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  1. @Reddy Kilowatt I am in California. I am asking only because I have seen some videos of other people with companion seats, but not sure of the laws. Is it illegal here?
  2. Companion seat for Sondors Thin Hey Sondors Community, I am thinking of purchasing a companion seat for my wife for some occansional errands and rides. I know the speed will be decreased, but speed is not the biggest issue as many of the errands I would like to do with it are within 2 miles. Are there any seats (preferably on Amazon Prime) that would fit the thin?
  3. @alienmeatsack how did you get all that cool data into the video?
  4. @Rich where are you located? I am in California so maybe thats why mine was generated quicker.
  5. @Rich did you get yours yet? Mine came in last night at 730PM. I was afraid it wasn't going to come. I put it together but I'm going to take it to a bike shop to get it all trued and lined up perfect. I took it out for a spin and WOW! It's such an amazing little machine. I already got stopped (at 9pm) by someone to ask about it lol. Can't wait to have some fun with it this weekend.
  6. Your going to hate me for this one - but I ordered mine last Saturday.
  7. My thin with 10.5ah battery arrives tomorrow Unfortunately the LCD i also ordered in the same orderstill shows label created. I am not sure i want to ride it without the LCD. But of course, I probably will lol.
  8. Andre Storm

    Andre Storm

  9. Glad to hear im not the only one! I got a UPS tracking number, but it just says label created for now. Either way its good to see, just hope it isnt super premature
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