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  1. I received my Sondors x on September 27 still waiting for my LCD screen.I will give it a week.I meet UPS drive at end of my driveway with 2 wheeler to get bike I looked in back of his truck my bike was thrown in there with 100s of boxes everywhere,I don’t think he could of found any thing in there. We must be patient ??
  2. I ordered Sondors X on June -5-2017,recieved on sept-27-2017. Still waiting for LCD screen.
  3. Sondors X finally here. I can tell the difference with 500 motor compared to the 350 motor I can go up steeper hills without peddling.
  4. Imchipman01

    Hidey Ho Neighbors!

    Your going to love your Sondors bike specially the sondors X with that great battery. I sold my original sondors fat bike this week knowing my my Sondors X is hopefully weeks away. I really miss that bike. ??????
  5. Imchipman01

    Hello from NH

    I read the Sondors with seven speed years will be available in October. I went 2 years without any gears. Only one time the battery gave out I had my coffee holder crimping a brake cable and it shut my motor down. I started yo pedal the bike home,it's very hard to pedal without any power then I figured out why the motor wasn't working. This is the first time Sondors put up any gears on a bike an for $100 I suppose everyone said why not. Sondors upgrade group on Facebook there been few people put there on gears on the bike. I thought about it but I don't want to mess up the bike if I made a mistake. Good luck my Freind.
  6. Imchipman01

    Hello from NH

    I don't think you need the gears,pedal assist will be surely enough with the 500 Watt motor.
  7. Imchipman01

    Hello from NH

    Sondors sent me a updat on my order I made June 5 on my sondors X. Sept delivery is sold out .sorry You are receiving this update because your SONDORS is shipping in middle to the end of September. We anticipate certain models to being arriving in mid-September with the final models arriving at the end September. We will send more details in the coming weeks. We're including a small surplus of certain models. This inventory is currently available for purchase and will ship after your original orders are processed. Those of you who have been waiting for the arrival of your SONDORS will get yours first. If you have friends or family that would enjoy SONDORS, this is a perfect opportunity for them to get one quickly. Once this surplus is SOLD OUT, we won't have inventory until the end of November for holiday deliveries. Many of the surplus SONDORS, like SONDORS X is already SOLD OUT for end of September.
  8. Imchipman01

    Hello from NH

    All you have to do is go to Sondors X scroll down a bit and they'll be a drop-down menu for gears. https://sondors.com/collections/north-america/products/sondors-x-new?variant=39567601934
  9. Imchipman01

    Hello from NH

    It look like you can order and delivery would come in September sondors.com
  10. Imchipman01

    Hello from NH

    Sondor 4.9 inch tire bike. Is perfect for me I’m 6” 210 pounds. I have been riding the original Sondor fat bike with single gear for over a year and a half and it’s perfect to peddle on flatland with the pedal assist I have a little trouble going up a steeper hills though. Im sure the 7 speed gear System would be perfect for a hilly terrain. I just placed an order for a Sondors X with seven speed gears so I’ll find out personally within the next month how the addition of the gears will work. Good luck
  11. Imchipman01

    Thinking About Buying A Fold X

    I have Sondors 4.9 wheel ebike for two year weather has never been a problem,I road it in rain an snow.The LCD will be fine probably as long as you keep it in garage when your not riding it. I had no problem with bike since nov 2015. Good luck
  12. Imchipman01

    Sondors Original

    I will be selling my Sondors original fat bike “Craig List” or “Let Go”in a month when my Sondors X comes in September.Good luck
  13. Imchipman01

    introduce yourself

    B-Dub Your Sondors bike is looking good. I'm glad they changed from the The bottle battery to The triangle battery . I also ordered the silver on silver Sondors bike with 500 watt motor an 48/17 battery. I'll see you on vine one of these days I'm sure.
  14. Why get amount controller you haven’t used this one yet. You don’t want to over 20 mph in eastlake any how. ??

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