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  1. Looks like they changed their website again. These should be the links: https://www.zzmerck.com/products/recumbenttrike/4wdquad/sportutilityquad.html https://www.zzmerck.com/products/recumbenttrike/recumbentquad/fattirequad.html I finally got a response from the Sales Manager at ZZ Merck. Here's what he said about the specific battery type in my quad, which apparently has just finished being built. I'm supposed to get photos today of the build, and he mentioned we'd discuss shipment next week. He said, "The battery on your quad is 2x 48v 20ah with our domestic brand 18650 cells. Each cell is 3.7v 2.6ah.", so it seems like a Chinese battery Make & Model, which I'm assuming isn't as good as the Panasonic battery, but on the other hand has much higher capacity since two 20 Amp Hour batteries will give me 40 Amp Hours total versus 14.5 Amp Hours for the one Panasonic battery. Regarding the motor, it's a 500 watt Bafang unit with cadence-sensing pedal assist and a throttle. Supposedly the designer has a lot of experience, so I'm assuming they know what they're doing. I did get a positive review on their Big Fat Tire Quad: https://www.zzmerck.com/products/recumbenttrike/4wdquad/offroadquad.html from a customer in Texas, and his review is what made me decide to go with ZZ Merck. That quad has a different motor, and doesn't offer pedal-assist, and only has a throttle. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi all, This doesn't have to do with a Sondors product, but I have a quad with electric assist from a company called ZZ Merck on order. I've been waiting for a long time for this quad to be shipped. It's been delayed for months now, and hopefully it'll finally ship soon. It should be this quad: https://www.zzmerck.com/products/recumbenttrike/TrikExplor/4WDSportUtilityQuad.html However, it seems ZZ Merck has changed the battery system for that quad, and the above listing shows it has a 48v 14.5Ah lithium battery with Panasonic cells. The batteries we came to a decision on for my quad, and that are listed on my Invoice, should be the batteries this other quad comes with: https://www.zzmerck.com/products/recumbenttrike/2017-10-12/400.html Those are the 2 batteries with reflectors attached under the rear rack, which you can see in the last photo. They are 48v 20Ah lithium batteries, so the total should be 40 amp hours in that setup. I'm assuming they aren't made by Panasonic, although I don't know what company makes them. What are the pros and cons of each of these battery setups? Obviously 14.5 Ah is a lot less than 40 Ah, but the smaller battery has Panasonic cells, which I understand are very good. I'm wondering if I should go with the 40 Ah battery setup I originally signed up for, and that we agreed to, or if I should ask ZZ Merck for 2-3 of the smaller Panasonic batteries, and swap them out as needed, since the design for my quad seems to have changed. I also need to clarify the difference in the rear racks, other than that the second one holds the 2 batteries underneath it. The rear rack on the skinny tire quad seems like it may be lighter (and it doesn't show a bag, which is also in my Invoice), but I'm not sure of the differences just going by the photos. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the replies y'all, but I found out that due to my injury I need to get an e-trike or e-quad. I do plan to get an e-scooter, or something like that, for traveling with. Have fun with the Folds!
  4. I ended up finding the Rad Mini. It's somewhat close in price to the Fold X, which is what I'd be considering. The Fold X with the Shimano gear option is $1,123 shipped vs $1,499 for the Rad Mini. The Rad Mini has front and rear racks, and a 750 watt motor, but a smaller battery. It's also 62 pounds, whereas the Fold X is 50 pounds. Those seem like the main technical differences. It's kind of hard to choose between the 2 by just browsing. I wish I could try them both in person. Anybody know how the performance will differ between the 2, given the fact that the Rad Mini has a motor with 250 watts more power, but is 12 pounds heavier? Since I have a spinal cord injury, I would likely have to use the throttle to get up to speed, before trying to pedal. I'm wondering if those 250 watts of additional power would be what I want, especially on hills. Both are 7 speeds though.
  5. Thanks for the link. Do you guys know if there are any other folding e-bikes out there that would compete with the Sondors Fold on price, or otherwise offer a really good bang for the buck?
  6. Thinking About Buying A Fold X Hi all, I'm new to the world of e-bikes. Originally I thought I'd get a recumbent trike for exercise, due to the fact that I have a spinal cord injury and I thought that would provide more stability. But when I tried one I couldn't go that fast, at least for now. I wasn't aware that Sondors sold affordable e-bikes though. A Fold X would probably cost about as much as a recumbent trike and is powered, so I'd like to demo a Sondors bike to see if I want to go that route. Is there anybody close to the Bellingham, Washington area that would be willing to let me demo their Sondors e-bike? Also, I understand the Fold X model has just been released, but are the electronics well-encased and protected against rain? Do you just need to cover the LCD screen, or is there more to worry about when riding in the rain? It rains a lot during most months here. Anything else I should know about the Fold X model? And would the Fold X provide the best bang for the buck, out of all the folding e-bikes out there? Thanks!
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