. Hey, Mary. The rear triangle on Fat Tire Bikes are too wide to fit into most Indoor Trainers, besides trainers use the rear axel nuts for capture and your FoldXS has the motor cable exiting the right side nut. Bike Trainers and Rollers are predominantly purchased by recreational and fitness riders. I’ve owned one thinking I could entertain myself by watching TV while getting exercise, NOT! Like Jack, I learned & preferred to use the very sturdy stationary bikes w/monitors at the gym while watching cycling videos from the library on my laptop, ported to the bike’s screen, during inclement weather. I could also use the other gym equipment machines. Now, I use my own multi station home gym in my studio, where I keep my bikes. I’ve got great cold weather riding gear and if it’s wet, I just don’t ride. It take 2 hours to clean the road scum off my bikes after a ride in the rain or wet. Never the less, if you just have to ride indoors, buy yourself a cheap beater bike for your trainer. I never considered using any of my regular expensive analog mounts in my trainer During my trainer ownership (I gave mine to a neighbor) I found the Fluid Trainer was the best option for setting resistance. That said, technology pedals onward and so I suspect, so have trainers in the 20 yrs since mine. Mary, don’t forget to add pictures of your FoldXS and riding adventures to our picture gallery. REDDY
  4. Yes, the Bafang Hub Motors are limited in RPM by current. Larger Tires will slightly increase speed and smaller reduce. REDDY
  5. Have you tried Sondors Customer Service to see if they have a source for the Narrow’s Rims? I’m sure they can be had in China but I couldn’t find any in a search on Aliexpress. REDDY
  6. This should be the instructions for the Fold XS Color Display.https://player.vimeo.com/external/438712730.hd.mp4?s=32b23b8b636cda80425966abf539c2634d24a5fc&profile_id=175You have to use the Handlebar Display Control to turn on the LCD. “Locate the power/control switch for your LCD screen on the left side of the handlebars. Hold down the center power button until the LCD screen turns on. Use the up/down arrows to set your desired level of pedal assist (PAS). **Please note that when the pedal assist is set at level 0 (zero) your SONDORS will not move, this will help prevent forward acceleration caused by accidentally hitting the throttle.** REDDY
  7. Robert, looks like we’re on a pretty similar track with our Sondors. I used the 26 X 55mm in my Google Search String for your rim and that was the first result. I didn’t mean to suggest that particular rim but as a starting point with that vendors in your search, which seemed to have lots of rim choices in their inventory ( if it hasn’t shipped, can you cancel and reorder from their inventory ?). I chose Double Wall, because I wanted robust & extreme durability for the Electric Black Lightning because I sold my car (for 2-1/2 yrs) to prove my commitment to eBike’s utility and my health. It’s my heavy hauler (the 100mm rear wheel I built has a really wide tire contact patch, to help with all the weight I carry and although I have rejoined auto ownership, I did carry 50# bags of Collie Chow on the rear rack and everything else I needed from the Grocery and my P O Box, a 25mi RT from my home. I quit compiling milage around 17,000 on the EBL. It’s 750watt Bafang (second 750), 35Amp controller and 52V Luna Triangle. My EWL is still 350Watt Bafang with 25Amp Controller and 52V Electrobikeworld Triangle. It’s light and only a mph lower top speed, 32, than the Black but doesn’t accelerate near as quickly. My new Sondors X, now the "Electric Stealth Lightning" still in transition, will be 750watt Bafang, 35Amp 60-80V controller and this BMW 68V Auto Module I have along with a Smart Charger. I originally bought them for the White but that BMW Module is crazy heavy and decided not to ruin the lightweight handling and use it on a new X with a steel frame and fat tires. Be sure and post pictures of your bikes and adventures to our gallery. Feels like Canada here in Texas today and 18°F wind chill by morning. But it won’t bother my other, Boy Border Collie, Fly, his daddy is from Canada and had a short relationship )) with Fly’s Mom, that were both competitors in herding trials at the Calgary Stampede! Ever See Bob & Doug McKenzie up there? ‘Okay, Take Off!
