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  1. Albert, Looks Good. Glad it was easy install. I have the Aluminum frame on my Sondors Narrow,, the “Electric White Lightning”. I was hoping to try a 58T on it but know I’d have to center the crank farther to the right to clear the chainstay . It will use the 11-28T Freewheel in back (instead of the 13-28 I have on the EBL) and I’ll need the higher top end gearing to keep up with the 60V Battery, 35Amp-60V Controler and 750 Watt Bafang conversion . The bike was from the second generation, Kickstarter Campaign and although a great compromise between the Fat & Thin models, it’s no longer offered by Sondors. It’s presently with a 52V Battery, 25 amp Controller with the original 42T Chainring and Single Speed Rear cog. And impossible for leg speed to keep up with the higher top speed of the components. I’m just hoping that the chainline will work with the gearing. I’m not a fan of the first offering of the Sondors Suspension Fork and probably install a fixed Carbon Fiber one. While the EBL is my heavy hauler, the EWL will be my speedster backup. I just haven’t found time to complete the transition nor buy the 60V Battery, Controler and 60V LCD, but looking at the spacing/clearance, between your 56T and the Aluminum frame’s Chainstay gives me a better picture of the 58T possibility. I already have all the other components. Going in for eyelid surgery in the morning so I’ll start my re-effort during the recovery down time. Noticed your tire pump. I’ll offer this link for your consideration. https://lunacycle.com/luna-e-pump REDDY
  2. I thought I answered this a few days ago but I guess i didn’t save the answer. Any competent bike shop can replace a spoke but this is where I buy high quality 12G spokes to build my custom wheels. Sondors uses Chinese 14G spokes of indeterminate quality. This is where I’d take my bike if I were you ... and buy a few extra spokes. Did you hit something or run thru a pothole? Is your wheel out of true now? You’ll have to look up his physical address. https://www.ebay.com/str/yojimbos-garage By the way, I build double wall wheels, without lightening holes on my Fat Bikes with Quality Sapim 12G spokes, which Bafang specifies on their motors, with brass nipples and the Electric Black Lightning has just about 12,600 mi without a broken spoke and my wheels are dead on true..   Reddy
  3. My 4.7” Mission Command II tire width on the Origin8 100mm rim, is 120mm. My Original Fat Choayang is 111mm wide, on the Original Sondors rim, Measuring the distance between the left side crank arm, at the pedal spindle, to the left chainstay is 8mm. Measuring the distance between the right side crank arm, at the pedal spindle, to the right chainstay is 19mm. These measurements identify the Bottom Bracket Offset on my Fat compared to my Stock Narrow’s Measurements. Measuring the same on my Stock Narrow frame, it’s left, 12mm and right 17mm. I would guess that the difference in distances between the two bikes is the difference between the Square Taper Holes in the different cranksets and depth they accept the spindle while still considering offset. That’s about as clear of a pic I can take (of this filthy bike but it’s been raining here) with this non flash iPad, in morning heavy overcast but as you can determine the clearance is minimal. Reddy
  4. You’re assuming that the published tire sizes reflect actual measurements. That may or may not reflect reality. I can measure the actual width after the sun comes up and confirm the dimensions as I have a mounted 4.9 Choayang on an Original rim . But without even considering the tire size, I did have to move the bottom bracket by adjusting the bb lock rings to get the 56T to clear the RT chainstay. I can’t supply actual measurements of how much I shifted it but as I recall, just enough for it to clear, probably just a few mm. I expect your experience should be similar. My rear is on a wider 100mm Origin 8 Double Wall rim I built with 12 g spokes, that should make my tire profile wider and with a larger footprint. Because I carry some heavy loads; tools, Luna airpump compressor, occasionally my charger ... and groceries daily, including up to 50 pounds of Dog Food on my rear rack and in the panniers, I like a larger, wider tire in back but one upgrade that I’ve enjoyed the most, is building and installing a narrower rim (80mm) and tire 26 x 4.0 on the front that made the truck like handling of my Original, into a much nimbler handling Fat Bike. The difference in rake and trail calculate to cancel each other out, to maintain the same ratio but handling is much improved. Not as agile as my Sondors Custom Narrow, with narrower rims and 26 x 4.0 Choayangs on both ends but that bike is also about 25 pounds lighter. The Choayangs are good wearing, tough tires but they’re noisy, with a high rolling resistance. I changed to a faster rolling tire, that’s quiet with lugs, because I do ride some loose gravel but with a universal tread and fast rolling center section tread suited for pavement. I’m pretty sure your 500watt Bafang Motor is similar to my original except yours should be equipped with a Cassette, not the Freewheel that I use on my 750Watt Motor. If you find it necessary to also adjust your cassette for clearance, you should be able to use a Shimano Cassette Cluster spacer to fit over the splines behind the cogs. Now I've got to ask, what’s your Association with Aviation? That NACA Duct is a dead giveaway. Makes me think you’re a Van’s RV driver. REDDY
