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  1. Joey, in the 80’s, I did use Phil Wood Tenacious Oil on my chains but it and most oil based lubes are grit & dirt magnets, that cause chain wear and chain stretch. Chains don’t actually stretch but the grit grinds away at the pins and plate interaction, causing space that in essence, causes the chain to lengthen and that wears the cogs prematurely. There weren’t that many choices and less technology devoted to bicycle chains back then. My favorite in recent years have been Purple Extreme, http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/purple-extreme-synthetic-lubricant-aw17/rp-prod165292?gs=1&sku=sku610910&pgrid=47992999650&ptaid=pla-434811424278&utm_source=google&utm_term=&utm_campaign=PLA+All+Products&utm_medium=base&utm_content=mkwid|svAWsGDAl_dt|pcrid|253685278709|pkw||pmt||prd|610910US And Various formulations of White Lightening chain wax. http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/us/en/s?q=white+lightning+clean+ride+lubricant+240ml+bottle&cat=product In the last year, on my Sondors, I have reverted, Old School, by melting paraffin wax in a small crock pot (Goodwill Store for a few bucks) and after cleaning my chain by removal from the bike and immersing in a jar with gasoline, cap and shake, then wipe and air drying, it’s into the melted wax for 20 minutes for the chain gets up to melted wax temperature to fully penetrate the chain pins and plates. I do this about every other week https://youtu.be/2EWS2Y2ati4 And every few days, I use White Lightning Clean Ride. My daily routes are between 20 and 42 miles and since chains are the most abused mechanical part of my bike I’m vigilant about their care. YMMV. But this will give you all the info you can use about chain care and you can make an informed decision, everybody has a favorite lube. http://www.lillylube.com/uploads/Link_to_Velo_Article.pdf Reddy
  2. Reddy Kilowatt

    48V battery charger, Fold X - 7 speed

    Jobo, sondorsforum.com isn't affiliated with sondors.com and is an independent owners group here to help solve issues with your bike or make upgrades. sondorsforum.com isn't the companies Customer Support, so sondorsforum.com can't help with issues related to orders placed with the company. This is not a complaint board and any issues you have with the company can be directed to their email or their FB page. We don’t have any insight when Sondors.com will restock any of their parts. I’d suggest you visit https://lunacycle.com/standard-basic-48v-dolphin-bottle-battery-charger/ for a replacment. Alternately, if you want a better charger with the ability to prolong your battery pack life by the ability to charge at multiple amperage rates, 1 to 5 amps and to 80/90/100 % of pack capacity voltage. https://lunacycle.com/batteries/chargers/luna-charger-48v-advanced-300w-ebike-charger/ Plus this Dongle https://lunacycle.com/xt60-female-to-barrel-male-plug/ Reddy
  3. Reddy Kilowatt

    Different charger from Sondors for 48V 14Ah?

    @Chad Lauterbach, All charger fans are noisy and both my Sondors 36v 12.8amp charger and my Luna 52v Advanced Charger fans have gotten louder with age. My 52v 4amp fixed rate, Electro Bike World Charger, is not as loud but it’s newer. I might try and oil the fan bearings on the older chargers with a pin point oiler when I open them both up to readjust the max voltage and cut off, the values drift with age slightly. If the noise is problematic, in your environs, it’s a simple task to create some baffling with foam insulation board to absorb and deflect the noise or remove the batteries for charging. It doesn’t bother me as I charge my bikes in my detached studio. Charging amperage nor percent of charge have any impact on noise, but charging at lower amp rates and to 80 or 90% can contribute to longer pack life. Typically it’s the speed of the fan blade tips as they approach the speed of sound that creates the most noise from the fans. Reddy
  4. Reddy Kilowatt

    New bike, no charge.

    In Brent’s Issue, Sondors said it was a bad controller and it was replaced. Reddy
  5. Reddy Kilowatt

    After-market Contollers and Displays

    Yes they are but always email the vendor for the latest info for your particular model Sondors. This was my installation location when I used the 25amp hot rod controller, the first upgrade I accomplished besides brake rotors, 3 years ago. Reddy
  6. Hey Joey, just wipe the exposed fork legs with any light or medium grade oil and a little application at the fork seal. Because it was formulated to lubricate, were ever bicycles need oil (not on chain) I recommend Phil Wood Tenacious Oil. https://www.amazon.com/Phil-Wood-4-Ounce-Tenacious-Oil/dp/B0028NAFFW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1533998458&sr=8-1&keywords=phil+wood+tenacious+oil Reddy
  7. Reddy Kilowatt

    ANSWERED Error Code 25

    I’ll have to guess what model Sondors you have, always important to include all particular info about your bike because they can be quite different. It’s also important to include when, how and under what circumstance the problem ocurred. If you have a 2018 bike, this is the KD51C Display Manual. error code 25 indicates a brake malfunction. Make sure the brake cable from the controller to the brake levers are correctly connected. (Never Twist a Higo Connector) and make sure your Brake levers are completely open (un-applied) so the switch in the lever is open. Take 2 Aspirin with a Kale Smoothie and let us know the result. https://sondorsforum.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2552 Reddy
  8. Reddy Kilowatt

