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  1. Shade of Grey

    Dang good idea!!!!
  2. Shade of Grey

  3. 3-Speed Conversion

    Would be easier if someone made a few videos showing rear installation...im a tad nervous. Lol
  4. 2017 eclipse

    Ok. Now we know 👌
  5. 2017 eclipse

    I was told 1979
  6. Sondors Dual Drive 2x750

    Job well done!!! Seems like alotta of work...but worth it!! Makes sense now. Two controllers means two displays. I though it was a way to have one throttle and one display to control two controllers... (according to one expert)
  7. 2017 eclipse

    2017 eclipse Pic i took before my ride...
  8. Im curious...what do you want for all of it?
  9. hello to everyone

    Lol Im sure thats gonna happen, especially the kids..."whoa look at those fat tires"
  10. Fold X - 20A Controller Upgrade

    good job!!!
  11. What are people doing with the extra controllers????
  12. battery ah advice

    You've got jokes galore!!!!

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