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  1. I think it was that rant about Chinese imports a few years ago. Damn Internet. Things last forever. ???
  2. I got news today, that I should be in the mid September delivery.
  3. Oh how my innocent little post has grown. LOL
  4. @B-Dub- well get it together so I can see it!!
  5. There's no point in taking meds if you can't wash them down with booze. Just saying...????
  6. That could be the case. I'm in Florida.
  7. So cool!! I haven't heard anything yet. ?
  8. When did you guys order your bikes? I ordered mine in June.
  9. Awesome man! Share pics or video when you get it going.
  10. Poor poor pitiful me.... nothing, nada, zero
  11. Awesome!!! So I can tell you I'm not going to check my email every 5 seconds. A watched pot never boils.
  12. Rich

    33 MPH

    33 MPH This looks like fun! Hell of an upgrade
  13. This is the week. I feel it in me bones.
  14. @B-Dub- That's awesome! Thanks!
  15. Waiting..... I'm supposed to get the bike in August. I'm getting the standard original Fat Boy. I think I've seen every youtube video on the bike.
  16. @MattRobertson contracts are interesting beasts.
  17. Thanks @MattRobertson & @Tabletteer Great stuff. @MattRobertson I've worked on the solvency end of the insurance business for years. I know there is no guaranty fun or association covering surplus lines. :o)
  18. @Tabletteer Thanks for the ideas and recommendations.
  19. Theft Coverage Can anyone recommend a company for theft coverage? A Google of "electric bicycle theft coverage" brought up several companies. Does anyone on the forum in the US have theft coverage? Granted it's not a ton of money to most people but it's a lot to me. Kind Regards! Rich
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