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  1. I can’t quantify the accuracy of this but another source dealing with the Bafang factory setting of the 9 PAS settings was stated, from 1 to 9; 07% 14 19 24 35 45 55 75 100% Assumptions and conjecture are not reality. All early Bafang hub motor Sondors bikes with the KT-LCD3 used Kunteng Displays & Controllers. Although I also have a newer SondorsX, with the KD-51C LCD, produced by Tianjin (which I consider an down grade from the KT), I’m not sure who manufactures that controller. All previous Bafang BB series mid-drives had their controllers inside the motor case and I assumed the Sondors Bafang 620 mid-drives were too but since I don’t have access to one that’s just conjecture. All the BB ver Bafang’s could be programmed with a data cable and a PC. You might find useful information @ https://electricbike.com/forum/ Lastly, Sondors does not supply LCD/Controller published manuals because of liability issues. Not To Lock You Out. REDDY
  2. That description looks like it’s 2 complete wheels, including tires & motor, not just rims. No? One, I mean three, more possibilities, is contact all three of the online Sondors support retailers and explain your exact size rims to see if they can recommend a source. Doubt they’ll stock any. I wouldn’t expect too much from Luna but they are pretty much the industry experts on eBikes. Electrobikeworld has a limited product line, but are very Sondors loyal. Boltonebikes has very extensive and varied eBike lines in many sizes and might have an source. REDDY
  3. I’d suggest a starting point is to get accurate measurements on your existing axel while waiting on Sondors.com. Then See If: https://robertaxleproject.com/bolt-on-axles/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5JvB6oK19QIVQBPUAR1NzQBtEAQYAyABEgKTBvD_BwE has an appropriate replacement. Reddy
  4. +1 323-372-3000 Published on their website. REDDY
  5. Hey, Mary. The rear triangle on Fat Tire Bikes are too wide to fit into most Indoor Trainers, besides trainers use the rear axel nuts for capture and your FoldXS has the motor cable exiting the right side nut. Bike Trainers and Rollers are predominantly purchased by recreational and fitness riders. I’ve owned one thinking I could entertain myself by watching TV while getting exercise, NOT! Like Jack, I learned & preferred to use the very sturdy stationary bikes w/monitors at the gym while watching cycling videos from the library on my laptop, ported to the bike’s screen, during inclement weather. I could also use the other gym equipment machines. Now, I use my own multi station home gym in my studio, where I keep my bikes. I’ve got great cold weather riding gear and if it’s wet, I just don’t ride. It take 2 hours to clean the road scum off my bikes after a ride in the rain or wet. Never the less, if you just have to ride indoors, buy yourself a cheap beater bike for your trainer. I never considered using any of my regular expensive analog mounts in my trainer During my trainer ownership (I gave mine to a neighbor) I found the Fluid Trainer was the best option for setting resistance. That said, technology pedals onward and so I suspect, so have trainers in the 20 yrs since mine. Mary, don’t forget to add pictures of your FoldXS and riding adventures to our picture gallery. REDDY
  6. Yes, the Bafang Hub Motors are limited in RPM by current. Larger Tires will slightly increase speed and smaller reduce. REDDY
  7. Have you tried Sondors Customer Service to see if they have a source for the Narrow’s Rims? I’m sure they can be had in China but I couldn’t find any in a search on Aliexpress. REDDY
  8. This should be the instructions for the Fold XS Color Display.https://player.vimeo.com/external/438712730.hd.mp4?s=32b23b8b636cda80425966abf539c2634d24a5fc&profile_id=175You have to use the Handlebar Display Control to turn on the LCD. “Locate the power/control switch for your LCD screen on the left side of the handlebars. Hold down the center power button until the LCD screen turns on. Use the up/down arrows to set your desired level of pedal assist (PAS). **Please note that when the pedal assist is set at level 0 (zero) your SONDORS will not move, this will help prevent forward acceleration caused by accidentally hitting the throttle.** REDDY
  9. Robert, looks like we’re on a pretty similar track with our Sondors. I used the 26 X 55mm in my Google Search String for your rim and that was the first result. I didn’t mean to suggest that particular rim but as a starting point with that vendors in your search, which seemed to have lots of rim choices in their inventory ( if it hasn’t shipped, can you cancel and reorder from their inventory ?). I chose Double Wall, because I wanted robust & extreme durability for the Electric Black Lightning because I sold my car (for 2-1/2 yrs) to prove my commitment to eBike’s utility and my health. It’s my heavy hauler (the 100mm rear wheel I built has a really wide tire contact patch, to help with all the weight I carry and although I have rejoined auto ownership, I did carry 50# bags of Collie Chow on the rear rack and everything else I needed from the Grocery and my P O Box, a 25mi RT from my home. I quit compiling milage around 17,000 on the EBL. It’s 750watt Bafang (second 750), 35Amp controller and 52V Luna Triangle. My EWL is still 350Watt Bafang with 25Amp Controller and 52V Electrobikeworld Triangle. It’s light and only a mph lower top speed, 32, than the Black but doesn’t accelerate near as quickly. My new Sondors X, now the "Electric Stealth Lightning" still in transition, will be 750watt Bafang, 35Amp 60-80V controller and this BMW 68V Auto Module I have along with a Smart Charger. I originally bought them for the White but that BMW Module is crazy heavy and decided not to ruin the lightweight handling and use it on a new X with a steel frame and fat tires. Be sure and post pictures of your bikes and adventures to our gallery. Feels like Canada here in Texas today and 18°F wind chill by morning. But it won’t bother my other, Boy Border Collie, Fly, his daddy is from Canada and had a short relationship )) with Fly’s Mom, that were both competitors in herding trials at the Calgary Stampede! Ever See Bob & Doug McKenzie up there? ‘Okay, Take Off!
