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  1. I’ll omit a long drawn-out explanation and let this thread speak for itself. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2214-buffys-custom-fold/?tab=comments#comment-8808 REDDY
  2. That’s not a lot to go on but the first thing that comes to mind is a brake cut off switch, although I can’t really correlate that with the hills (?) on your route. If you can ride safely, only using one brake at a time, try unplugging one brakes Higo connector between the lever and controller and see if the problem persists. If it does, try the other brake and see. If it still persists LEMMENO and we’ll go further in diagnosis. If there is an abnormal current drain from the motor or it’s drawing more current than the battery is capable of delivering, it could be the controller clipping power delivery. That’s a four year old bike and battery and your battery might be the problem. REDDY ‘
  3. That is the control button assembly for the LCD. You’ll need to contact the Sondors Company on their website, https://sondors.com and access the chat button on the bottom right hand corner of the home page. May or may not be active on weekends or just on west coast business hours. Explain you problem and see if your Sondors MXS and / or the LCD is still under warranty. They might replace your LCD that includes the Handle Bar Control Button Assembly. REDDY
  4. I’ve only a couple and I’d only recommend ones that can use Li-Ion 18650 cells and I only buy Panasonic / Sanyo NCR 18650 GA cells . These are premium density cells and the same cells that are in my Luna Cycle 52v high power long range triangle battery. The cells cost about $5 each and I can’t recommend a seller for individual cells except to say buy them in the US or Canada from a vendor with a good reputation. Buying them from China is a crap-shoot with too many counterfeit cells coming from Chinese vendors with no real recourse, that the few dollars you might save and long delivery times are not worth the gamble. The housing I use is the one listed in my previous post and the only one for 18650 cells I’ve bought and tried. https://tinyurl.com/ReddysBatteryBankShell The reason I’d only recommend Battery Banks using 18650 cells are they have more densely, capacity and reliability than what might be in power banks with LiFePO4 cells, which my other aux unit is (and won’t power my lights) and LiFePO4 packs don’t have the density of premium 18650 cells. The caveat to that statement is, some eBike high powered racers (and model electric units and quadcopters & drones) use LiFePO4 cell packs because they can be configured in larger numbers for extremely powerful packs, are lighter in weight, take up less space and recharge cycles are not as important as in general transportation solutions. Your Anker 20100 would seem to meet your needed criteria, in that it uses LG 18650 cells, (although they don’t specify which chemistry by extension identification lettering, from my cursory investigation) and it appears to be from a reputable company. Always communicate with the sellers for your applications and needs. Your second question I can’t answer because I don’t have that situation in my two lighting solutions. My EWL(Sondors Custom Narrow) with KT-LCD3 w/usb port is powerful enough to power a 2 LED headlight, like yours, (does not mean the LEDs are the same though) and my EBL (highly modified Sondors Original) has no USB port and for it, I use the above Battery Bank, charge it with an extra iPad transformer. The manufacture should be able to answer that question. Many BMS boards (Battery Management Systems) do not allow charging and output at the same time. To condense a long post, in a sentence. The choice you mention is probably an affordable and powerful, stand alone unit that doesn’t require other components or assembly, just don't buy the usb-c unit. That’s not compatible with your displays output USB port. REDDY
  5. There are quite a few who do, I’ve been caught in the rain before but I never ride in the rain on purpose, because It takes 2 hours to clean my bike properly, after rain and all the road grime. It’s not a good practice and light rain is usually not a problem about water incursions. There are threads here of owners who’ve come for advice with troubling motor problems and discovering their motors are full of rust during disassembly. They are not waterproof. Don’t ever use a pressure washer. If you plan to ride in the rain regularly, the first step to insure doing it as safely as possible, is installing a good set of fenders. REDDY
  6. Mike Richie posted this thread to help explain the parts compatibility. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2383-understanding-parts-compatibility-for-your-sondors-ebike/ I was amoung the first Original owners and first to install the Generic KT LCD3 bought from China. It cost me $49 bucks and it still performs well on my highly modified, Electric Black Lightning. The bike is so highly modified, with only the Original; Frame, Fork, Triangle Battery Box and Bottom Bracket remaining. it can no longer be considered a Sondors and the LCD has been used with the original (15amp) and two other aftermarket controllers (25amp and now 35amp). For about the same price of a new Sondors Fold x7 LCD, it’s possible to upgrade your controller to a 25amp controller and matching generic LCD in a package from one of our approved US vendors and that upgrade is featured here by owner BikeNut on his wife’s, Buffy’s Fold . It incorporates other unique modifications, in its final iteration. It does require some level of mechanical and electrical skill but just about anyone can accomplish it. Check with this vendor with help before ordering parts. https://electrobikeworld.com/t/sondors-e-bike I couldn’t find the Sondors Compatible LCD for the Fold X7 on the Sondors website. Reddy, over and out. smoke’m if ya got’em.
