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  1. Anthony, check the B.B. retainers first for proper adjustment, most roughness/noise problems are the result of over-tightened retainers. Replacement BB here : https://www.aliexpress.com/item/high-quality-sealed-bearing-steel-fat-bike-snow-bike-100-177mm-bicycle-bottom-bracket/32696213446.html REDDY
  2. There is a major problem with the Rad eBike offerings and that is their Fake Motor Specifications. See: REDDY
  3. Those two devices are not even compatible with each other, and not your Sondors. Id suggest buying upgrades from our US vendor, Boltonebikes.com. Email Kyle @ Bolton and ask for guidance on purchasing and shipping. Tell him Reddy sent you. Guarenteed to work with your Sondors. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays Reddy
  4. Warren, I have the Axiom Cycling Gear Fatliner Fat Bike Rack (about $43 <$55 online). It’s been used by several of our advanced members and it’s been in service for over 10,000 miles. It has carried very heavy loads and I haul all my groceries in Panniers (saddle bags) mounted on the rack, including 50# bags of dog food, along with the other weighty items that I carry in the side pockets of my panniers; tools, tubes, rain cover and other miscellaneous items. For general service it is a good fat bike rack. I would not buy another though, because of the cantilever lower mounting brackets. Even though I’ve fabricated fairly thick doublers, for those brackets, out of 6061 heathreated aluminum, to help the structural integrity, the cantilever geometry of those mounting system’s brackets, place overtly demanding forces on the Nutserts on the lower chainstay mounts and causing those attachment devices to loosen, over time and having to re-set those Nutserts with a specialized tool. My next rack will directly mount to those same mounting points by the lower rack mounting tubes. I might try the Topeka Super Tourist Fat, as my next rack on my newest build but I’m not thru researching options yet. I wish some manufacture would build a more robust rear rack for eBikes, with larger tubing but I’ve not found my ideal yet. I have modified my Axiom by widening it, to accommodate the 52v 17Ah 18650GA rack battery pack and added a solid basswood platform. REDDY
  5. Tyler, do you follow the correct charging procedure outlined in this Sondors Video? Is the PAS magnet wheel properly aligned with the pickup, almost touching, behind the right chainring on the Bottom Bracket Axel? Have you experienced any other problems on your Thin, like falling and the bike landing or hitting the pavement on the right side and possible damaging the motor cable, where it exits the rear axel? Has the bike been ridden in water or the motor gotten wet, washed bike with a pressure washer? Have you reprogrammed the Controller with the LCD programing functions? This is a process to get to the root of yourThin’s problem. REDDY
  6. Hey Brian, looks fabulous there. Please post pictures of your adventures on our Gallery page, so we all can enjoy Italy. REDDY
  7. All Sondors eBike’s controllers are speed limited from the manufacture to approx 20mph (32kph) including the Thin Model. You can remove the speed limiting setting within the LCD’s Programing Settings, for off road use. The resistance you feel is the lack of motor assist (PAS) See: https://sondorsforum.com/forum/5-instructions/ But Connecticut laws limit an eBike’s Speed to 20mph. https://www.evelo.com/connecticut-state-electric-bike-laws-registration/ Reddy
  8. https://sondors.com/pages/Sondors-step REDDY
  9. The correct rotations are mentioned in the video. Im pretty sure that all modern bicycle manufactures have standardized this practice especially the Chinese. But you could check at Sheldon Brown’s interweb site to see if there are any that don’t and still use an antiquated practice. The reason for the two different directions of retainer rotation is not happenstance, or country specific but configured so the regular rotation of the crank will only tighten the retainers, not loosen them. Same for Pedals & Freewheels. Id suggest this product for rusted fasteners or Liquid Wrench. Then light taps on the BB tool, with a light hammer, until some movement is detected. https://tinyurl.com/Use-Free-All REDDY
  10. Hello @Mathias Zettler. This video best describes the procedure but you don’t disassemble the Bottom Bracket, it’s replaced as a unit. If your Bottom Bracket seems rough, the first procedure is to Loosen the Bottom Bracket, non drive side retainer a bit and see if tightness has cause binding on the BB bearings and if they now run smooth. Never use oil on the BB because that might wash or reduce the viscosity of the grease in the bearings. Since the BB receives the greatest pressures and torque, oil cannot effectively lubricate it. https://youtu.be/in0eWKepZ2c Hope this helps Reddy
  11. Sondors is a small company with few employees and limited cash flow, producing bikes for the best price on the planet, That narrow profit margin makes capital investment in inventory limited especially for stocking and warehousing a large parts supply. Almost every part is avalable, off the shelf in China, with the exception of the battery box. If Sondors raised the price of Ebikes, a few hundred dollars ... they’d do better job at inventory but that’s the price we pay to get a good deal. There are many more people who can buy and enjoy Sondors bike because of the Great value at a Great Low Price. It’s frustrating to not be able to ride your bikes because of lack of replacment parts but most are out there if you can find them or handy enough to retrofit or modify existing generic parts. I also have more than one Sondors and this one has few of the original parts. It does, although, have the original throttle, but only one LED still lights. There is a way to wire a jumper to use the 6 wire throttle for the 3 wire system that is documented on this forum but it might take considerable searching to find it and I’m sleepy. )) Thanks, Yippie Ki Reddy
