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  1. The best that is online and that’s pretty limiting is on the Sondors.com X page. https://shop.sondors.com/pages/sondors-x electricbikereview.com doesn't even review it and some of their review data is either incomplete or wrong on some Sondors models. A Cursory Google search doesn’t reveal anything pertinent. The best I can do is suggest info and data embedded in this forum and mostly dealing with upgrades to the Original Sondors. Basically the same except for the frame it’s self. The X has a larger battery box to accommodate the 48V Sondors Battery with reconfigured interior baffling a
  2. I’ve seen the same problem on my 2015 Sondors Original Fat except on the rear. I use Magura MT-5e’s. The specified rear adapter for my 180mm disc, fit but the pads (4), only wiped 2/3rds of the disc. I ended up modifying the adapter by machining off some of both posts, to get a precise fit. I use a 302mm front and 180mm rear disc. ‘I’m pretty sure that Sondors, to minimize different part count and unitize compatibility, used rear frame and front fork mounts that would use the same adapter both front and rear. ‘This is the same strategy, that the manufacture of my Grumman American Air
  3. Hello, and welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum, not Sondors.com. We are not connected to Sondors, the Company as stated in the user agreement you read and signed when you joined. We are privately owned and operated by Sondors eBicycle owners, at least so far. We were formed to help Sondors ebike owners & prospective, with maintenance problems, upgrades and customizations, by us, the member owners. Please direct all your Sondors Metacycle inquiries to Sondors.com. ‘Thanks REDDY KILOWATT FORUM MODERATOR
  4. Better plan on buying an extra Battery right off the bat. If you only weigh 140 pounds, ride only with a 20mph tailwind, down hill… you might see 20 miles @ highway speeds with a moderate reserve. If you’re handy and thrifty, you can adapt a couple of BMW 68V / 2Kwh BMW auto battery modules, times 2, to act as backup for less than 6 Benjamin’s. Chargers are just over one Benny.
  5. You can list the batteries that you want to sell in our Market Place listings. REDDY
  6. That’s a disc brake adapter and it can be confusing because of the two common mounting systems. International Standard; I. S. & Post, along with different adapters for various sized disc. Disc brake adapters are a black hole of weird standards. Let’s stick to the 3 most popular ones so we don’t go crazy and reach for the Mezcal. I.S., aka International Standard is for better or worse, the current brake mounting standard for bicycle frames. It’s featured on the most bikes, and when most folks think: disc brake adapter, some sort of I.S. adaptor is what they think about. Confusingly, mos
  7. Sorry but your posts seem to be incomplete. If you are adding pictures you can’t copy & paste them but use the attachment options on the bottom of the text pane. If your referring to the picture of Chad’s Thin with the suspension fork, in the link I supplied, yes that was a later post from Chad. The picture above the picture of his Thin, just illustrates the bag necessary to use the L3 - 52v battery but that bike is not a Sondors. REDDY
  8. https://electrek.co/2021/01/14/sondors-unveils-80-mph-commuter-electric-motorcycle-that-is-actually-affordable/
  9. These YouTube videos, show the general procedure for Tektro hydraulics, regardless of model, and explains the basic service kit and tools required. The most important part of hydraulic maintenance is keeping the fluid off of the exterior of the caliper, pads and disc. I like having automotive disc brake cleaner spray, that I have on hand, for my automotive brake pad replacement and repairs, in addition to the isopropyl alcohol. https://youtu.be/cS0pBCBT65g’ alternately: https://youtu.be/q0SvqxMK_PA REDDY
  10. ASSEMBLY Now that you have your new SONDORS - Congratulations and Welcome! Note: If you are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the assembly process, please take your SONDORS to a reputable bicycle professional for assistance. Otherwise, please see the series of videos below to guide you through the process. https://shop.sondors.com/pages/assembly
  11. That would indicate to me that the pads are contacting unevenly, during part of the wheel / disc rotation . I think your right. Check disc for warp and then pad adjustment if needed. Of course because everything is new, bedding in the brakes will increase braking efficiency. REDDY
