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  1. Certificate for Europe

    Hello @Ehab Yazid and welcome. You should probably contact Sondors.com for advise on this matter also, at their website during US West Coast Businness Hours , using the CHAT button and reach a live human being. That’s the best way to get an answer about Shipping Problems of their Bikes. Reddy
  2. Front Derailleur

    The 12 magnet wheel reduces lag when pedaling and a quicker/smoother application of power. A few of us changed mag rings with more segments/magnets because Houshmand Moarefi, led the charge in that upgrade as specified by Bruce, or maybe Nick, I think ....Monkey See-Monkey Do, and it seemed like a logical progression on the 750Watt Bafang motor upgrade. Should You? That’s totally a personal preference.. I appreciate it mostly when navigating in tight confinds like sidewalks in urban environs at slow speed, where lag can interfer with balance and percise steering or on trails with lots of obstacles. Reddy
  3. Front Derailleur

    Dub, not really sure what you mean but both the original PAS Magnet Wheel (at one point it did align caddywhompus, probably from ridding over debris or a branch off road, causing PAS pulsing, easily corrected) and my upgraded 12 magnet wheel works perfectly. The mag wheels are not attached to the chainrings, rather ride on the Bottom Bracket Spindle by flexible spines reminecent of short teeth on a comb and can be moved in and out on the spindle freely. They work with any size chainrings. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-Top-Quality-Electric-Bicycle-Pedel-Assistant-12-Magnet-Speed-Sensor-install-on-the-right/32789824068.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.UQTaFT Reddy
  4. Front Derailleur

    Nope, I didn't find it necessary to have multiple front chainrings on the Electric Black Lightning but it could be an option. I spin out at my top speed of 33 mph with a 56T up front and a 13 tooth on the freewheel. Reddy
  5. A1111 LCD

    Jim, i'm in the process of building yet another bike with my original Sondors Bafang 350 watt motor and a 25amp controller. I haven't bought an LCD for the build yet and if the 51C has advantages that's what I'll try. Thanks Reddy
  6. A1111 LCD

    @Jim Siebel and @Tom French, what, exactly makes it better than the KT-LCD3? And Jim, is the newer KD51C interchangeable with the KT that was specified on Senegal's Fold or even compatible with his Sondors controller? I'd really like to know. Reddy
  7. A1111 LCD

    @Senegal, you sure have trouble with the LCD screens and this has been answered for you before. There is no other LCD that is more durable for your bike and only the Sondors branded LCD will work. Please read this answer from our forum owner, Andi, and you might want to review the whole thread. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2004-question-about-upgrade-for-sondors-fold-x/?do=findComment&comment=7278 id suggest parking your bike in a spot where you can't back into it and where it can't topple when a tire goes flat, the occurance because of the kickstand. Reddy
  8. 3-Speed Conversion

    @nikwax, You are correct and I had posted the same and is the obvious choice, instead of all theses adaptations that are not compatable. Reddy
  9. ANSWERED Rack Bolt size on Original

    Hey @Biocharster , the standard bolts are M5 X 0.8. They may be longer, to clear the disc brake caliper on the left side chain stay. Reddy
  10. Speed

