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  1. mrzaphodb

    Sondors stockholder

    Oh, I did forget to say in my previous post that the Sondors X I received is absolutely awesome. There was zero damage. The bike was packed really really well and everything went together perfectly. I only had to bend the derailleur guard out a smidge so that I could get the adjustment done for 7th gear. These Sondors products are very well thought out and are serious bargains. I have no doubt that if Sondors did advertise more widely, there would be a regular crush of orders. Thus my concern about production capability.
  2. mrzaphodb

    Sondors stockholder

    I had pretty much made up my mind to buy shares. However, it now seems to me that expanding their sales and marketing is premature if they can't get order fulfillment in better shape. They seem to be having trouble with production and shipping at their current level of sales which is just based on word of mouth. If they start advertising, how will they expand production to meet a potentially much larger demand? I ordered a Sondors X with LCD on July 4th. It was part of the September batch. The Sondors X arrived on September 27th which met my expectations. However, the LCD for it was apparently in the back of the shipment so it's delayed until next week. I would think that this should have been foreseeable. Either Sondors should have specified that the LCDs be loaded so that they would be available out of the shipment before the bikes (so they could be paired up as ordered) or Sondors did specify that buy their producer/shipper in China is not fully under control. I also ordered a Sondors Fold X with LCD on July 5th. It was part of the September batch also. However, Sondors now says that due to higher than anticipated demand, it would be shipped to me until late October. I don't even know what that means. On this forum there was a post that an unknown number of Folds in the September shipment were damaged by the US shipper stacking too many Fold boxes on top of each other damaging front forks. Don't know if this fully explains the one month delay. I would have been eager to buy stock in Sondors if their production/fulfillment was running like a well oiled machine and was starving for more demand that a sales/marketing organization could provide. My $0.02
  3. Thanks, Andi. I had that same chat with Paul but after that I got the Sondors email that indicated that the LCD was part of the same shipment. So then I got nervous. I'll be patient now that I know I'm in the same boat with everyone else.
  4. I ordered my Sondors X on July 4th and received it on Sept 26th. Sondors email shows delivered and states that the LCD is part of the shipment. I've left a couple of inquiries at their support email but haven't gotten any responses (other then the automated ones). They have charged me for both the Sondors X and the LCD. Has anyone talked to an actual Sondors employee about the missing LCD's? I'd sure like mine!
  5. mrzaphodb

    Sondors new x fat bike

    Here you go. This is a Sondors X from the September batch.
  6. Can't image where Reddy dug up that old picture of me from my Mods days in the UK! Fortunately, it appears that all of the suggestions can be implemented as time goes by. I do have a Brooks B-17 that isn't in use so I may try that out on the X. I'm sure I'll be upgrading the controller and LCD per Matt's suggestion at some point. In any case, I'm happy to see that there isn't anything of immediate need to start enjoying the two bikes. Thanks for the responses!
  7. What am I going to wish I ordered ahead of time? Hi, I'm anxiously awaiting both a Sondors X and a Fold X in the September shipment. When I receive and assemble them, what am I going to immediately wish I had ordered ahead of time? The bikes are at least two to four weeks out so I have time to get set up with any "essentials" or even "really nice to haves". I'll probably order one of the Black Widow Aluminum Folding Carriers for the X (I'm thinking the Fold X can go in the shell on my Tacoma easily enough). Also need to find a cover for the X when it's on the carrier (something like a "Skinz" by Niagara Cycle) since it rains here in NW Washington A LOT. Thanks!
  8. mrzaphodb

    Howdy from the far North of Washington!

    Love the paint job and markings!! Can't find a pic of my old Yankee, N9369L, but it was white with a little blue trim and would look pretty boring next to your GA Fighter version. You were clearly pretty driven to shoehorn a bike in the AA-1A! I can certainly imagine myself also going to "heroic" measures to stuff one in had I been into bikes back then. Now a uni would have been a piece of cake but I caught that bug long after I had sold the Yankee. BTW..I was 49 when I decided I had to learn to ride a unicycle. I'm a spaz but I figured it out and then over the years taught many, many people to ride. One was in his late 70's! Made me cringe to watch him but he was insistent. He was a retired 747 airline pilot. Anyway, thanks for the great welcome. It was a nice distraction from the torturous wait for the Sondors X... (Hmm..let's see..shoot..still just July 12th..)
  9. mrzaphodb

    Howdy from the far North of Washington!

    I think we are on a common wavelength! My first plane was a 1971 Grumman American AA-1A. You must have a larger one like a AA-5 or something because I wouldn't have been able to fit even a "folded" Fold on top of the passenger seat or if I could have wedged it into the seat I'm sure it would have fouled the right side control wheel. BTW..In the uni community, all bicycles are unicycles with front training wheels. They are generally useful as part of the rider's cycling skill development. However, add an electric motor and you are pretty much resigned to adding the front training wheel again (although there are special and very expensive exceptions with the addition of 3-axis gyroscopic stabilizers). My custom Mountain Uni (MUNI):
  10. mrzaphodb

    Howdy from the far North of Washington!

    Thanks Reddy! I just moved up here from Tempe, AZ a year ago but have a growing library of books with local history. I'll definitely search out a copy of Pacific Destiny..thanks for that tip. And yep, one of the rides I'm really looking forward to is a 25 mile ride from here to the beach at Blaine. Now I'm continually scouting best bike routes from here to a bunch of great local destinations. Cheers!
  11. Howdy from the far North of Washington! I'm Keith (mrzaphob) and am anxiously awaiting a Sondors X with 7-speed and a Sondors Fold X with 7-speed scheduled for the September batch. Weather is so perfect here now it's killing me that it will be Fall before my wife and I get to start our cruising! But that gives me a couple of months to absorb as much of the knowledge on this forum I can stuff in my head. Cheers!
  12. mrzaphodb



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