  8. FYI, I had 2 of that same, actually 3rd Gen Kickstarter Campaign from 2016. Mine are Chameleons or Combinations of yours. I have an Alabaster, Aluminum, Suspension, Custom Narrow. Now Branded the “Electric White Lightning”. My Gray, Steel, Custom, Narrow, I sold to a friend. In my opinion, the Narrows are the best version of the Originals offered but unfortunately, not anymore. They have superior handling, when compared to the Fats and I have built new wheels for my 1st Gen Fat with a 26 X 80mm front Origin8 double wall rim with Sapim 12G spokes and use Vee Tire 26 X 4.00 Mission Command II Front tire, to make my “Electric Black Lightning”, handle like a Moto GP motorcycle instead of a Truck. On the rear I built the same except on a 100mm rim and 26 X 4.7 Vee Tire MC II tire. REDDY
  9. If you’re looking for SONDORS replacement “rims”, i doubt you’ll find exact replacements and any other acceptable rims, probably require different length spokes. A quick cursory search found these. https://carsoncitybikeshop.com/rim-se-bikes-26-559x59-jp60-36-sl-nmsw/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvOCln66Y9QIVxytMCh3wBQO0EAQYBiABEgJKBPD_BwE REDDY
  10. I always liked riding on the C & O Canal Bike Trail with stops for refreshments @ Harper Ferry. If you’ve stopped there, you’ll recognize this stairway. REDDY
  11. As a follow-up in this thread, involving Sondors CS, to my one and only experience with Sondors CS, today. My newest SondorsX developed a front brake issue. I had diagnosed this exact issue recently for another member and the return spring inside the caliper is the problem. It didn’t develop until the 400th mi on my bike. When using the front brake, relativity hard but not a panic stop, the handle bar lever collapsed to the grip and after, there was no front brake action. I initially thought it was the cable was not tight on the caliper arm capture allen screw device and slipped but after I got back to fix it, when I returned the caliper arm back to its open brake position it seemed to be functioning normally again until there was significant resistance and with a clunk-ratcheting noise, both the handle bar lever collapsed to the grip and the caliper arm collapsed to the barrel adjuster stop. The internal spring didn’t try to return it. I theorize the spring attachment point inside the caliper could reset by manually returning the lever to the open position but it slips when encountering significant resistance. Created a ticket on the Sondors Site with a video attacked of the problem and received a confirmation email on that same Tuesday, the 28th. I subsequently added a couple of additional responses to more clearly state the issue and received an appointment for a call from a tech for today at noon:30. After the usual verification process and explaining what I had found and what I theorized in the 10 minute call including time for the tech to process the replacement caliper order … I was done. Received and email shortly there after of my order, today the 30th. Anecdotal information or data can not be considered the standard but it can be added to the overall sum of experiences. EDIT: Today the 5th, my “Brake Caliper - Front Brake - All hub models shipped after 2020 × 1”, was delivered, The gears @ Sondors were turning for me! REDDY
  12. No, not common nor completely unheard of. Sure, with a multimeter you can check the output voltage but that sounds like it will be 0 if there is no lights or fan. You can also check the wall outlet to make sure current is getting to the charger. The exact chargers are available online at pretty low prices. Try a google search by control name and output voltage as listed on the Charger, and using the search function, here on the Forum. Another member has posted a link, pretty recently. But be careful with the probes on the multimeter not to short anything, REDDY
  13. Jack, I did not know lights were to be available. Not unusual for accessories to follow after the release of new models. Even the Original wasn’t supplied with an LCD or offered as an option, although the cable was attached to the controller. I bought one from China, a couple of released before Sondors offered one as an option. Those are questions only Sondors, the Company, can answer, even if some of the Techs there are clueless. That ain’t US and acting as a complaint board is not what we will entertain as written in the user agreement you signed when you created your account. My reply was to offer alternative options for something Sondors Tech said was unavailable. I understand your frustration but all these complaints must be directed to Sondors, not here. We are here to help but your and JCJs problems are not something we can help with. But I’ve Volunteered My Time Here For 6 Years. Don’t Try & Characterize That Decision … REDDY
  14. No, you’re not out of luck, you just have the Option to custom configure the exact Perfect Lightning System for you and your Rockstar’s mission. I’d suggest an independent power bank constructed with Li Ion 18650 GA cells to power the lights of your choosing. I have as primary or backup, Battery Banks for various electronic devices. Each one of my Sondors has one that powers the lights (my usb equipped KT LCD3 displays keep them topped off from the main battery), that I carry in a top tube trunk. The preconfigured light package manufactured in China, that I mentioned, was generic, pretty low tech and not a Sondors product. Probably great for China’s use to see thru the noxious smog. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32761134632.html?trace=wwwdetail2mobilesitedetail&spm=2114.12010612.8148356.14.50e87348tMLIBP Not sure how you’ll be using your Rockstar after dark but my own Original Fat, now the “Electric Black Lightning” is a 33 mph heavy hauler that I ride at least 20 mi round trip on my shortest routes. It has over 17,000 miles. At night it requires superior lights and I didn’t even consider that package …. because I wanna see, be seen and live to ride another day. All three on my Sonders use different versions of the same front light system depending on that bikes mission. In general terms, full suspension MTBs, usually don’t come with lights or a kickstand for that matter but most Rockstar owners probably will be road riders with, maybe, some trail use. If I had one, I’d surely want fantastic lights for safety. Even the Red Border Collie in the foreground has an supplemental LED collar for night time use when we’re away from home on road trips. Hey, sorry you’re disappointed and can appreciate the feeling. I let this one get away and have regretted it ever since. Here on day trip in the Hatch Valley in New Mexico. Yeah Disappointed! REDDY
