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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles. I doubt you are having the same issue I was. I simply had the wrong amp charger so my battery never charged. Once SONDORS and I diagnosed the problem they supplied me with the proper charger and things have been great since. I took a pick of the battery specs panel and the charger specs panel and included the pics in my help request to SONDORS good luck
  2. Thanks for your help - At least I now know the right questions to ask CS
  3. It would appear I got the bonus battery with the standard charger -
  4. So was I shipped the wrong batter or the wrong charger?
  5. I am wondering if my charging issue is caused by net getting a powerful enough charging unit? Please see the Images from battery and charger panels. The charger appear to be 42 volts and the battery says 48 volts. I am no electrician but this does not seem correct to my limited knowledge. Ar there any other Fold owners who can confirm a working charger with these voltages? Thanks in advance
  6. We love the ride - couple issues with the charger IMG_8578.mov
  7. Sondors Fold in Salt Lake City So we received our Sondors Fold and had a great first week riding it. However our charger appears to be faulty. Sondors support has been great and quick to act but a replacement will not be here before Monday when my kid was really hoping to ride her new bike to the first day of school. So my question is, are there any other Fold owners in Salt Lake City who might let us charge her battery for a couple of hours this weekend? Thanks in advance for any consideration. Kinslow
  8. I got it for my daughter and her school commute. So far it has been great. It is a bit heavier than expected but that does not affect the ride at all. Feels solid, well built and smooth.
  9. Yes, we charged the battery then rode for about a week. It was great! Now the LCD reads one bar and the LED is on red. When we charge, following the directions, the charger still always stays green and the battery is not charging. I just spoke with Sondors customer service, which was great, and they will ship a replacement charger. Thanks for you quick response! Steve
  10. Sondors Fold Charger Not Working Just received the Fold and after four or five days we have gone to charge it for the first time and it will not charge. Charging with the battery off the bike. The charger light is always green even though the batter is depleted (shows one bar on the LCD display). Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  11. Kinslow


  12. New Fold just arrived! Now Fold just arrived for my daughter. Wish it was mine!
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