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  1. Reddy Kilowatt

    Rad Power

  2. Reddy Kilowatt


    Nuff Said about the comparison, time for a 🎥 Reddy
  3. Reddy Kilowatt

    SONDORS X "Sour 2" Error Code

    Since you edited in the picture that’s a KT-LCD3. Have you programmed your display? Neither the KT-LCD3 nor the KD51C, displays that were shipped with the Sondors X have any such error code. LCD3 have a 01 & 03 but no 02. KD51C displays have only two digit error codes, all in the twenties. The Sondors X was shipped with either of these displays depending on the manufacture or ship date. KT-LCD 3 KD51C I’m not sure what your seeing (never had Sour or 5our reported before) or which LCD display you have but previous problems with No Battery Indicator displayed, have generally been a bad controller or LCD, and most commonly with the newer KD51C. Sondors has replaced them on recently purchased bikes. If you don’t have the current mph displayed or if the current mph was intermittent, those symptoms were of a bad controller. Most often, Owners have replaced both the Controller and LCD, due to compatibility, them selves, when upgrading their Sondors for better performance to the 25amp hot rod controller and the compatable aftermarket display. The switch adds a few MPH and much better torque and acceleration. Sondors now forces you to join Facebook for support. Since your Sondors was purchased last year, and about a year old, my recomendatiin is to save yourself a lot of time and grief and spring for the aftermarket upgrade. It’s about 110$ for the pair. https://velomobileshop.com/collections/sondors-ebike-power-upgrades Reddy
  4. Reddy Kilowatt

    Problem getting Electric

    BeachBoySquan stated in a PM : “Not that many miles on bike less than 1000, but I guess things just break, how exactly do I eliminate the lcd from circuit and is the controller inside the battery box ? Thanks again for quick reply and troubleshooting steps”. Some Sondors were delivered new with bad controllers. Connecting or discussion nnecting the LCD: Best explained here with wiring instructions for LCD.  If you don’t have the green Higo cap (mines taped inside the battery box Incase of accident or failure) you can get one here: https://velomobileshop.com/collections/sondors-ebike-power-upgrades/products/replacement-lcd-cap Reddy
  5. Reddy Kilowatt

    Problem getting Electric

    If your Original is still ALL original, I’d suggest two possibilities and either could be the culprit. Either the Controller or LCD. There is no trouble shooting routine, except eliminating the LCD from the circuit (replace cap) and see it operability returns. If it does you’ll know it’s the LCD. If it still inop, that indicates the Controller (there have been many more controller failures than LCD). If both are Stock Sondors, now is the time to upgrade the Controller to an Aftermarket Hot Rod Controller which requires an aftermarket LCD. https://velomobileshop.com/collections/sondors-ebike-power-upgrades Youll have a choice of LCDs, both have the same functions but the newer 8H is color and either the 20 or 25 amp controller. Personally I don't understand why anyone would choose the 20 amp but it’s an option. The only other trouble shooting routine is to replace either, one at a time, with another known good controller or lcd but that is unlikely for most owners to have access to.  Reddy
  6. Reddy Kilowatt

    ANSWERED x-7 bottom bracket

    This is where I bought my spare. It’s the only known source that’s currently available. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/high-quality-sealed-bearing-steel-fat-bike-snow-bike-100-177mm-bicycle-bottom-bracket/32696213446.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dAb6IjR Reddy
  7. Everything You Need To Know https://sondorsforum.com/topic/241-kt-lcd3-user-manual-sondors-ebike/ Reddy
  8. Reddy Kilowatt

    Tire Splitting/Separating

    Thanks JCJ, I’m sure everybody here can appreciates your quandary but since yours is the only post, to ever complain about the quality of a worn out tire on this forum, as I have reiterated above, your displeasure and concerns need to be directed, as you wish, to Sondors.com. As far as tire wear is concerned, rear tires wear at more than twice the rate of front tires, because they are on the drive wheel and have the burden of supporting more weight, so I’m not sure why you even bring the front into the comparison. I can attest to that fact as my Original Fat now has 8900.3 miles and I’ve been thru several sets of tires, now on my 3rd Rear 26x4.7” Vee Tire Co. Mission Command, to my single 26x4.0” Front. My two Sondors Narrows are not ridden near as often but those original Chaoyangs are in great shape. This forum is run and supported by owners and we have no formal association with the Sondors Company nor does Storm monitor this site. Again, Please take your complaint and concerns to Sondors.com, follow the Request for Support, and to Chaoyang. Thanks again Reddy
  9. Reddy Kilowatt


    Yippee Tie Yie Yay, Larry, Ahhhh, the Sondors Factor. It depends on which Voltage Battery you have. I’m guessing since you said “Original Folder” you have a Sondors Fold with the 36 Volt Battery. You’ll need a 2 or 3 amp 42v dc Charger with a bullet connector like this. https://lunacycle.com/36v-2amp-charger-for-sondors-and-other-36v-bottle-packs/ Reddy
  10. Reddy Kilowatt

    Fold X LCD screen

    No, the programming functions are consistent through all available LCD’s and the reference, “ more torque” is meant , over no LCD at all. Reddy
  11. Yes it’s true, but some simple shop skills, basic tools and ingenuity can result in fitting the fenders to the suspension air fork. If your not comfortable with the task you can probably find a competent bike shop to fabricate the bracketry and adaptaction. Reddy
  12. Reddy Kilowatt

    Just Ordered Fold X, LCD Screen question?

    If a picture is worth a thousand words this video is worth a bunch! Reddy
  13. Reddy Kilowatt

    Just Ordered Fold X, LCD Screen question?

    Have you depressed the button on the front of the throttle? Is the cap on the end of the throttle to LCD cable? Required to ride without the LCD connected.
  14. Reddy Kilowatt

    Throttle Assembly?

    This might help: ”This is good information, but let me complete the picture. The green wire controls the throttle lights. The yellow and blue are switched power for the 6 pin throttle. If you want to keep the three pin throttle that comes with 7 speed bikes but attach it to an aftermarket controller, you cut off the connectors and do the following: 1) Attach the blue and yellow wires from the controller to each other. This means the throttle is "always on" and doesn't require the switch that doesn't exist with the 3 pin throttle 2) Attach the white, black and red wires from the controller cable to the same color wires on the 3 pin throttle. They color match.  3) Tape off the green wire because there are no lights on the three pin throttles that Sondors uses”  Hope that helps From Mike Ritchie. Reddy
  15. Josh Wardell on this forum probably has a pin out for the light Higo. Reddy

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