  7. I didn’t say I’d wouldn’t work, I said it wasn’t compatible with your Sondors Fold X7 controller, if it’s not a Sondors FoldX7 LCD. I’m sure, if you review this forum, you’ll find the information you require but since I’ve already informed you of the display problems experienced with mis-matched components, I think it’s best if you find out for yourself. If it’s from Sondors it’s already configured for a Fold X7. Good Luck, I don’t have a Fold X 7, so I can’t be of any help and you do so you must be right, except best not to reprogram your LCD3 while baked. REDDY
  8. It depends on where you purchased the new LCD screen. If it was NOT from Sondors.com in won’t be comparable because only Sondors Supplied LCDs have the correct communication protocol to match your FoldX7’s Controller. Otherwise if it was from Sondors, the video contained in this thread will guide you thru setup preferences. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-and-setup-lcd8h-everything-you-need-to-know-sondors-ebike/ REDDY
  9. On my Sondors Original, with my non USB ported KT_LCD3, I use a Power Bank to power that Headlight. It uses 4, 18650GA Li Ion batteries and I recharge it with a spare Apple IPad charger because it is more powerful and recharges faster than the average cell phone charger. I’ve never run out of power using the 3 LED light like your 2 LED version and it’s never discharged below 50% capacity. I keep the Power Bank in a top tube trunk, with a few other necessities, pocket change and multi tool. https://tinyurl.com/Reddy-s-Powerbank You could use the LCD USB port to recharge a powerbank. REDDY
  10. For the benefit of everyone on this forum... what odd reading and what is the control program? Reddy
  11. Your first step is to measure the output of the USB port with your multimeter, which is a mandatory device for every ebike owner, from the LCD when it’s powered on. You might also activate the light function with the control button sequence for your LCD. On both mine, it’s holding the up arrow for a few seconds. That turns on the backlight for the LCD and sends current to the extra red Higo connector cable, for some Controllers and it turns that function on for comparable lights; both headlights and tail lights. It’s probably a long shot that it controls the USB port out put but it’s worth a try. The output voltage should read 5V which is common among usb outputs. If it’s not contact Sondors.com and ask directions to file for a support request on the Sondors Owners Facebook Page. BTW, I use the 3 led version of that light on both my previously labeled Sondors and power one with the KT LCD 3 Display, equipped with the USB port. Works Perfectly. As not to mislead anyone else reading these posts, these lights have No Internal Batteries. REDDY
  12. Yes, there are a lot of misconceptions about eBikes and their usability. The Original Sondors Fat was introduced as an entry level eBike that is priced at an unbelievable low price. Existing eBike retailers, during that release complained, that you couldn’t buy the parts to build a like Sondors for the offering price. The Original Sondors Fat, has a lot more power and speed than most of its predecessors, that were more expensive. The greatest realized value, of the Sondors eBikes, is that there are more upgrade options, parts and satisfied customers than you can shake a stick at. Besides helping Owners and prospectives owners solve problems, this forum serves to share ideas about customization and upgrades. I have no doubt that you can transform your bike into just what you require. Since you reviewed and reacted to my post in a thread titled ”Prospective Buyer", about hills, I’m including a post, of mine, from that thread here. Tap the arrow in the top right of the frame below to access that post in full. REDDY
  13. What Do You Brew? On my Non Powered Litespeed’s, I’ve always use the 25Th anniversary Clipless Dura Ace PD -7700, Pedals that came came with the groups and Sidi road shoes, and I keep my Classic Bicycles Stock, when possible. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dura-Ace-25th-Anniversary-Pedal-set-Clipless-Shimano-PD-7700-Vintage-Bike-NOS/283737723785?epid=1500609871&hash=item4210161389:g:L8sAAOSwOtdYUedz On my Pristine Cannondale 87’ SR 800 Criterium , that I rode over 30,000 miles, I rode the pedals that came with the Ultegra 600 Groupo. They had unusual cleat capture hardware and toe clips and various road shoes thru the years. Butt, On my Sondors, I tried Clipless and Toe Clips, even on some folding pedals that I used on my Original Fat, so the Pedals didn’t dig into the trunk on my Jetta when mounted on the twin ebike rack I built, that was so narrow, that with two fat bikes it was crowded. I like the Orignal platform pedals that came on both my Sondors because the Ralph Lauren Polo Duck Boots I bought in about 2006 have semi-lugged soles that stick in the spaces of the pedals. Not quite capable of turning perfect circles but they are pretty secure without the problem, clip-less release grip, to get out of. since I have to unseat myself at almost every stop, to touch ground, unless it’s next to a curb to rest that side’s foot. These original Ralph Lauren Duck Drovers, are made with Tough, Heavy Leather, incredible durability and I’ve taken a few spills at speed and they’ve protected my feet with out serious damage to the boots. The online copied image below is not representative of my older boots and lesser quality than my originals but nicer than the cheaper ones in the bottom image. Last year I found a deal, on what I thought was the same boots online, but they are "US Polo" Drover Boots and although not a bad reproduction, for a lot less money, the leather is a lot thinner, a less quality boot. These boots are a lot lighter weight. I prize the older ones because spinning all that heavier weight is a better workout. REDDY
