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  1. I have a 67.2V, BMW module for my Electric White Lightning and this 67.2V advanced charger. Go to Electrobikeworld, that has 60V -80v, KT - LCD3s and 60V-80v, KT Controllers, Plug & Play. Ask them about those controllers you mentioned. Not seen a single post about those high end controllers you’ve mentioned here, on the forum. Best try the forum on, electricbike.com ,because I’ve read more than one upgrades post, beyond KT products on 750Watt 8Fun Bafangs on that forum. I’m not happy about the weight of the Module, in it’s bombproof case or being this high above my
  2. The kickstand was posted by @billmeek and he’s compiling a good list of accessories and upgrades for his LX, yet to be delivered. https://sondorsforum.com/topic/3739-kickstand-for-sondors-rockstar/?tab=comments#comment-13299 If I’d been a snake i’da bit ya. If this post, doesn’t bring him around, you can private message him, I’m sure he can help you. REDDY
  3. Yes. But if power returns, it won’t cut off when you use the brakes unless you stop pedaling, and don’t use throttle, like a motorcycle. ‘It’s the most frequent cause of No Motive Assist, but LCD has function. The Clang is problematic and might suggest a dislodged motor magnet. No error code for that … until it causes internal damage to wiring. Tell Sondors Technical Care, Reddy Kilowatt Sent You. REDDY
  4. *Stupid 12.9 iPad Pro* https://www.electricbike.com/ebike-battery-longevity/ REDDY
  5. @Jimbo James There are two procedures you can check, before you replace the battery, especially since you say it went bad so quickly. Open the case and make sure it’s not the switch or a bad switch lead connection, especially since it only measures 4 V. Check the connections to the charging port and wires to the power supply lines and battery terminals, to the controller inside the battery case. We have had a switch with a poor connection discovered before on the forum. They can leak voltage. Lastly you can try bypassing the BMS inside the case with a non-Li Ion charger (if all other insp
  6. Did You Record and Have the Serial Numbers? Go To : https://bikeindex.org/stolen REDDY
  7. Review posts under the forum header, "instructions" to answer all those questions and more, including some, you don’t yet know to ask. You can use the search function to find specific terms. REDDY FORUM MODERATOR
  8. Contact Sondors.com by going to the support link and submitting a Request. We are an independently owned, support forum managed and operated by other owners. Does now seem to be the controller or other internals, inside the motor case. Let us know what the resolve is from Sondors, the Company. REDDY
  9. Generally, to help your description, you can record a video on a Selfie Stick with your phone, pointed closely at the Pedals, then the Motor, then the Rear Sprocket, as you ride. What is the frequency of the pop? Once every rotation of the pedals, more or less frequent? Has it been ridden on the beach, in the sand? A popping, sounds likes the chain may have broke or half inserted pin. Can you explain how you eliminated the chain as a possibility? Have you checked for free movement between every link? Mid-Drives are hard on driveline components but a new LX but shouldn’t be having a chain p
  10. WOOF! Somewhere there is a picture of the Sondors Fold & Sondors Original Fat together in comparison and they are not very different in height but I can’t remember where, in this forum, that picture is. Although I’m taller than you, I find it easier to step over (Bring your right leg’s knee up towards your chest and strep over the top tube), on mounting the Sondors Fat Bike, now after much modification, named the "Electric Black Lightning". But it’s still easier to swing my leg over the seat on dismounting (¿), for me. It’s stand over height is 30". The Fold’s stand over height (
  11. You’ll need to contact Sondors.com Go to the Support link and fill out a Request. We are a group of Sondors Owners that support other owners and prospectives. We are not associated with Sondors the company. REDDY
  12. That might be from one of your Pedal’s Bearings or the Bottom Bracket. Try tightening your BB lock ring(s), slightly. Might check for BB bearing grease. Tighten your crankset bolts. It’s not about heat but a clue is it happens in the same location on every rotation of the crank set. Make sure you don’t have a damaged tooth on your chainring from hitting a curb or such when you knocked the chain off. When your chain came off, what was the cause? Because it looks like your PAS Magnet disc needs to move closer to its pickup, actually touching. ‘Thanks for including the video with your que
  13. No Quick Release is compatible with a solid axel hub. You’ll have to buy the correct width new hub with a quick release and lace it in to the wheel with new correct length spokes. REDDY
  14. https://shop.sondors.com/pages/assembly https://vimeo.com/527460231 You should contact Sondors.com and go to support header. Send us a Picture of the Empty Carton, if it shows damage it will help your case with a new wheel from Sondors, even if you fix the existing. Who doesn’t want a Sondors 3Wheeler? REDDY Forum Moderator
  15. I’d consider that a DEAL! REDDY
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