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  1. Does it have a freewheel, or cassette?
  2. I know im beating a dead horse, but will a 7 speed freewheel fit on the original single speed fatty?
  3. Yea the small cog is whats needed most. Wanna try a 7 speed 32t-11t, if its not too much work/hassle. With that range, i may not swap out front 40t...
  4. what double ring sprocket did you get? im ordering parts this weekend...
  5. Ahhhhh. Ok. Gotcha. I upgraded controller not tbe motor.... Yet anyways. Lol Thanks a million...
  6. Ok. Was wondering if i needed to upgrade my magnets. Sorry i confused ya....
  7. Pedal assist magnet wasnt effected with 56t chainring?
  8. Im gonna use 4 hoverboard batteries, use the sondors as the spare... 17.6 amps
  9. B-Dub-

    Shade of Grey

    Dang good idea!!!!
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