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  1. Well living close, but not in the Big Cities, is what I find most valuable and Ideal for residing with eBike travel thruout the vast MetroStool. I can ride with my EBL & EWL (formerly Sondors Original & Narrow) on the various commuter trains on a $3 combined system daypass. That ticket & my bikes can take me anywhere in the area cheaper, faster and more efficiently than driving my car thru the various traffic quagmires. Be sure and post pictures of your rides and adventures to our Gallery. REDDY
  2. online: https://shop.sondors.com/pages/sondors-fold-xs-europe Nuffsaid REDDY
  3. The Flashing Red Indication is the same type of notification as the idiot lights on the dash of an automobile. It’s there as a warning that your battery is getting low. The Sondors Factory set the perimeters. As has been relayed here many times since 2015, because the battery level bar indicators on the various different displays are just a graphical representation based on an algorithm and not an exact indication of the battery’s actual voltage, we advise always use the actual battery voltage to judge reserve. Your controller will cut off voltage delivery, when the voltage drops to
  4. ◆Battery Power Bar Settings Set Voltage represents voltage settings. Each bar represents a voltage value. 5 bars voltage values must be entered one by one. For example, VOL 1 is first bar voltage value. The default value is 31.5V. To set battery power bar, press the “+” or the “-” button to increase or decrease the number. To store a changed setting and access the second bar, press the “i” button. By analogy, after 5 bars voltage values is entered, hold the “i” button to confirm and then return to the previous menu. It’s imperative to understand the hi and low voltage limitations o
  5. That wouldn’t explain no led indicators on the battery itself. REDDY
  6. Replace the Higo connector cap, on the cable connector from the controller to LCD. It was installed on your bike when delivered. Then removed to install your LCD. That allows the bike to act as a basic Single Pedal Assist level & Throttle bike. I keep mine gorilla taped in the battery box. REDDY
  7. I believe you’ll find this existing topics on how to lock your Sondors here on this forum. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/102-locks-keep-your-sondors-safe/?tab=comments#comment-568 REDDY
  8. LCD’s in general are designed to work across a range of voltages, including 36 to 52V. With KT controller / LCD combo you’ll need the higher voltage units going to 60 volts. But that controller doesn't seem to be a KT unit so that issue is unclear. The compatibility issues is also whether the 2020 Sondors X controller / LCD combination, and the 2018 Sondors X controller / LCD combo, share the same Sondors proprietary communication protocol. REDDY
  9. See if this helps in understand the system. https://ebikes.ca/learn/pedal-assist.html REDDY
  10. https://electrobikeworld.com/products/thumb-throttle-sondors-6-pin-higo-plug Always contact the vendor to verify compatibility. REDDY
  11. Go to the forum’s instructions topics and find your LCD’s instructions, then you can set the displays power meter bar parameters as you like. REDDY
  12. Are there screw bosses, threads holes or blind nuts on the rear dropouts or the seatstays? Those are the traditional mounting locations for racks. An alternative are racks that only attach to the seat post but I can’t recommend a brand or model. Like the one above your post. The mid drives are rather new and not much traffic about them so far but if the LX has rack mounting connection preparations, on the frame, there are a lot of racks in the marketplace that will universally fit. REDDY
  13. Not necessarily, you could replace both your display, with an aftermarket display & upgrade to 25 Amp controller from Electrobikeworld.com https://electrobikeworld.com/products or Boltonebikes.com https://boltonebikes.com/collections/motor-controllers-and-displays for slightly more that just the Replacement Displays cost at Sondors. Not only would you see an increase in performance but you’ll never be plagued by the proprietary communication protocol issue, that’s a marketing tool, to charge more money for LCDs & Controllers. Always communicate with our preferred
  14. I’d start by checking for voltage inside the controller to LCD’s, HiGo connector with your multimeter, to see if power is getting to the LCD. Should be low voltage because it’s only a control signal. Have you tried eliminating the LCD from the circuit by replacing the Higo connector cap that you removed to install the LCD when you assembled your Sondors? If your Sondors does regain basic function, the problem is probably the LCD. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/07311eb3-00dc-4383-8b32-3d08ce5ac7ed REDDY
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