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  1. For anyone Fix’n Flats on especially Fat eBikes with Disc Brakes, I adapted this solution to keep from damaging the motor cable at the axel exit, the Disc on the other side of the wheel and even the spokes, not a scratch. I use the milk crate to store spare bike parts but added foam pipe insulation around the permeter to support the wheel when fix’n flats. I find it Invaluable. REDDY
  2. Let’s start at the beginning. Which model Sondors do you have? Does it have the LCD? What are the things that turn on? Reddy
  3. No, the Original Sondors Fat eBike and other iterations of the Fat; Sondors Narrow, Custom, X and XS, all use a wide body Hub Motor and the Thin uses a much narrower bodied hub motor because the frame’s rear triangle and dropouts are ..... Narrower. I do not recall anyone installing a different hub motor, posting here on the Forum but of course, there are many applicable motors available in the market place that would fit the narrower spacing. Might find it hard to find a plug and play motor with all the correct connectors for our controllers, but installing a more powerful motor is certinally doable if that’s your quest. Hub motors come in many, many types, configurations and power requirements. Id suggest reviewing the Electricbike.com’s Forum. https://electricbike.com/forum/. It’s geared more for the builders than for Sondors Owners. REDDY
  4. Sorry I missed this post when it arrived.... I ride a lot. I thought I had remembered Lindsey, of Electrobikeworld.com stating in a post on the forum, that they shipped to Europe. Nick replied to my inquiry : “Hello Reddy, Yes we can ship batteries to Europe including Germany. Of course there will be an additional fee for shipping anywhere outside of the USA. If you would like a shipping quote, please reply to this email and give us an address and the battery you would like to be shipped”. electrobikeworld@hotmail.com “Thank you, Nick Customer Rep” They carry two 36V Bottle Battery for Sondors Upgrades, this 10Ah https://electrobikeworld.com/products/summit-36v-10ah-lithium-battery-replacement and this 14Ah https://electrobikeworld.com/products/bottle-battery-36v-14ah They also feature a 48V -10.5Ah, which offers a higher top speed. https://electrobikeworld.com/products/lb48-bottle-battery-48v-10-dot-5ah REDDY
  5. Don’t forget to post pictures of your Thins on your Adventures, to our Gallery, as soon as Bilzzard conditions subside. It was 90° here yesterday. <]:^) Not Brag’n cause it will be @ 100°+ here before long. But on a Sondors you can ride faster than the heat can torment you.... it’s just when you stop that you FRY REDDY
  6. Sondors FoldX: Then, I doubt it’s the brake cut off but there are a multitude of problems it could be. It sounds like some power is getting to the motor, if that’s where the clunk is coming from. But How Much? I have no experience with the KT51C LCD but If it had the Watts delivered to motor, in the display, like the KT LCD2 LCD, we could eliminate the Controller if watts were showing bring delivered. In your video, the power display is not showing. The other anomaly is that no error codes are displayed? The standard first step in trouble shooting the Sondors is to disconect the battery from the controller (or turn the switch off) and disconnect, each and every Higo connector from the controller. This is tenuous because extreme caution is required to keep proper alignment if the male and female sides and not to bend any of the small pins, while making sure the connectors are fully plugged together. If the bike has been ridden in the rain or in water, or left outside during inclement weather and water was migrated into a plug, it can be dried out with a hair dryer. After reconnecting all highs and power, If all fails to reboot the controller or fix a bad Higo connector, check for a damaged motor cable where it exits the motor Axel or under the bottom bracket. Even a cable that is not cut on its exterior can have crushed/broken wires inside the cable sheathing. A fall on the right side can damage the cable at the exit point. If no possible damage is found; My guess is that it’s your Controller. It has do many functions, there is not really a basic trouble shooting guid for owners but you can test the power output with a multimeter inside the lg Octagonal Higo connector under the right chainstay to see if Voltage can be measured, in the larger connector pins or sockets while applying power. If you can measure a substantial amount; Next I’d suspect the Motor. The next possibility might be disloged magnet(s) that caused internal damage inside the motor. Not all that common but there have been several incidents reported, and a fix, for at least regluing the magnets inside the case, but if the magnets caused other internal damage the general repair is replacing the motor. Although you have not reported a grinding sound from the motor, that’s not the only sign of motor or magnet problems. