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  1. @Reddy Kilowatt Okay so I have heard back from Sondors. Sean has always been a big help. However I think the rims are way overpriced for what they are., 458.00 before shipping. Think I will go with your suggestion. Thanks!
  2. @Reddy Kilowatt Just messaged Sondors now. I have looked high and low Aliexpress as well, nothing. Maybe these were custom made for that line? I think it would be easier buying a whole bike if I could just find one someone who would ship to me in the US or Canada. In the meantime, waiting to find one up here in Ontario. Thanks for looking.
  3. @Reddy Kilowatt Nothing ordered yet, the site kept rejecting my card for some reason. As it is, as much as I have looked your suggestion is the closest I have found. Everything else is either too narrow or too wide. I'll keep looking until I can find something a bit better bang for my buck, spring isn't here yet. Here's me biking in Ontario today on my Sondors X on mostly ice, temp averaging -2 Celsius. Helped to deflate the tires, but besides the tree problem, this bike developed axle problems an hour into the ride. I'll post a new topic once I organize the pics. Maybe you can suggest something. Thanks Again!
  4. @Reddy Kilowatt Nice, I especially like your solid black bike on the last pic, especially the rims. I wish the one's you pointed out to me where the same, those actually have a weird hole cutout that I guess I'll have to work with. The grey 2nd gen is the bike my gf likes the most after recovering from knee surgery, its the lightest and maybe the peppiest with the 750 watt motor, 35 amp controller, 48 volt triangle combo, it looks great with the narrow 3.0's. I had a chance to buy another one but didn't realize at the time what a great bike it was, that's why I ended up having to search for those rims which I plan to put on the black bike in the front keeping the Surly 3.0's or go with something narrower. That bike has a 60 volt triangle with 35amp/60 volt controller and 750 in the back. Last, here is the grey again which at the time was my snow bike and even with the narrower rims took the 4.9 studded tires from Bolton.
  5. @Reddy Kilowatt Hey Reddy, thanks so much. You sent me off in a better direction than I was going! Spokes, motor, and hub are ordered, I'll post with the finished product!
  6. I am really having difficulty finding Sondors Kickstarter 2nd generation black rims. I think the sizing is 26 x 55mm, 36 hole, but nothing seems to match in google world. If anybody has a pair to sell, or can direct me where, would be appreciated. Here's what I mean:
  7. If in Canada, open up a Kinek account. Choose a pick-up location in the US. Pay $5.00, 10 bucks maybe to pick-up battery. Drive back to border. Problem solved. https://www.kinek.com/
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