  10. FYI, I had 2 of that same, actually 3rd Gen Kickstarter Campaign from 2016. Mine are Chameleons or Combinations of yours. I have an Alabaster, Aluminum, Suspension, Custom Narrow. Now Branded the “Electric White Lightning”. My Gray, Steel, Custom, Narrow, I sold to a friend. In my opinion, the Narrows are the best version of the Originals offered but unfortunately, not anymore. They have superior handling, when compared to the Fats and I have built new wheels for my 1st Gen Fat with a 26 X 80mm front Origin8 double wall rim with Sapim 12G spokes and use Vee Tire 26 X 4.00 Mission Command II Front tire, to make my “Electric Black Lightning”, handle like a Moto GP motorcycle instead of a Truck. On the rear I built the same except on a 100mm rim and 26 X 4.7 Vee Tire MC II tire. REDDY
  11. If you’re looking for SONDORS replacement “rims”, i doubt you’ll find exact replacements and any other acceptable rims, probably require different length spokes. A quick cursory search found these. https://carsoncitybikeshop.com/rim-se-bikes-26-559x59-jp60-36-sl-nmsw/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvOCln66Y9QIVxytMCh3wBQO0EAQYBiABEgJKBPD_BwE REDDY
  12. I always liked riding on the C & O Canal Bike Trail with stops for refreshments @ Harper Ferry. If you’ve stopped there, you’ll recognize this stairway. REDDY
  13. As a follow-up in this thread, involving Sondors CS, to my one and only experience with Sondors CS, today. My newest SondorsX developed a front brake issue. I had diagnosed this exact issue recently for another member and the return spring inside the caliper is the problem. It didn’t develop until the 400th mi on my bike. When using the front brake, relativity hard but not a panic stop, the handle bar lever collapsed to the grip and after, there was no front brake action. I initially thought it was the cable was not tight on the caliper arm capture allen screw device and slipped but after I got back to fix it, when I returned the caliper arm back to its open brake position it seemed to be functioning normally again until there was significant resistance and with a clunk-ratcheting noise, both the handle bar lever collapsed to the grip and the caliper arm collapsed to the barrel adjuster stop. The internal spring didn’t try to return it. I theorize the spring attachment point inside the caliper could reset by manually returning the lever to the open position but it slips when encountering significant resistance. Created a ticket on the Sondors Site with a video attacked of the problem and received a confirmation email on that same Tuesday, the 28th. I subsequently added a couple of additional responses to more clearly state the issue and received an appointment for a call from a tech for today at noon:30. After the usual verification process and explaining what I had found and what I theorized in the 10 minute call including time for the tech to process the replacement caliper order … I was done. Received and email shortly there after of my order, today the 30th. Anecdotal information or data can not be considered the standard but it can be added to the overall sum of experiences. EDIT: Today the 5th, my “Brake Caliper - Front Brake - All hub models shipped after 2020 × 1”, was delivered, The gears @ Sondors were turning for me! REDDY
  14. No, not common nor completely unheard of. Sure, with a multimeter you can check the output voltage but that sounds like it will be 0 if there is no lights or fan. You can also check the wall outlet to make sure current is getting to the charger. The exact chargers are available online at pretty low prices. Try a google search by control name and output voltage as listed on the Charger, and using the search function, here on the Forum. Another member has posted a link, pretty recently. But be careful with the probes on the multimeter not to short anything, REDDY
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