  5. If you can adjust the Bottom Bracket slightly to the right a 56T will fit but depending on the Freewheel or Cassette, you might have to use a spacer behind the Cog-Set, to also move it to the right to prevent chainsuck. That is what I had to do to on the Electric Black Lightning, to use the 56T x 13-28, with Vee Tire Co Mission Command II 26 x 4.7 tires(with protruding side lugs) , on my Origin 8, 100mm rear rim. YMMV. I’m @ 12,849mi now. A 60T can be made to fit but you’d probably have to switch to a Single Speed Cog in the rear, like Matt Robinson did to get a chainline. REDDY
  6. https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store/products/fold-xs-fender-rack-bag-kit-june-shipping REDDY
  7. I’d never reach topspeed with the 40 x 11. On my EBL I’m using a 56 x 13 - 28 and can only maintain top speed of 33mph for about 10 to 20 seconds with my legs spinning like Lance Legstrong with my shoes on fire. I usually ride in the 21 to 26 mph range for top speeds, on my routes along a Trailway.... and it’s pretty flat here but I dance on the PAS setting and Shift levers to stay in that range when encountering hills. Of course there are two nice down hills on my out and return legs and I’ll air it out..... I’m building my Electric White Lightning, on my Sondors Lightweight Narrow Custom, that is no longer available from Sondors, on the 60V platform (currently 52v 25amp controller with the stock single speed and 350w Bafang) and I have a couple of 11 - 28 Epoch Freewheels (not as good as Shimano) in reserve along with the 750Watt Bafang. Considering, trying a 58T, but I haven’t purchased it yet and i’m afraid that to get in on without contacting the RT chainstay that I’ll never get a chainline to be able to use all 7 gears. But it’s kinda been a slow conversion process, I have so much goin’ on. My EBL has 12,734.8mi. Headed into town for lunch in a few minutes to get my miles. REDDY
  8. Dub, On my 7 Speed EBL, as I originally assembled the conversion, with the Vee Tire Co, Mission Command II tires with lg sidewall lugs. I couldn’t shift into the largest cog/lowest gear, because of chainsuck. The chain contacted the sidewall lugs and I has to add a 3mm spacer behind the Freewheel (I think I used an English thread Bottom Bracket lock ring) to move the cluster outboard. I then had to trim the edge of the right side dropout, a tiny bit, for chain pin clearance for the smallest cog / highest gear engagement, if that’s the issue you’re having. I use a Shimano, 7 speed Tourney Derailleur and 7 speed M310 lever shifter and dislike the gripshifters. I have one on one of my conventional fatbikes and on an Camping Hybrid and don’t like them but not enough to spend moola to switch. The lever shifters are so intuitive to shift rapid multiple shift changes, up or down, with an index finger or thumb. REDDY
  9. No you have to buy a 52V Brick Pack from Luna Cycle and carry it on a rear rack. REDDY
  10. Replace your controller. Replace your controller. This Titanium Litespeed Ultimate, w/ 25th Aniversary Shimano Dura Ace Groupo and the Original Release, PowerTap Cycling Power Meter was $7,000, and I had to build it. Yes bikes can get expensive. REDDY
  11. Make sure the PAS Magnet Disc is up against the PAS Sensor Pckup, on the Bottom Bracket Spindle. REDDY
  12. Brad Hi, If you used the correct charging procedure as described in this video : https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c75g-NKRbkI&t=159s then you should check the battery capacity using the battery LED lights. You should also check the battery Voltage, with your multimeter. Both of your 36V batteries should read 42V when fully charged. Next check the output voltage of your charger, it also should show 42V. If you determine it’s the charger that is not operating correctly, they’re avalable from Sondors. They are also avalable online from various outlets, much cheaper, but in most cases require replacing the plug with your old battery’s charger plug. Lastly if you determine a fault with the new battery Go to Sondors.com and chat, call, with the phone number displayed there or email for their Support instructions LEMMENO what you find. REDDY
  13. I did not know that! ! Electrobikeworld has the same components but I don’t know how they compare on price. They are Long Time Sondors Supporters and Forum members. Excellent Service and Support. Email or Talk to Nick about your plans. https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike REDDY
  14. I thought the Thin 7’s came with an LCD Screen. Yes, it will give you 5 levels of assist. If you buy an aftermarket LCD it won’t have the correct communication protocol for your stock Sondors 15amp controller. You’ll have to buy the correct COMPATABLE LCD from Sondors., $149.99. But for about the same or less moola, depending on which LCD you select, you can buy the 20 or 25amp generic controller and generic LCD from any number of Sondors friendly suppliers. Bolton is doing the best on service, communication and after purchase support. It will cost you about $120 bucks, I think. Your range concerns can be mitigated by buying a second Sondors battery and carry it in panniers and exchange to double your trip length for $299. REDDY
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