  12. There are both 3 conductor throttles on the newer Sondors and 6 wire on the single speed older models. This is a replacment for the one you show and Sondors is the only know replacment for one exactly like the one you broke. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/throttles/products/thumb-throttle There is no known replacment for the 3 conductor throttle at the present but you can find one without the correct Higo connector and splice your old connector in, at one of the suppliers on Aliexpress. Yes, it seems to be difficult to get replacements at present. You may communicate your displeasure to the Sondors Company at Sondors.com. The owners forum is not part of the Sondors company. It is hosted and administered by owners to help others members. It is not a complaint board, so please refrain from posting those sentiments here as you have already agreed, in the Terms of Use when you registered. https://boltonebikes.com/collections/throttles/products/thumb-throttle thanks REDDY
  13. Sorry saxman. The Sondors Owners Forum is not connected to Sondors.com, but hosted and administrated by owners for owners, so your request needs to be sent to the company @ Sondors.com Reddy
  14. For the three speed upgrade this will get you all the info but.... the first half of this thread is conjecture, look for good info half way thru here with Scott Kennedy’s posts and beyond. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/20-3-speed-conversion/ For the 7 speed you’ll need a new motor and controller and at least a 48v battery pack. REDDY
  15. I’m thinking that was 49.6 kph, about 31mph which is significant. I’d say your Thin is on its road to giving it’s owner a happy electric life. When I went outside this morning I didn’t see my shadow (light showers forecasted, movin out this evening) so I’m predicting a warming trend and when the roads dry..... great riding! Maybe not simple but if you want the best info, start here at page 27 and work backwards towards 1, by picking your interests, for a pretty all encompassing explanations of Ebikes and their components. https://www.electricbike.com/hubmotors/ REDDY
  16. Then Contact Sondors Support and fill out a ticket. It’s always best to log in and chat too but that might not be avalable until Monday during west coast business hours. Have your order information avalable. The FaceBook Support Page should get the ball rolling. A multi prong aproach is the best strategy. Its very seldom we hear of battery failures but there have been well over 30,000 Sondors eBikes produced and because of that volume they have very good vendors and suppliers, but every part can fail. LEMMENO! Reddy
  17. Don’t worry, we’ll figure out what’s going on by troubleshooting the system. The manufacturing quality has been incredible good but sometimes deficts do arise. Most of us other owners on the Forum have had our own issuses and we join as a Group to try and help the community. REDDY
  18. You can use a multi meter to check battery voltage and let me know that what you find. You can also check the charger output voltage and report that. Reddy
  19. Did you make sure the battery switch was in the off position, then plug the charger into the battery charging port, before plugging it into the wall? https://vimeo.com/315052789/d9eeea1e5a  REDDY
  20. Did you make sure the battery switch was in the off position, then plug the charger into the battery charging port, before plugging it into the wall? Reddy
  21. I should have added that my friends had found homes all over the frigg’n place. First to some acerage in Lovettsville, VA, close to Harper’s Ferry. Then near Winchester VA @ Holiday Lake. Are you old enough to remember Perfect Circle Piston Rings? They bought the Original Owners Mansion in Hagerstown Indiana. The Dana Corp bought out Perfect Circle. They sold the house to a group of investors who made it into a Bed & Breakfast. Next they Bought a home on the Front Range of the Rockies, just North of the Airforce Academy @ Perry Park Ranch @ Larkspur Colorado. A lot less land but a hell of a view. Thru all these moves, Tad my friend’s office, is in Oakland and he’d commute, for a couple of days every week or two to meet with his staff, but work mostly out of his home office. You couldn’t carry the airline miles he accumulated in a backpack! Nice Work If You Can Get It. REDDY
  22. Lane, The new motor will work with your Luna LCD or any other aftermarket LCD. Sondors’ LCDs have a proprietary communication protocol, so they could charge more $$ for the Sondors version. They only work with the Sondors Controller and are now model specific. There are at least three, 750watt Bafang 8 Fun geared hub replacment motor options that are on the Aliexpress Sites. One like mine is designed for a 7 speed Freewheel. Featured in the conversions featured on the forums upgrade threads. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-bafang-48V750W-rear-hub-motor-with-disc-brake-for-fat-bike/32703966572.