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  1. Regular top tube bike carriers are not engineered to carry bikes as heavy as some Sondors. Bad idea to hang a heavy bike from it’s top tube. My Electric Black Lightning with both 52V Batteries, onboard weighs close to 100 pounds. There is a "Search Function Window" on almost every forum page. If it’d been a snake it would have bit you. )) I live among Copper Headed Rattle Moccasins. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1691-perfect-vehicle-carrier-for-the-sonders-fatty/?do=findComment&comment=5075 REDDY
  2. If you’ve reviewed the manual for your LCD and followed the directions for turning on/ off the lights: Switching the Lighting On/Off To switch on the lights (front light, rear light and display backlight) at the same time, hold the “+” button for 2 s In the same way to hold the “+” button for 2 s again, the lighting can be switched off. https://sondorsforum.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2552 And they still don’t work, You’ll need to contact Sondors.com and submitted a request under the support header but also start the process for a quick resolve by using the chat link button bottom right if their home page. REDDY https://vimeo.com/394279115
  3. All KT Controllers might look similar but they are identified by their model number and the model of Sondors’ they are compatible with. Those symptoms sound like the controller & LCD compatibility issue, that have been reported and diagnosed on this forum in the past. Because each model of Sondors might use a similar controller but individual models have Unique Communication Protocols and are not compatible with other Sondors models. See: https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2383-understanding-parts-compatibility-for-your-sondors-ebike/ It’s probably time for you to seek help from Sondors.com. REDDY
  4. Yeah, I found it helpful to have a cup of coffee handy when I built Quality Origin8 Double Wall rims with quality. thicker, Sapim, 12g spokes ( https://www.sapim.be/spokes ) to replace the stock wheels. Spokes are not all the same and some of those cheap eBay spoke buys, are made from used North Korean Wire Coat Hangers. I built a narrower front wheel on a 80mm rim to mount a smaller 26 X 4.0 Front tire, because those massive 4.9" stock Choyang front tires make the Original handle like a Bus. For the rear, I built the 100mm wider rim, because I wanted not only a larger tire footprint and contact patch but a more robust wheel because, I often carry an extra 75 pounds on the rear rack and panniers with a 4.7" Vee Tire Co Tires. I like the Vee Tire Mission Command II tires but unfortunately, it appears that they are no longer available. Actually removing the tire will be good practice for when you have a flat, 15 miles from your house. REDDY
  5. https://tinyurl.com/REDDY-Says-Vid https://tinyurl.com/REDDY-Says-tools https://tinyurl.com/REDDY-Says-Calculator REDDY https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2081-visual-map-to-sondors-original-parts/
  6. Yeah, printing manuals for each individual model, warehousing and distribution of inventory (employee) would add extra cost to the purchase price. So to keep the Sondors as the best bargain in ebiking, the minimum of business plans is in play and it’s a digital world now and Sondors does produce some good videos. https://shop.sondors.com/pages/assembly I’ve been a Cannondale fan since the mid-80’s. Currently still own 4; a SR800 Criterium and SR400 Road Bike loaner. 2 matching H400 hybrids, one, a City Bike, the other a Camping /Tourer that I carry in my airplane. REDDY
  7. Does the battery power on anything? You’ll have to determine where the fault lies within the battery. The fact that the batteries battery charge level led lights indicate "3", it’s important in a trouble shooting effort to verify all know information. How do you know that the battery is not fully charged but a lcd bulb could be dead on the level indicator, burned out. Verify the Battery’s Out-Put Voltage with a multimeter. It’s doubtful that the cell’s are ruined but it could be that the pack has dropped below its minimum voltage, to allow the Batteries BMS to let the chargers start delivering current and start charging. If that’s the case, you’ll need a new battery .... or, after checking the output voltage to verify if it’s below the low voltage cut off, you can look to YouTube videos about saving 18650 Li ion cells & packs but I don’t recommend it. Fire and explosions are a real danger. Around 33.0 Volts is the low voltage cut off. REDDY
  8. The key point here is, always plug charger in to battery, with the battery switch off, before plugging the charger into the wall outlet. ‘if that’s the procedure you followed then you’ll need to measure the output voltage of your battery charger with your multimeter to verify it delivers current. LEMMENO REDDY
  9. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1804-please-read-carefully-informations-regarding-delivery-of-your-new-sondors-ebike/ REDDY
  10. Make sure you follow these procedures. https://sondors.com/caring-for-your-sondors-battery/ REDDY
  11. https://sondors.com/?utm_campaign=July 31 | SONDORS Beats The Bear (Yp7Uwf)&utm_medium=email&utm_source=SONDORS Entire Email List&_ke=eyJrbF9lbWFpbCI6ICJyZWFkeS5raWxvd2F0dC5lYmlrZUBnbWFpbC5jb20iLCAia2xfY29tcGFueV9pZCI6ICJzVzN0NTcifQ%3D%3D REDDY
  12. I’d search the forum for threads concerning the 3 speed conversion. ‘The original freewheel can only be removed by destroying it. That part is also known as a BMX freewheel. You’ll have a choice of back stock or adding a 3 cog cluster for both lower and higher ratios with something in between as the center cog. Then a Derailleur, D-Cable, bar shifter. There is a massive amount info in those threads "3 speed conversion." Try around here. : https://sondorsforum.com/topic/20-3-speed-conversion/#comments Any competent LBS (local bike shop) can source and replace yours. REDDY
  13. There is a member that was making just such a Fold Carry Bag. I suggest using the search window in the top right of almost every window to search. ‘Unfortunately our search engine is not as competent as Google and as soon as you add Fold to the search string you’ll probably end up with every post mentioning a Fold. REDDY
  14. You can use the search window, top right on almost every page to find Thin Content. HOWDY! From Texas REDDY
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