    We have heard a somewhat similar issue last Friday by Lee Love. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/2051-2018-sondors-ebike-kd51c-lcd-setup-manual/?do=findComment&comment=7860 My thinking is its either a LCD or Controller issue and I'd put the most weight against the LCD. Since it's a new element to our bikes and that's where the anomilie shows, I think it's the likliest offender. My advise, even if your bike acts normal next time out, is contact Marci on the Chat Function on the Sondors Home Page and I think @Lee Love should too. If others have complained about this strange behavior, she may have advise or...put you inline for a replacement LCD. THATS ZACKLY WHAT I WOULD DO. It would start a bad component report and increase the chances of Sondors taking action. I wish I could offer help on deciphering and setting up the KT51C but I have no familiarity with it. I completely understand about traveling amoung faster traffic. I've posted my need, along a only route, with no alternatives, to and from my home, where traffic often exceeds the 40mph speed limit by 10 or more mph. I don't think 30 mph is obtainable with your bike regardless of LCD settings. But here is a defensive stragidty until you can boost your top speed. Visibility is paramount to safety and I've ridden road bike on streets all my life and seriously since the early eighties. Before I started my EBike association I'd average 3 thousand miles a year in the temperate months. In 2012 I rode 5,667 miles in 8 months and 1,016 miles in September of that year on my Lightspeed Vortex. I have Two different flashing tail lights on my bike but it's usually not the car or truck behind you that will take you out but when that car swerves around you it's the car or truck behind them, that doesn't know your there, that doesn't have the reaction time, especially if they are distracted for those few seconds, that can squash you. I'm just replacing the cheap, several year old single LED flashing lights for my helmets with these more visible, BRIGHT, 3 LED units with 3 different modes; always on, slow flash and fast flash. They have a clip mount, come packaged as a pair of lights with some Velcro to facilitate attachment. Less than 9$ delivered to your mailbox. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lighting-EVER-LED-Safety-Light-Clip-on-Strobe-Running-Collar-Lamp-for-Runners-Walking-Battery/575801422 Not really the solution your looking for but one that could save your life. I also ride with generic GoPro cameras, front and rear facing on my bike because the city where I commute to has a Safe Passing Law and I use them to record license numbers and actions of law offenders and AssHats that think it's clever to harass cyclists...but not so mush when they get a ticked for a couple of hundred dollars mailed to them. It helps to have the Director of Transportation for that city as a close friend. Hopes this helps. Reddy
  11. Speed

    The KT51C is for 2018 bikes for the most part but a few showed up with bikes in December. Programing info has been sparse and some, either wrong or just conjecture. I'm not sure anyone, anywhere has posted a concise list of upgrade perameters (or a translation to proper English) but it would help if you'd posts what changes you hope to accomplish. Some changes have been posted to tame the PAS settings and other issues are scattered throughout the forum, in the last couple of months. You can use the search function of just peruse topics for relevant info although much of the info about the KT51C may be in other unrelated topic headers. It will take some time for some ambitious owner to wade thru the weeds and post a translation like was accomplished for the KT LCD3 in 2015. I'm guessing that anyone intrested in real performance gains will follow one of the threads about controller upgrades and buy a 20 amp or 25amp,controller, which will make the Sondors KT51C worthless and need to be replaced also. Reddy
  12. Any motor and battery upgrades for "thin"

    @Chad Lauterbach, Yes the Motors are different. I didn't explained properly in my previous post but that why I had included a link to Sheldon Brown and it entails how the single cog Freewheel and 7 cog Cassette mount to the different mounting hubs on motor cases although the examples show conventional bicycle rear hubs. I'm not sure about the actual rear dropout spacing for the Thin but I assume that Sondors only builds one universal Thin Frame and the gear side motor case is responsible or the overall width. To upgrade a single speed Thin to a 7 speed you have to change motors. I have (my girlfriends Sondors Narow) a single speed 350w bike shown here the day I assembled it, I'm riding the last few days while upgrading my Fat (once again) and I'd forgotten just how valuable the multi speed conversions are. It's a turtle off the line and your legs spin out before you reach full speed. My next project will be to add the 3speed conversion for her. I have to say that the discontinued Narrow Model is a great, nimble, kinda Fat compromise between the Fat and Thin with 26 X 4.0 Chaoyang tires on narrower rims. Reddy
  13. Speed

    @TOM REYNOLDS here are the setting Mike Ritchie posted. For your own protection private email addresses are not allowed in open forum you may ask members to PM you. Reddy
  14. Any motor and battery upgrades for "thin"

    @Chad Lauterbach, your ElectroBikeWorld controller should be configured to take advantage of Hot Rod performance. If you have specific perameters you'd like to address you can message Nick @ EBW on their website but they generally don't respond on weekends. Alternately you can PM Lindsey here on the forum? Reddy
  15. Any motor and battery upgrades for "thin"

    @Chad Lauterbach, of course the Thin 7 already has a 7speed cassette https://sondors.com/products/2018-sondors-thin-us-canada-only?variant=6559743246375 but that conversion won't work on your single speed freewheel Bafang Motor. You are limited to replacing your freewheel with a 3speed freewheel, as chronicled here on the forum and yes a higher tooth count chainring is advisable for keeping up with a higher top speed. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/20-3-speed-conversion/?do=findComment&comment=1109 https://sondorsforum.com/topic/20-3-speed-conversion/?do=findComment&comment=1111 Sheldon explained the difference between the Freewheel and Cassette. https://www.sheldonbrown.com/free-k7.html Reddy

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