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1833-fix-grinding-sound-from-motor-loose-magnets/?tab=comments#comment-6025 Lastly it could be the LCD. They occasionally fail but the 51C, has not reported as many as the original KT-LCD3 but that could just be because there are many more KT LCD3s out there. LEMMENO. REDDY
  7. Sorry, but I can’t help you with Facebook. I won’t join or use that social networking website. But if you have submitted the support form, that should get someone to contact you. Alternatively, I would contact Sondors Chat at the Company Website and advise them that you don’t know Facebook and ask for alternative options for help on your issue. REDDY
  8. The brake levers have cut offs. Make sure levers are opening fully. A crash or fall can bend a lever enough to keep the cut off... on, keeping the power from reaching the motor. Reddy
  9. Amanaland, Yippy Aye O Ty Ay. The controllers were made for the extra power and you’ll see a remarkble increase in acceleration and torque plus several mph faster top end. The original Sondors, upgrade trifecta was the Controller, Bigger Battery and LCD. ....YOU WONT BE SORRY and you'll ride like a Cowboy into the Dawn of Montana! https://youtu.be/smZA9Jv3qH0 Use a 0% interest Credit Card Check and pay it off in a couple of months. REDDY
  10. Short and Sweet, I’d mount this on, or under a rear rack. https://lunacycle.com/52v-panasonic-13-5ah-shark-pack/ It’s said that this 48V , 17.5Ah Sondors Fat X or SX battery is the best deal going. Kinda hard to carry on the rack of Thin, unless you find Panniers large enough to contain it. About the same power density at the Luna but won’t drive your Thin quite as fast. https://sondors.com/collections/parts-store/products/sondors-x-xs-48v-battery I’ve thought of using two in panniers to power a 96V Fat. I already have too many bikes. There are Brick, 52V packs at Luna but most are out of stock. 52V packs are kinda the sweet spot for eBike batteries and are 10% more powerful than the 48Vs. https://www.electricbike.com/52v-battery-3077-fet/ Make sure the Steering Tube is not bent at the fork crown. If it seems a little squirrely, monkey with your tire pressure. I ride at max recommended pressure on my Vee Tire Co. Mission Command II’s , on hard pack and pavement, just under where the front wants to self steer. Front hub bearing adjustment can cause problems if there is either play in the axel ot too tight. Good time to add some Phil Wood or Park Tool Brand that are Bicycle Shop standards. REDDY
  11. Have you contacted Sondors.com? I believe they have but verify with the Company. Balloon in the Bottom Right Corner of the Home Page @ https://sondors.com/ REDDY
  12. With such limited data or explanination there are many, many possible maladies. My first guess, is that there are magnets dislodged inside the Motor. Remove the back wheel and open the motor case and check the magmets on the case inside perimeter. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/1833-fix-grinding-sound-from-motor-loose-magnets/?tab=comments#comment-6025 Is the Chain Properly Tensioned? Remove the chain off the freewheel, Will ithe freewheel spin backwards? Will it spin forward? Is it locked in position on the motor? LEMMENO! REDDY
  13. That will not install in your Sport. We don’t have any reports of upgrading a Sondors Fold Sport on the Forum. Reddy
  14. This is where I’ve bought 750Watt Bafang 8Fun Geared Hub motors with “Freewheel” threading” in the past (your Fold X7 most likely uses a Cassette, verify). Be sure you communicate with seller to insure you get the correct version for your Fold X-7. https://eunorauebike.aliexpress.com/store/group/BAFANG/904105_257734884.html?spm=a2g1y.12024536.pcShopHead_6161773.1_3_1 REDDY
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