  12. If you have followed the Sondors X assembly instruction video. https://vimeo.com/343049462 The only thing I can think of, if the wheel looks centered between the fork legs, with that little information, is if it could be described as brake chatter. That would indicate a badly adjusted front brake, the need to bed in the pads on a new bike or a warped front brake disc. The latter might happen if the front wheel was on the ground with the disc side down. I’d suggest following some of the youtube videos that cover mechanical front disc brake adjustment (review a few to get a broad spectru
  13. I was mistaken about the L48 Battery. Lindsey @ Electro Bike World does recommend it will fit the Thin. It was the 52V, L3, that I was remembering, but recalled Chad had ended upgrading to it in his September 2018 final edition. It’s the exact 52V battery I use in my Electric White Lightning, my highly modified Sondors 2016 2nd Generation Custom Narrow. My Bad. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2329-sondors-thin-52v-upgrade-attempt/?do=findComment&comment=8947 Don’t forget to chime back in after you complete your upgrades and add pictures of your Thin to our Gallery where Thin’s a
  14. Yeah, the few who have upgraded, to more amperage controllers on the Fold, are few and neither of those members posted dimensions past the slightly less than 6" depth of the frame cavity and the other two dimensions are equal to that of the controllers, on the frame interior in Mike Ritchie’s Post (if I’d been a snake… I’d have bit ya). https://sondorsforum.com/topic/3379-fold-x-controller-upgrade/?tab=comments#comment-7607 There also looks to be about an inch of space under the controller mounting bracket at the top of the controller. My old 15Amp controllers measure 4" and Biknuts conv
  15. I’d suggest your brakes’ discs and pads are badly contaminated and you need to take your Sondors Thin, to a competent LBS (Local Bike Shop) for service. I’ve found the Sondors Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes, when properly adjusted and maintained, wholly adequate and perform admirably, especially on the light weight Sondors Thin. They even did so when hauling 50# of Dog Food on my heavy, 2015 Sondors Original Fat, which used your exact same Tektro. The main advantages of Hydraulic Disc Brakes are; they are self adjusting, have better tactile modulation, at the levers, and with the addition o
  16. It’s an involved process to disassemble the interior of a Fold. You can gain some info from this thread if you haven’t already used this forum as intended. It’s a repository of information and data with a search function. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/3379-fold-x-controller-upgrade/?tab=comments#comment-7607 Reddy
  17. The volume of air is tiny so any venting, any reduction of pressure has to be incrementally tiny. The Fork has two legs and only one holds air. So if you want to precisely control its function, buy a quality high pressure fork pump with a gauge, available from a Local Bike Shop or https://lunacycle.com/high-pressure-shock-pump/. Eric Luna has done exhausting research on eBike Suspension’s and this pump is high quality at a good price. REDDY
  18. I found this but the day is too busy for me to read all the associated posts. Undocumented Voltage Settings. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2051-2018-sondors-ebike-kd51c-lcd-setup-manual/?do=findComment&comment=7879 "Okay, I found out what happen. The undocumented command to access voltage settings is "+" and "i" . I think I hit both keys on accident because I was wearing gloves and reset voltage without knowing it. I set it to 36 and 10 and have perfomance back. Have more speed freewheeling to with Max Speed set to 45. Originally freewheeling top speed was 20mph. Now
  19. With who’s LCD & Controller did you upgrade? If it’s from Sondors, it probably has embedded proprietary communication protocols that only allow it to communicate properly, with the Sondors Controller, not with any available aftermarket 35Amp. You’ll. have to buy both if so. Check with Electrobikeworld.com for the proper upgrade 750Watt Bafang 8Fun motor (only cassette or freewheel 750watt motors are manufactured) and 35Amp controller (won’t fit in Fold X frame) and any other associated parts you will need. You can always remain single speed if you desire, while still needing to inst
  20. Review this SONDORS Video and make sure that you do not have the lockout engaged. REDDY
  21. Does your new, replaced LCD Display look like this? If not can you send a picture of the Display or the Box Label in came in? REDDY
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