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  1. Your Connector is not Weird or Wacky, the FoldX just has a different plug than the Sondors Fats and it, as all Sondors motor to controller connector, have 9 pins. The three larger are power and the 6 smaller are Hall Sensor and that’s probably a Hall Sensor Failure Error Code you are seeing reported. I see what might be 2 problems in your photograph. First it looks like you have the rear wheel axel installed backwards in your photo. The Slot in the axel should face forward towards the front of the bike. That allows necessary cable length for connecting to the other connector going to the
  2. You should have bought the Park Tool FR-11 "cassette" & bottom bracket removal tool as recommended in previous posts on this forum. It has the large hole to fit over the motor cable. REDDY
  3. https://www.discountramps.com/carriers/c/2130/ REDDY
  4. Sondors Has Sold and Delivered 100,000 ebikes. It produces and sells the most popular ebikes on the planet. ‘Owners mostly come here in the beginning because they are excited about their pre-delivery Sondors and join the community. After reviewing posts here, they realize that it’s the best place to contact when they forgot to switch the battery on, when trying to power on their bike at the LCD switch on the handle bar. The majority of our members here are new to eBikes and a good percentage to cycling in general. Most of the posts on problems are user induced. The most common issue is
  5. This Forum is Vast but I remember seeing Carriers discussed here in the past and some very affordable 2 bike carriers. Have you tried using the search function. REDDY
  6. Yes you can manipulate PAS delivery levels in setup although I don’t remember exactly what that particular setting is. And Motor manufactures rate their motors at whatever watt numbers support their marketing goals. Their rating is not like a light bulb that uses a static number of watts at a given voltage. Your 250 watt Bafang is exactly the same motor as my 350 watt Bafang, only the names have changed to protect the innocent, I mean fit within EU guidelines by relabeling the case. My 350w Bafang with its 25Amp controller runs quite happily on its 52V battery @ over a1000watts on PAS 5 or fu
  7. This is a quandary and doesn't match anything I can find, including my own 1 & 3 generation Sondors controllers. ‘What you have is a 48V controller of only 7Amp rating. That would not be typical for any US market Sondors. I have to ask if you have gotten your Sondors Used or from the Kickstarter Campaign? I can’t attest to what might have shipped to Europe and but Sondors does not feature that controller for a 3rd generation . I have one and it’s a KT36ZWS-LDO1 . My assessment would be that your controller, "probably", does not have the proprietary communication protocol a
  8. That’s no assumption. In your first post you wrote "i hadnt looked to see the battery level when i first switched it on because i had assumed it was full from being plugged in all night". I decided to answer your post because it contained that statement, which is not part of the Sondors Correct or Approved charging procedure. It’s important for all users to only receive the correct procedure on this site and not something that Sondors considers dangerous to the Community. ‘I pointed out that error in my post; "SONDORS Tip #2: Do NOT over-charge the battery. Charging cycles will
  9. Shelly, I can’t help you find a shop. It takes me 2 days to Fly out there in my Plane. I’ve checked my message and it looks fine. I can’t post Unpublished Information in open forum. Although I’m a MCSE, I can’t Service your computer from here. Have you upgraded to the latest OS update? Further, I’ve stated in my 1st reply in this thread, that I didn’t think a 52T Chainring would fit a Fold X. I have my suspicions that a 48T wouldn’t even fit. You do have the option to change the rear cluster to a 11T high gear cluster to give you a lower, top leg speed. That doesn’t change the Motor Speed
  10. i’ll ask one question because it seems you might have a charging problem. ‘Did you follow the Sondors Charging Video, for your Model Sondors, on the Assembly Tab on their site? Contact Sondors.com on their website... we are not them but an independently owned forum of owners and prospectives. Use their Support tab to start the Warranty Claim Process. Warranty Claims Process: Step 1 - If you suspect that any part/component is defective, do not attempt to repair or replace it yourself or to have it repaired or replaced before contacting SONDORS— doing so may void your warranty an
  11. Since you own a Sondors you are the expert. No sense in my making recommendations since you ignore the manufactures recommendations (Sondors Tip #2) on charging and you wouldn’t follow mine either anyway. "A Battery Management System (BMS) adds a layer of passive protection for battery pack users". "Batteries in vehicles have to be reliable. You can’t swap out EV batteries as easily as you can in a flashlight. The battery pack will require a fairly high level of management. Most of this is automated. There are circuit boards with micro-controllers that do most of the work. There are
  12. Although I don’t use that display on my bikes, a reset, resets all values. If your odometer reading is that important ..... get a tattoo, and add it to your new current milage to get your total. "SONDORS Tip #2: Do NOT over-charge the battery. Charging cycles will vary depending upon usage. The majority of charging cycles take 2-3 hours, and should not exceed 6 hours to complete. Set an alarm to help you remember to check the battery. Do NOT leave battery plugged in overnight". Didn’t you read the charging instructions when receiving your Sondors? REDDY
  13. If it would work, you’d still have to also replace your controller to an aftermarket version. Not an easy plug and play task, on a Fold XS. The Older, 2019 Folds, I understand we’re easier to upgrade controllers on but still not plug and play. See Buffy’s Custom Fold. REDDY
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