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  1. I have a Sondors original fat and need to replace the motor, wondering if I can upgrade to a stronger one either 500w or 750w, and where I can find one. I have a 48v battery and a 25a controller can I still use those or have to upgrade them?
  2. Anybody know where to get a replacement kickstand for the Sondors Original fat tire? Their website doesn’t have any of them
  3. I have a Sondors Original that I upgraded to a 48 volt battery, and still have the 36 volt stock battery. I just got a first gen A2B Ultra Motor ebike where the main downtube battery is not working. I’m wondering if I can just use the 36volt bottle battery on the back rack and just either find a 5 prong female adapter and splice that in to the rack wires that would then connect to the 5 prong male that feeds into the controller, motor or cut the main 5 prong that is on the bike and then splice just the two sets of black and red wires. Would this work? I can’t find anywhere that has A2B batter
  4. I’m assuming the Chaoyang 26x4.9 tire on Sondors for $99 is the same as this one on Amazon? https://www.amazon.com/ChaoYang-Bicycle-Folding-Aramid-120TPI/dp/B07J5XK7J2/ref=asc_df_B07J5XK7J2/?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid={creative}&hvpos={adposition}&hvnetw=o&hvrand={random}&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=t&hvdvcmdl={devicemodel}&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4584482457175511&psc=1
  5. I am looking to buy a 48 volt battery for my Sondors Original, I installed a 25amp controller with LCD and wondering if that battery will work, and will my charger for the original battery I have in now, will that work?
  6. I have a Sondors Original and upgraded to the Electrobikeworld LCD and 25 watt controller, and have rode plenty of miles with no issues. Just this week I have been having issues where I will ride fine for awhile but as soon as I hit a bump it shuts off the LCD and thumb throttle killing all power. If I jogged the battery and controller compartment a bit it powers back up briefly but then shuts off once I hit even the smallest bump. I took the controller out and checked the wires to see if any were loose but everything seemed fine. One thing however ever is that when I made the up
  7. I just got the new KT-LCD3 upgrade for my Sondors original fat bike and trying to figure out how to callibrate. Questions -Is there a way to change from KM to MPH? -What should I use for cadence, wheel size or tire size? -How do I know exactly how much battery I have left? -Is pedal assist numbers mean granny gear would be 1 or 5? -Any links to watch on how to set this up properly that have giod visuals and easy to understand with and are there any default modes that I do not want to mess with? Thank you
  8. Hi there thank you for the reply. Just to confirm, is the controller on Luna at 20 amp easentially the same as the controller on electrobike, 25 amp? What is the main difference with 20amp vs 25amp? Also the one on electrobike comes with Higo connectors but noticed that the one on Luna does not mention anything about Higo connectors. Are these both literally swap out my old controller,put new one in basically plug and play?
  9. Hi I bought a Sondors original off Craigslist but don't know what year this is and want to buy the bigger battery to get more distance, and hopefully faster speeds. I've seen other posts on this topic so I apologize if this is repetitive, just want to make sure I buy what is the correct setup for my bike. Mainly can I just buy the extended battery off Sondors.com? If I do can I just swap that with the battery I currently have, or do I also need to buy another controller?
  10. Ebike Wheel? I know this is a Sondors Forum, so I apologize for being slightly off topic but anyone have a recommendation for a ebike wheel the you could put on a standard cruiser or townie? My gf took one ride on my Sondors and she already wants to get one, but doesn't want to spend over $500 right now as all her gear cash went to a new Yeti Betti. I've seen a few kits online and another crowd funding project for the Urbanx, but not sure to what makes the most sense. Any ideas?
  11. OK thanks so much for everyone's assistance. I'm gear savvy with all of my outdoor sports but this ebike thing is brand new chartered water
  12. I accidently did put the charger cord in the battery with the battery on for a short while. Would that ruin the battery to not work? I unplugged it and started over, as I was able to unlock the and remove it and followed that YouTube videos instructions. The charger started out as red but immediately went to green and has been green for about one hour. If I push that button at the top of the actual battery, it has a quick flash of lights but then they turn off. Wondering if I should just give this another hour to see if it actually charges or if I should try another route?
  13. Ah that makes sense now. I was able to remove the battery finally to find that out, as the throttle cable was actually still attached fine. How long do you need to charge the battery before it's ready to ride again? Are there any tips to charging these types of batteries? I will laugh at myself if that's all it is but Im wondering if it wasn't charged enough or if something might be wrong with the actual charger.
  14. Thumb throttle cable broke I just bought a used fatty and got one ride in and went for my second when the throttle stopped working. It seems the cable that connects from the throttle to the controller broke, so need to replace this. It has the 5 pin connector so I think that limits me to that option but I'm not sure what I am looking for, but want a quick repair so would be fine with the same one but open to ideas. On Sondors website they have one but it's spendy, and think I can find it cheaper but other ones I have seen have multiple wires you have to connect so any assistance from this fo
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