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  1. Here we go!!!!
  2. i ordered the lunacycle lcd and controller upgrade, im not gonna worry about too much speed yet, still waiting on bike still, lol
  3. i got the same ole...."the containers are still coming in" business, lol
  4. lol, nope....!
  5. as of today...not yet, lol
  6. thats funny, although i've had 2 beers, lol as of today no tracking number yet, we will see about monday....
  7. as of now, I still await for my tracking number email, LoL
  8. they just told me the cargo is coming in and orders have to be processed, so today or tomorrow may NOT be the case, so I'll continue my wait....
  9. SONDORS Team Member: Please begin watching for your tracking on Monday 7/17 as I expect your order to ship from our California warehouse this upcoming Monday or Tuesday. (02:29:50 AM) Bobby Williams: so i may actually get it before August??? (02:30:35 AM) SONDORS Team Member: I would expect you will see it arrive by the end of this week
  10. I was told by the end of the week......
  11. I was told they may get shipped out on monday 7/17......