  14. This is not the venue for either your suggestions to Sondors, nor your complaints about Sondors the Company’s advertising, which are a violation of the terms of service that you agreed to when you signed up, joining this forum. This is not a complaint board. Please take your wishes and complaints to Sondors.com, if that’s who you want to reach or admonish. They do not monitor this forum nor wish our advise. This Forum is a private entity not connected to Sondors the Company. Your type of warrantless complaints, on this form breeds discontent, as experienced in the past, thus those applicable statements in the terms of service agreement, and you again persist in violating the user agreement, by repeating your dissatisfaction. Your demeanor here is negative and this form exists as a positive enity for Sondors owners and prospectives. You have already been sanctioned for an earlier Faux Pas and violation of the terms. I’d like to suggest that your trip to Alaska has you RIDING ON THIN ICE... but I won’t at this point. <]:^) I have and will always address misinformation that is posted on this forum. I have neither the inclination not time to try and explain Sondors marketing or their business plan and you must be fully aware of the fact that they offer valuable products at the most reasonable prices because of the simplicity of basic design, engineering and manufacturing of their product line and my evaluation of your suggestions are unreasonable to maintain the line’s affordability. But I don’t make decisions for Storm Sondors or the Company. That’s why this is absolutely the wrong place to air your wishes directed towards them. My own Original Sondors Fat, I was one of the first purchasers, and one of the first to be delivered, can hardly be called a Sondors because the Only, original parts on my Electric Black Lightning (I like to promote it as the Modern Electric version of a Vincent) )) are the Frame, Fork, Battery Box and Bottom Bracket. ... oh and an occasional nut, bolt and screw. Every other part is after market including the Headset which in my estimation is the weakest link on the bike (pun intended). I have no complaints. On the contrary, I was in the process of building a scratch built eBike costing several, "Several"... times the purchase price of my Original, when Sondors & Indiegogo offered the Original Fat. I appreciate the platform and have enjoyed the adventure of converting and upgrading it. I have to add that I’ve been here from the beginnings of this Forum and I might have missed a post or two during my reviews but I believe you are the first individuals who tries to tell Storm how he should build his products. I think, I would remember especially since I take Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide and Resveratrol, thanks to David Sinclair.. Thanks for mentioning; Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. It’s not only in my riding playlist https://open.spotify.com/track/5mEDzksquyffq78nAbXPB7?si=2IJ_JiLySAiO79e_giiCSA. but the result of my Diet, based on Jeff Volek & Stephen Phinney’s two books and mostly "The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance" and a 20hr daily fast with one substantial meal a day .... autogaphy as my goal. A few problems with your desired rear cog set. Geometry does not allow the space nor the tight radius for a 10 tooth rear cog or the chain to fit/turn on the hub, and I don’t believe there is an available 50T rear sprocket either designed for the freewheel or a Cassette, which my bikes use either, or. There is no derailleur designed for that size of spacing. But you might entice Phil Wood or the like, to custom manufacture you desired cog set but I’m pretty sure that’s at least a few thousand dollar investment. I’d suggest you review Sheldon Browns site to verify your desires but it seems to me that adding a double chainring could accomplish your intended range and that’s already been done by more one owner on this forum.. None the less, that issue, as you suggested, Is Case Closed.. Oh, and on my flights to Alaska, I didn’t take a single bike in my aircraft but I was there for Dolly Varden and Salmon not snow. You shoulda seen the one that got away. As long as we’re bragg’n bout our bikes, I’ve got $7,000 invested in this Litespeed Ultimate ... that’s almost twice what I paid for my GS1100ez Suzuki, new (the 25th Anniversary Shimano Dura Ace Limited Production Presentation Groupo, that I use, listed for $2500 alone, that said, it did come with a commemorative watch) and I had to build it.. I have a matching Litespeed Vortex but with a standard Dura Ace 7700 groupo. Both feature the original PowerTap Power Meters.. I’ve always wanted and shopped for a 1999 Litespeed Blade, to complete my Litespeed trifecta. It was the Model Lance Rode to his Time Trial Victories, in his first Tour de France Title Win, disguised as a Trek but that has escaped me. ‘Cute Ain’t She.... a nudder one that escaped .... REDDY OVER AND OUT ‘SMOKE”M IF YA GOT’M
  15. Always connect the Charger to the Battery before plugging the Charger into the Wall Outlet. That’s the official Sondors specified procedure. If you have to wiggle the charger to battery wire to make a secure connection, you have either a defective battery socket or a bad charger bullet male plug. Intermittent connections can lead to battery BMS failure. I had this happen to a very expensive 52V - 17.5 Ah rack battery (no longer available) from Luna Cycle in 2015 when Luna Cycle supplied the wrong diameter male plug dongle for my Luna Advance 52V charger . Replacing the BMS is not something you‘‘ll want to experience. Contact Sondors Support on the Sondors Owners Facebook Page, thru the link, to report this anomaly, although if you’ve not followed correct charging procedures, they may not offer any resolution REDDY KILOWATT FORUM MODERATOR
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