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  1. Security

    Hey @Philasondelphiadors, oh that is certainly a robust means to an end. Here are some previous solutions. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1915-battery-box-closure-screw/?tab=comments#comment-6532 Reddy
  2. Security

    Hey @Philasondelphiadors! and welcome to the Sondors owners forum. Glad you found us and enjoy your stay here. Yes, that's the bottom bracket shell. It's either there or on the Head Tube. Sometimes very hard to see. Reddy
  3. Coffee and waffles

    I like that Stop and reminiscent of one of my favorite lunch outings in Dallas, that's as old as I am. And I wonder if Chicken & Waffle is a menu item in Norway? It's pretty popular here in Texas Reddy
  4. replacement brakes from europe

    Hey @TimO and welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum. We're glad you found us and enjoy your stay. Be sure and post pictures of your Sondors in the Gallery. Reddy
  5. From Norway with fear and love

    @Ole Dokka Nice, be sure and add your pictures to the Gallery. Beautiful seascape there. Reddy
  6. Charge your Battery right

    X-Fold wrote "If it's UL listed or CE approved there's no harm leaving a charger connected." Of course there is Fold....besides the fact that a voltage spike can cause damage to the BMS curcuit that could overcharge a li battery, they may still be drawing current when not attached, to a device, wasting electricity and money. I have a 52v 14ah battery that was damaged from just such an episode when a fallen tree limb caused a dead short across a 600v above ground feeder line that runs across my property. I've also seen several wall chargers of a friend's, that were melted and a TV that was fried, during an electrical storm at his home ...all UL approved The Best Practice is to unplug your chargers. I have 5 li ion chargers, 3 of them expensive. And to an argument that the electricity waisted or money insignificant; my local DMV Driver License Office had a Quarter Epoxied to the sidewalk outside their building. They used all us citiczens for entertainment, in our attempt to grab that quarter as they watched out the office windows...I got the tire tool out if my trunk and got it.)) Reddy
  7. Charge your Battery right

    Hello @BonBon and welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum. My best practice is the reverse order of charging. I disconnect the charger from household power first then disconnect the charger from the battery. No battery charger should be left connected to the wall outlet when not in use. Reddy
  8. Hey @Frank, some owners have installed the Maxxis Hookworm 26x2.5 to lower the Original the maximum amount. Happy Holidays Reddy
  9. Day old thin 7 with LCD problems?

    Yes, me too. I was one of the first Indiegogo Champaign contributors and waited that long for my Sondors in 2015. Why don't you keep us updated on your and their progress. Happy Holidays Reddy
  10. Day old thin 7 with LCD problems?

    Sounds like two possibilities. Failed LCD or Bad Controller. That's also the symptom of LCD / Controller incompatibility. Contact Sondors on their webpage Message System during weekday west coast USA business hours. Reddy
  11. Seatpost DIameter for 2017 fat X bike

    The factory uses an odd size cruiser seat post on the Original, 28.6mm on all but the alum frames and they are 27.2mm Reddy
  12. Headlight and backlight connection

    @RoMeFold, welcome to the Sondors Owners Forum. We're glad you found us and enjoy your stay. Here you will find an installation guide for main power lighting. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1934-fold-lighting-powered-off-the-main/ Review for Fold; Bars, Rack and Fenders: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1852-fold-bmx/ Reddy
  13. From Norway with fear and love

    Yes, the Sierra Bike upgrades are designed for your model. Be sure to communicate with them before purchase because they are constantly revising to meet the changing Sondors product line. Reddy
  14. Beware loose battery terminal connections

    The other electrical power cut-out anomaly, occures when the canister battery is not locked in the cradle. Rough terrain can cause momentary loss of power. It's important to make sure the lock clicks, when installing the battery and then, physically trying to remove the battery, to make sure it's secure. If it is not, arching and high power drain can occurre and some melting of the plastic around the contact points on the battery canister and cradle can occur. Reddy
  15. From Norway with fear and love

    I waited for over 5 months, in the original Indiegogo offering, Feb. 2, 2015, with nary a word from the company, with naysayers coming from across the eBike sprectum. I did have faith and haven't stopped grinning. To upgrade, to any of the Aftermafket Controllers, it is necessary to replace the LCD also (the Sondors Controllers & LCD use a propiatory communication protocol) avalable from any of the 3 main 3rd party aftermarket online support companies. https://lunacycle.com/batteries/gauge/lcd-dashboard-for-sondors-bike-hot-rod-programmed-kt-lcd3/ https://electrobikeworld.com/products/kt-lcd3-36-52v The first two optioned Controllers might require some adaptations,; extension cable, battery to controller connector and new throttle. * https://sierraebike.com/products/sondors-lcd-screen-free-shipping * select the correct Controller for your bike's triangle battery with the correct connector to the battery and add a new throttle. Reddy

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