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  1. Thanks, yes damage to the motor cable is of real concern. For a few bucks I am willing to try any viable option, the REI guard was available 15 minutes from my home. Sever members have responded with several good ideas and I am sure I will swap out the current guard.
  2. Very cool and certainly better looking than the REI guard, I did not like the look either but hated the $5 guards on Amazon. Most bike shops don't carry much and don't like to help e-bike owner (purist I guess). Thanks, think I'll order one?
  3. Yes, unfortunately it is. Even I know iridescent green and bright yellow is a no, no, LOL! The nice thing is it has a U shaped opening for the axle box to fit the guard. If you have a derailleur it provides complete coverage.
  4. Motor Wires and Derailleur Protection Protect your motor wires going through the rear axel and if you have a derailleur with a derailleur guard. One of the best I have found is available at REI and is highly effective and provides a great deal more protection than the cheep thin guards sold online. Certainly worth the $20 i paid and if you have an REI near you it's available in most stores or at: REI.com
  5. Roy Temper

    Roy Temper

  6. Fenders/Mud Guards I am a new Sondors Fat Tire owner and I have been reading the forums and searching online for fenders. No luck, every online vendor is "Sold Out" "No Longer Available" or "Out of Stock". With some deeper digging I discovered Portland Design Works and their "Dave's Mud Shovels". Just what I was looking for, light weight, sturdy, easy to install, look great and cover the 4.9" tires. You can reach them at: https://ridepdw.com/ or 503-234-7257 They are great folks, quick (arrived in 3 days) and very reasonable, $20 for the front and $28 for the rear. I would highly recommend you consider, easy on and off if you don't want to leave them on, no tools required.
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