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  1. You — Please update your info Concerning order #7124A: I am asking for the 6th time "When will my order be shipped?" I have been told the previous 4 times that my order would be shipped out "tomorrow". The 5th Time I was promised a personal email response for an update. So far I have gotten NOTHING!!! No email from neither SONDORS or UPS. No tracking information. No updates. NOTHING AT ALL. Chat started Red joined the chat Red Hi, welcome to SONDORS! Happy to look into this for you! You — Please update your info Why are you not sending my orders? Why are you shipping the same bike as the ones I ordered to people who ordered their bike a week ago and not send my bikes that I ordered two months ago? Four times your online support have promised that my order will be shipped “tomorrow” or “Tonight”. Three times I was promised tracking info within 24 hours. Twice. I was promised my Online support that they would personally email me with updates. I was even told on Oct 25 that my order have been moved ahead of the list to be shipped right away. So far I ha e received NOTHING from neither SONDORS nor UPS. I have received nothing at all. No updates. No tracking information. My account still reads unfulfilled. Why? Red Checking on it now. Please hold on. I can see 2 SONDORS Fold X. Black/Red will ship tomorrow, White/ Blue will ship the week of Nov 13th. You — Please update your info YOU, Red, promised me a personal email with updates but all I got was an email with our chat conversation. Red Yes, and I was able to get an update from our Logistics team. Didn't you get any email from them? You — Please update your info The black/red tomorrow promised was made 4 times already!!!!!! 4 TIMES!!!! Red Yes. I understand your frustration. And I already made sure that it will be shipped out tomorrow. You — Please update your info what assurance do I have that this is not another LIE!!!???!! Red I contacted the person-in-charge from our Logistics team to take care of this specific item, and in fact, that person is out by now to just take care of your order. You — Please update your info Ana and John, Made the exact promised to me last week and again on monday!! they both assured me that there is someone personally handling my orders but so far still NOTHING!!! Red Yes. There is. And I already contacted that person to make a follow-up. You — Please update your info Many Many people who placed their orders well after me with some almost two months after me for the exact same bikes have already gotten theirs and I am still waiting Red I understand that, and I understand it is unfair that you haven't gotten yours, while others got it already. That is why I am setting it to high priority now. You — Please update your info please rank. "first in cue", "top of the list", and now "high priority" for me as I am very confused now none have yield any results Red There is nothing to worry as we are working hand in hand with our logistics team in regards to your order. You — Please update your info I am beyond worry and well past boiling frustration right now Red I totally understand that. And we apologize for the very long wait. Please be patient as we are also doing a follow-up with our logistics team about your order. In fact, again, I am doing a follow-up just to make sure that it will be taken care of. Is there anything else I can do for you today? You — Please update your info Just send me my orders Red Yes. We will. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. Thanks for being the best part of SONDORS! Have a good one! ?? Red left the chat Rate This Chat
  2. I got a couple people considering paying a lil more instead of wading through the lies and delays or I would've canceled last friday.
  3. ...Oct 30 and still nada, nothing, status still unfulfilled. Don't really feel like chatting with online support anymore. All they do is just tell any lies they think you want to hear. I had ordered them as wedding gifts but since the wedding was this past weekend I'll just sell them when I get home if they ever come. I hate SONDORS!!
  4. Ordered two Fold 7 X on Aug 18 with promised delivery in Sept. So far I’ve gotten lies like “your bikes have arrived and will be shipped out tomorrow”,(Oct 23), “your bikes will definitely be shipped tonight and you should be getting tracking information later tonight” (Oct 25), "your bikes have been moved to the front of the list and you should get tracking info tonight"(Oct 26), "your bikes is set to be picked up by UPS in the next batch" (Oct 27) from online support. I have received nothing at all. No emails from Sondors or UPS. My account still reads "Unfulfilled". All they do is tell one lie after another! Ridiculous!!!
  5. I ordered one black/red and one white/blue
  6. So I've been jerked around too. Every day since Monday Oct 23, I was promised that my bikes would be shipped out the next day and I should be receiving tracking numbers "tonight". Its Friday and so far nothing! Chatted with them a few min ago and now they are saying definitely in the next 5-10 days. WTF!!! They blame it on their logistics people and for UPS only picking up 100 bikes each day. At that rate I'll be lucky if I get them by Xmas. Can't believe I've been suckered into this SONDORS train wreck of lies!! Such BS!
  7. Has anyone received any notices yet? I am part of the group that was promised delivery updates on Oct 22 but have not received any updates on the two FOLD 7 X ordered on Aug 18. The anticipation is killing me!! Edit: Just had a chat with Ana from SONDORS online support. I really appreciated the prompt response from Ana. She said that my sondors have already been delivered and should be shipping out tomorrow. I'll provide updates...
  8. I also just got the message that my two FOLD X will be delayed until OCT-NOV. That's not what I signed up for. Bought them as gifts for wedding present. Seriously debating about canceling and just buying those RADMINI's instead. Don't care about costs. If I can get the Radminis delivered in the next week I will cancel the FOLD X. So mad at myself for depending of Sondors.
  9. Front and rear racks and fenders for FOLD X Can someone please recommend racks and fenders for the FOLD X? I like to get both front and rear ones. Will parts from the RadMini fit the FOLD X?
  10. Skinsaphrenics


  11. Thank you for posting this. Can't wait to get my Fold X's. I ordered a BLACK/RED and WHITE/BLUE. Hopefully the cable length will be solved by then. If not, then I'll just have to make one but I'm definitely making that upgrade. Again thank you for the instructions and LCD setup.
  12. @FoldX7 does the outside/rightside foot pedal fold up also?
  13. I just ordered two Fold X with the gear shift upgrade. I'm a nerd that likes to mod things so I'm joining this forum to get advice. My first upgrade will be to make it two wheel drive by adding a motor to the front. Not sure if that's possible with this fold model but I'm an engineer with imagination Cant wait to get it and start testing!
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