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  1. I'm having my Sondors Fat upgraded to a 62.9v Tesla 2170 pack. Also an upgraded bms. I run a Bafang 750w hub and would like suggestions as to the controller. Does anyone have any input into these: Sabvoton, Base Runner, Phase Runner, or Grinfineon? Or any other suggestions. I want to be able to use these cells to their fullest potential. Thanks for the help.
  2. Matt. I charged the battery and it seems to be alright. The red charging light was on for a few hours, it turned green and the charger went off on its' own. Is I hope it's ok. I plugged my other L3 in and it also sparked and smoked at the XT90 connector. I'm thinking it's the controller. Ray
  3. I was on soft sand a couple of days ago and was giving the Sondors a good bit of throttle when it stopped completely. Took the cover off and unplugged the XT90 connectors and they sparked and smoked when plugging back in. I was worried about the L3 battery and when I got home I charged it and it seems to be ok. The green full charge light came on after a few hours and the charger shut off. Also the back wheel seems to be bound up somewhat and it doesn't turn as freely as it should. I think it's a controller problem. I have the 48-52V KT controller. What are your thoughts? Thanks. Ray
  4. Really not much to show. I have the L3 battery and the 350w stock motor. I'll be putting on the 750w motor and 35a controller on Friday though.
  5. Can you send me a photo of the rear battery?
  6. A beast for sure. Battery is on the rack but can you carry anything? Do you have 2 hub motors and how many gears?
  7. The easiest solution would be to share and suffer on the range. Lindsey does have the 60v L60 but it's cut down to 17.3ah. The best solution would be the 2 battery system but then the question is where to put it so the bike doesn't looked hacked. A bottle battery on the rack but then there goes the Ibera. Lindsey could make a triangle battery that would take up the entire Sondors case and the controller would have to be mounted outside somewhere.
  8. Houshmand What I really want to do is install the Cyclone and keep the 750w hub motor on the rear with two throttles. That way I have the power, speed and range.
  9. Thanks for the input. I'll Luna next week. Possibly sell my L3 and stock Sondors battery to upgrade to the Storm Pack.
  10. Thanks for the links. I know the Cyclone will give me a shorter range but was wondering just how much shorter on average.
  11. Cyclone Range I have a Sondors Fat Bike with a L3 52v triangle battery, stock 350w hub motor, upgraded LCD and 25a controller. I'm getting almost 70 miles with pedal assist #2. With throttle only I'm getting 50+ miles. I live in south Florida and all of my riding is glass top flat with no off road. I'm thinking of having the Cyclone installed along with upgraded controller but am afraid of my range being cut drastically. I want to leave the stock 350w hub motor installed and have 2 throttles. One for the hub and one for the Cyclone.Any thought s on the range reduction?Thanksnewbie Ray
  12. Tire Tube Liners Had my first flat a couple of days ago and I don't want another. Anybody have any suggestions for tube liners? Somebody suggested motorcycle tubes and tires.
  13. Tabletter I have an upgraded LCD, L3 52V 20.3 Ah Panasonic Triangle Battery and 25 amp 48-52v controller with HIGO connectors. The throttle works great during take off but once to speed I have push just about all the way to max to get any reaction at all. Maybe I just never noticed it before and that's the way these throttles operate. Anybody have the twist throttles and how do you like them.
  14. Tabletteer Did what you said with no improvement. The throttle starts out fine but once I'm going a certain speed I'll thumb it almost all the way open and nothing until it's just about at full throttle.
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