  15. On our Hub Motor Sondors, there is a dedicated lead from the controller with a red HiGo connector and some of our preferred Sondors Support Suppliers did carry a multi configured system that included (your option) Head Light, Tail Light & Horn. Without the dedicated lead, you’re on your own,tapping into the main power, using a step down transformer and with a separate switch. Not all Controller & LCD shown functions work with all the eBikes they’re paired with. REDDY
  16. I wanted to reinforce the leg, add a little to the length and increase the footpad size on my 100# Highly Modified Sondors Original (only the frame, fork, battery triangle box & bottom bracket remain original. Found a good diameter plastic tubing to fit over the existing stand leg and slipped a bar stool leg rubber foot over the existing after filling it with Plasticoat. REDDY
  17. Common practice for cyclists on any bike is to dismount and straddle the centerline. On the Smart Step that’s easy because it has no top tube. Before you’re ready to continue, rotate your dominant foots’ pedal to the 3 o’clock position and place that foot on it while standing and keeping your balance on your other foot and leg. To restart peddling, shift your weight to the dominate leg/foot/pedal, while using a little throttle to gain momentum & gyroscopic stability and you’re gone. This next strategy is not for a novice but you can learn to keep your balance, at a stop, by doing what’s known as a track stand, takes a lot of practice. (Look on youtube). Lastly you can install smaller tires to minimally lower the overall height of your Smart Step, but probably only by 3/4 of an inch, max. This will lessen pedal ground clearance when rounding corners and lower the speed of your bike slightly in all settings. In an after thought, I have to add my own experience in this edit. There are places along my regular routes where I use the Paved Curb as a right foot rest on streets. An occasional light-pole-base, adjacent to the route I ride that has the button to activate the crosswalk symbol on the opposite side of the street I’m crossing makes a handy (or should I say footy) rest without dismounting. @ 6’ I can’t reach the ground either, on any of my fat tire bikes so your demure height is not unique to eBiking. It’s been quite a while since I ventured to Clearwater but my cousin and I would venture there to visit our parents, that had a winter trailer retreat in one of those classic retro retirement parks. We had a favorite beachside haunt, a biker bar actually, that we’d visit for evening entertainment. Can’t remember the name but it was pretty popular. Hope it’s still there. REDDY
  18. Be sure to add pictures of your Sondors and adventures to our Gallery Section. REDDY
  19. White Sondors MXS & Red Sondors Fold(?) Featured & initially won but Zonked after contestant tried to continue the game for a car but lost everything on this morning’s show. REDDY
  20. Oh, I know … I’ve read the horror stories for the better part of a decade and with my first Sondors, delivered on July 15th of 2015, I charged my batteries in an un used wood burning stove outside my studio where I keep my bikes. But I soon realized the realities for myself and I discontinued the practice. After 6 years, many higher voltage battery packs, 36 to 68 volts (all with the very stable li ion 18650 cells, used in most e-vehicles ), and advanced chargers, at over 20,000 mi I quit logging mileage and countless charge cycles, with not a single problem related to my batteries. You’ve chosen the correct option to keep your age increasing. Riding has kept me fit and helped reverse my hi BP & cholesterol, type II & a fatty liver. In the 2005 when I was diagnosed, I was taking 7 prescription medications, a couple, twice a day. Now after changing my Diet from the SAD, (Standard American Diet), turning the FDA’s Recommended Food Triangle upsides down and switched to a Ketogenic Lifestyle, (all those that FDA officials that proposed those daily recommendations are industry insiders, supporting the industries they came from, not our health and those recommendations are not based on Science) I have no disease, take no prescription medications, lost 81# (was 268 now 187) and my primary care Physician, now follows the same scientists I do for the latest health information. Those Scientists include Mark Hyman, Rhonda Patrick, Stephen Phinney & Jeff Volek. I’ll dismount my soap box and leave this one YouTube video to spur your interest. https://youtu.be/TUADs-CK7vI REDDY
  21. We have had no posts on Sondors batteries that have been over charged and created a fire. We have had a couple of battery posts that have discharged below the battery’s BMS recovery voltage but even those, sometimes, can be recovered to above the minimum recoverable voltage by bypassing the battery’s BMS and using a Dumb Charger (without a charger BMS). Both the Chargers & Batteries from Sondors, have BMS IC boards, to protect from over charging and won’t allow charging below the battery’s low voltage cut off. We had a post on a 48V triangle battery that failed and upon opening the case a wire had become loose and another with a bad (intermittent) switch. Thats few reported problems, in the Thousands upon Thousands of Sondors Sold. REDDY
  22. I have no idea what it looks like inside that void or how much clearance there is but I’d suggest trying to inject some spray foam, like, “Great Stuff” which because it’s a viscus, sticky fluid, when used to fill gaps, it has a good chance of adhering to the cable and locking it in place as it expands. You should find a suitably sized tubing for an extension if needed, at a craft store or hobby shop. REDDY
  23. No worries, they’re not NiCad they’re Lithium Ion. I have some original Sondors Batteries that are 5 years old and they test great after years without use. Standard recommendation is to store li ion @ 50% for long term storage. Batteries are installed in the bike. See: https://www.electricbike.com/how-to-make-lithium-battery-last/ REDDY
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