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  1. Are there still no other sondor owners around BRAUNSCHWEIG, GERMANY to celebrates the summer and the bikes? Bin ich der einzige?
  2. Really week 37 or later? Or week 38-39? Still got no notification email.
  3. Can you describe with photos or designator/pin on the pcb, where do you has connect these wires?
  4. Martin Kurth

    Martin Kurth

  5. Sondors X to Wolfenbüttel, Germany I just ordered the Sonders X Europe Version in Charcoal Black with Suspension two days ago. It goes to the town where 'Jägermeister' is produced. Cheers. First planned upgrade will be hydraulic brakes.
  6. Thanks all for your helpful answers. First i has to do is to order a bike ;-) and later i can choose an upgrade for some parts. The magura MT5e are high end, but cost around twice as much the M355 does from wendy.
  7. How do you add the cutoff connector with "sondors" plug and where it can be buyed? as i see on a magura video is is a magnetic switch.
  8. i found only on https://pasionebike.de.aliexpress.com/store/1088910 brakes with cut off power contact to controller.
  9. The M355 is a discontinued model. I like to buy the BR-M7000 or XT-BR-M8000 instead with brake contact. I never see detail pictures of the contact at the leveler grip. https://www.bike-components.de/en/Shimano/XT-BR-M8000-Disc-Brake-Set-with-J02A-Resin-Brake-Pads-p45509/
  10. Where i can buy the better Shimano hydraulic M355 brake replacement in european shops? Is 99$ the price for one? So to upgrade i has to spent 200$?
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