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.12ab98bdMXxMx6 Using a single speed freewheel with this motor requires a special freewheel (not like the 350w Bafang freewheel) because the 750watt Bafangs were designed for 7 speed gear clusters. The threaded portion of the motor hub to accept the clusters is longer in the 750 Watt motors. If you decide on this option I’ll find that Freewheel somewhere buried in a threads here. There is a newer version motor designed and used in the Sondors XS for a 7 Speed Cassette that doesn’t have threads, rather a splined motor hub body to accept the cassettes design. I’m not sure what hardware would be required to use the cassette hub motor for single speed but I assume some Bike Conversion Parts and Cog can be fitted that are used for Fixie Bike Conversions. To my knowledge, no one has aptempted that on the Forum. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Bafang-Fatbike-Freehub-48V-350W-500W-750W-8FUN-E-bike-High-Speed-Brushless-Gear-Hub-Motor/32835894262.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.1.26c45976lyp2sX&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_1_10065_10130_10068_10890_10547_319_10546_317_10548_10545_10696_453_10084_454_10083_10618_10307_537_536_10902_10059_10884_10887_321_322_10103,searchweb201603_70,ppcSwitch_0&algo_expid=b7ae1ccb-d647-45e3-aff2-7d53a9ece6ee-0&algo_pvid=b7ae1ccb-d647-45e3-aff2-7d53a9ece6ee&transAbTest=ae803_4 So when you get your funds together it’s important to have decided on what gearing option you’ll choose. Although requiring a few more components, a few more dollars and a couple of extra hours of installation time, I’d really suggest installing the gearing, especially where you live. Being able to start in a low gear and travel up thru gears as you accelerate to the small cog, high gear, shift to a low gear for hills will make riding around San Francisco the ultimate option. All the conversion information is contained on the Forum. Look here : https://sondorsforum.com/topic/880-upgrade-750w-bafang-with-7-speed-upgrade/ Depiction of Freewheel and Cassette difference: https://www.bikeman.com/bicycle-repair-tech-info/bikeman-tech-info/1640-how-many-gears-can-i-put-on-this-thing REDDY
  23. @saxmanBike Fit is always a personal issue. https://youtu.be/1VYhyppWTDc I’ve never had a bike that didn’t need to be adjusted to fit me. What you’re referring to is a “Set Back Seat Post” and a lot of that setback might be adjusted with a saddle with longer rails, if your pedaling position has not already been determined. I think a new saddle is the most common first addition that owners make to personalize their bikes. Because my torso is long compared to average, for my height, I’ve always have to extend my stem for proper reach. A shorter stem might be a better solution for you than a bar with more rearward sweep. I’m surprised you didn’t mention seatpost height since I’m 6’ and had to install a longer 400mm seatopst to achieve the correct leg extension while pedaling. https://www.cyclingabout.com/seatposts-overlooked-yet-critical-for-cycling-comfort/ I might suggest going to a competent LBS (Local Bike Shop) and most will use a fit kit on you for free (we did at mine) to help you calculate the correct dimensions for various adjustments for your Bike. I bought this complement of replacements Owners should never walk their bike with the power on. Even if your leg accidentally hits a pedal, your bike can take off. Best Practice is to turn power off before dismounting. The only caveat is if you’ve enabled the Walk Mode, one of the option parameters in the LCD. Even then, dismount, holding the appropriate side brake lever. The reason the crank turns when walking the bike, most commonly is because the chain tension needs to be adjusted and the tension is too tight. If you had binding bearings in the Bottom Bracket, the crank would have resistance to turning not turning freely because the rear wheel is turning. To check for a binding Bottom Bracket, remove chain from the chain ring to rotate the crank and check for roughness. If any is detected, first course of action is to adjust the Bottom Bracket retainer. This has been addressed here before and has resolved suspected bad bearing issuses. If it’s determined that bad bearings are present, they’re not really replaceable, you replace the whole Bottom Bracket. Sondors has replaced those Bottom Brackets, even past the warranty period. Because Bottom Brackets are one of the components that experience the most stress and wear, I keep a spare in my parts inventory, just like tubes, tires and a chain. But after 11,300 + miles (I didn’t look at total mileage yesterday) my B.B. still feels fine. I’ve got to add that my Sondors is an incredibly reliable and bulletproof Daily Driver. When it gets above freezing today I’ll go ride to lunch. )) Saxman don’t forget to add pictures of your Sondors to our Forum Gallery. Reddy
  24. The Plot Thickens. I think the chances that a wire is damaged in the motor cable, now surfaces as the probable cause of your problem. I’ve never seen a Bafang Motor axel/spindles replacment offered for sale. Regardless of any other problem that is causing your issue, you’ll need to replace the motor. I don’t see the exact replacement at either main Aliexpress supplier but it might be superseded. Try messaging the motor suppliers and asking about a direct replacment. Youve also got the option, at this point, in upgrading to a Sondors XS mechanically. 7 speed, Bafang 750 Watt and 35Amp controller. There are threads here outlining the whole procedure. I also looked here. https://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/Hub-Motor/3562004_512880449.html?spm=2114.12010615.0.0.1e0bd717rSfCtN So with damage to the right side axel, most likely from falling on that side, you might try manipulating the cable, at the exit point and see if you can initiate any change in the hall sensor error. REDDY
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