    No resistance or thrust when pedaling

    To clean it, remove the chain from the cog, use WD40 liberally, to get inside the Freewheel and rotate the Freewheel several times. ....Repeat several times. If the freewheel will rotate in both directions or backwards, it’s done, not repairable., replace it! You’ll need a bike shop to replace it because the removal is destructive. If you have a 7 speed Cassette, same procedure about cleaning and check the pawls are catching. No? Visit a bike shop for replacment. To relube either, use a med weight oil, like Phil Woods Tenacious Oil, available at most bike shops. WD40 is not a lubricant although there is a little oil in it, so be sure and oil it appropriately. Reddy
  9. Reddy Kilowatt

    No resistance or thrust when pedaling

    You’ll need to replace the single speed freewheel or the 7 speed cassette, if cleaning and re-lubing, whichever your bike is equipped with and if the internal pawls are still not catching when pedaling and acting intermittent. If it’s over 30 days old forget Sondors because that’s the term of the warranty. Reddy
  10. In the simplist terms, you set your PAS setting based on several factors; wind, terrain, rider weight and fitness level, for a pedaling cadence and cycling speed your comfortable with. For the relatively flat routes I ride (no steep or long hill climbs or descents) I’m in PAS 1, because it’s the most efficient setting to afford the greatest distance traveled and I use the gears for the most effective human power, to cycling thru the gears from a standing stop from a traffic light or stop sign from 1st to whatever gear matches my most comfortable cadence (sweet spot) to reach my cruising speed and to adjust for slight differences in terrain or head/tail winds. If it’s a decision wether or not to buy the 7 speed X model, it’s no contest, for anyone who is not a seasoned cyclist, the gears make a hell of lot of difference and other that a long straight flat course, I find my thumbs dance on both the PAS and shifter levers. I don’t use a grip shifter, rather, rapid fire levers. I don’t use the throttle, excepy to blip it while at very slow speed in tight maneuvering to add some instantaneous power to help in tracking. In general, throttle use reduces distance because the wattage applied is greater than the motor can convert into motive power,from a standing start and the excess is just converted to heat instead and wasted. The Original & X, 26 x 4.9” tired Sondors, are very tall bikes. If you have problems mounting older conventional MTBs a FoldX would fit you better. You feet will not be able to touch the ground when you stop with the saddle set a the proper height. The Folds are more nimble and easier to maneuver in tighter quarters. The Fold X and Sondors X afford about the same performance. Reddy
  11. Reddy Kilowatt

    Different charger from Sondors for 48V 14Ah?

    Hello Markus, the noisy fan is annoying but otherwise non problematic, just charge in a cool area (inside AC) to insure adequate heat disapation. Make sure the data plates on your chargers match. If you are following prescribed charging instructions, you certainly have some issues. The flashing green would most probably indicate an intermittent connection to the wall outlet power supply.. https://youtu.be/63h8f-KxwI0 The time to full charge can only be determined by knowing the starting voltage of the batteries you’re comparing. The lower the starting voltage the longer the charge cycle. I would suggest that the BEST way to insure your batteries are charging to capacity, is with a quality aftermarket charger. https://lunacycle.com/batteries/chargers/luna-charger-48v-advanced-300w-ebike-charger/ and this bullet/barrel connector dongle. https://lunacycle.com/xt60-female-to-barrel-male-plug/ This Advanced Charger will let you select, not only the charge rate amperage (1 to 5amps)but also the percent of full charge (80/90/100%), both options to help insure the longest life cycles of your battery packs. Reddy
  12. Reddy Kilowatt

    Snapped shaft

    I haven’t had any problems from my bottom bracket in general not the spindle/axel, but I’ve got a replacment B.B. in my parts supply. 177mm.
  13. Reddy Kilowatt

    Snapped shaft

    You can only buy this Bottom Bracket, it’s the only one available. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/high-quality-sealed-bearing-steel-fat-bike-snow-bike-100-177mm-bicycle-bottom-bracket/32696213446.html?spm=2114.13010308.0.0.aufzSz your choice on the replacment Square Taper Single Speed Crankset. There are many options listed in the “instructions How To” I’m area of the forum. Reddy
  14. Hey Addicted, any competent bike shop can fix it. Spokes are cheap and that sounds reasonable for labor. They’ll have to remove the wheel, dismount the tire and tube to replace the spoke, then put the wheel in the truing stand to tension and true the wheel. Get yourself a couple of extra spokes while your at it to keep Incase you break one. Reddy
  15. Reddy Kilowatt

    rear motor noise

    Hey PJS, This guide should help you confirm your suspicions. Reddy

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