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  1. The Luna E-Pump. https://lunacycle.com/luna-e-pump/ Unfortunately they show out of stock but contact them. I carry one on each bike in a case on my bars with the rest of my flat repair tools. REDDY
  2. Early Sondors had a power button on the Throttle & 3 LEDs ; green, yellow & red. The original posts are from 2016. REDDY
  3. Well, keep in mind that those two sprocket changes basically result in canceling each other out so there is no advantage to wasting your money on both. And you can’t just replace the front chainring, you’ll have to buy a new crankset and chain, unless the change results in a sum zero in gear ratios because the Sondors crankset’ s chainring is not removable for replacement. The chain is probably worn-out anyway, based on its age. A larger tooth freewheel alone, will result in a higher top speed per cadence but produce much more pedal effort from a stop. A smaller chainring will make it easier t
  4. Try replacing the shunt (cap that came with your bike) on the Higo connector to the LCD and see if the restores power. If so you have a bad LCD. If not I’d suspect the Controller. REDDY
  5. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-and-setup-lcd8h-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/ REDDY
  6. You’ll have to replace the motor’s Innards (swap) with the correct 750Watt Bafang or the 500 Watt but i can’t imagine why anybody would, instead of the 750. Contact electro bike world https://electrobikeworld.com and tell them what you’re trying to do and they can guide you. They carry both the 3 & 7 speed upgrade hardware. ‘With you’re present 350Watt Bafang all you can accomplish is the 3 Speed upgrade with a 3 gear cog set that fits. It’s quite well documented on this forum. Do the research. REDDY
  7. If I remember correctly, the first couple of releases of Sondors’ Original Fat’s, used a weird 31.6 post & seat tube (¿) and I shimmed my 27.2 x 400mm - 3T carbon post to fit. I believe the newer Sondors X use the most popular 27.2 posts now. Don’t take my word for it though, measure, because manufacturing update can change during successive production runs. Standard ? Yeah : https://www.sheldonbrown.com/seatpost-sizes.html REDDY
  8. The Easy answer is; because Tektro Engineers and Designers specified Mineral. Which might be because of the universal nature and availability of it, world wide, but that’s a guess. I do know that it won’t remove paint like some DOT fluids. The systems on our bikes are not that demanding on the fluid’s proprieties, unlike most automotive applications. The Magura MT-5e brakes on my EBL, calls for Royal Blood, their high priced mineral oil. The brake system in my Grumman Light Aircraft, uses Mil Spec fluid MIL-H-5606G. It’s a red petroleum based fluid and not the Glycol based automotive typ
  9. No, the brake cut out anomaly will not allow delivery of power to the Motor with either Pedal Assist or Throttle. The electric Motor has a cassette which free wheels when power is not being applied and the bike coasts. But the rear wheel is quite heavy compared to a non powered bike and that extra mass resists rotational forces. Can you turn your pedals freely backwards? Make sure your chain is properly adjusted and lubricated (only with a product made for bike chain lubrication) and not causing tension or binding on the cassette, 1/4" sag in the chain. With the chain disengaged from th
  10. Welcome and congratulations. One issues that has cropped up lately is brake lever cut out switches associated with loss of power from the mis-adjusted set screw for the switch. Just be aware that it could need adjusting in the future if you experience this anomaly. Be sure to add pictures of your adventures to our Gallery. REDDY
  11. Yes you are, go to https://electrobikeworld.com as the supplier for all components and always communicate your desires and needs with them before pushing the buy button. REDDY
  12. The most likely problem, with your symptoms that is surfacing lately, is Brake Lever Cut Out switches. Make sure your brakes are properly adjusted and lever closes completely. There is a set screw to adjust the cut out switch. Alternately, when it occurs you can check by unplugging the brake cut out cable at it’s Higo connector, one by one to see if power is restored. ‘LEMMENO REDDY
  13. Mike, have you replaced the Magnet Wheel & Sensor? It’s not moving the magnet disc that is actually the problem. Since all of you are having this problem it’s obvious that some issues (crash or impacting a curb) moved the mag. wheel in the first place. It’s the distance between the mag disc and the pick up that pertinent and it shouldn’t be more than an a couple of business card thickness, distances between them. You may have to move the pickup sensor closer to the magnet disc, even if you have to bend the bracket. Of course it could be the sensor is bad. Check continuity with your mult
  14. If the click is coming from the motor, what’s the result of lifting the rear wheel and turn it a few turns frontwards and backwards by hand? In the meantime review : https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1833-fix-grinding-sound-from-motor-loose-magnets/?tab=comments#comment-6025 REDDY
  15. Don’t forget to add the pictures of your, the Sondor’s Adventures to our Gallery. REDDY
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