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  1. There are two short steep hills a short ride, 1 1/4 miles from my house and a longer grade about four miles from my house. Pine Mountain is about 15 miles with a variety of grades but with this cold spell that may be a little further than I would want to peddle in the cold. Even if you do not purchase from me this is a good opportunity to test ride all three of the Sondors bikes.
  2. I purchased four Sondors and love all four but I love my wife more and she believes we have two too many Sondors so I listed two on the Atlanta, GA Craigslist. I purchased two Fold X, one Sondors X 7 with suspension & LCD and a Thin 7 with the LCD-suspension & the battery upgrade. The Sondors X and the Sondors Thin both are too tall for my wife and almost too tall for me. The Sondors Fold turns out to be the best fit for us for the type of riding we do. I discounted the Thin a little more because I would rather let it go rather than the Sondors X. I am trying to sell the Thin 7 at my cost minus the shipping and LCD Screen cost and the Sondors X at my cost minus the shipping. If we would have been able to ride the Sondors before purchasing we would had discovered the two were too tall and would have only purchased the Folds. If I do not sell the Sondors X I plan to strip the drive system and install it on one of my recumbents. If you live anywhere near Lagrange, Georgia and are interested in a Sondors bike but would like to ride one before purchasing any Sondors bikes contact me and I will try to arrange a test ride even if you are not interested in purchasing mine. I do not have any other experience with electric bikes other than the four I own but I cannot imagine any others being much better than these except more size options.
  3. I purchased and recently received two Fold X, one Thin, and one Sondors X and all have rough noisy front wheel bearings. I can spin the front wheels while holding by the axles and I can feel and hear the bearings which are extremely rough and noisy on all four bikes. The bearings sound like there is no lubricant in them. Surely I am not the only one with the rough noisy front wheel bearings. I really like the bikes except the Thin and Sondors X are too tall with the suspension forks.
  4. I did go ahead and ordered the 72 volt Satiator and cables. I do appreciate all the input.
  5. I checked into the Satiator charger and just about talked myself into getting one. I contacted ebikes about what all I would need to purchase with the charger to charge my Sondors batteries. Right now I will just have 36 volt and 48 volt batteries but I was concerned that one day I may want to go a higher voltage. They recommended that I purchase the 36/48 volt charger because it will charge at a higher amperage than the 72 volt charger. I believe the 36/48 volt charger charged up to 7 amps and the 72 volt charger only charged up to 5 amps. From previous postings it appears the lower amperage would be better anyway so it appears that future battery upgrades concerns outweigh the max amperage? They ask me for a picture of the battery plug in which I do not have yet. Exactly what plug would I need? I have already ordered a count down timer, now I am still trying to pin down the charger.
  6. That is a very nice charger but at pretty steep price. I have looked at that charger before but the price scared me off. I wanted two chargers so I could charge my wife's and my battery at the same time but I may need to reconsider. Thanks for the input.
  7. I just watched the video for the Luna Advanced Smart Charger and it shows it has a dial on the back to adjust the output amperage in one amp increments starting at a one amp output. Would this work for the Sondors battery.
  8. I am glad I had not ordered it yet. I do have more questions in which I would appreciate more feedback from you. I like the Luna Advance charger because it can be set for 80%, 90%, or 100% charge to extend the life of the battery but I would not want it if it shortens the life of the battery. I also like the digital readout. I have used smart chargers for automobiles that I understood would only put out only the wattage/amperage needed and as the battery got closer to fully charged the wattage/amperage would reduce. Would this not be the case for the Luna Smart charger for the Sondors batteries? I am not concerned about fast charging, I am only concerned about the longevity of the batteries. Do you have a recommendation for a smart charger for the Sondors bikes?
  9. READY TO BUY SMART BATTERY CHARGERS I am ready to buy a 36 volt and a 48 volt smart battery charger for my Sondors bikes that I am waiting on. I am concerned about the battery charger connectors. I like the Luna Cycles Advanced chargers and need to know what I need to do about the battery charger connectors. I an waiting on a 36 volt Thin, 48 volt Sondors X, and a 48 volt Fold X. Does anyone know if all three bikes will have the same battery charger connector? Any suggestions on a smart chargers comparable to the advanced chargers that Luna sells?
  10. Thanks for the reply and I was glad to read that I misunderstood but I did find my information at the Sondors blogg under Caring For Your SONDORS Battery, SONDORS Tip #2: Do NOT over-charge the battery. Charging cycles will vary depending upon usage. The majority of charging cycles take 2-3 hours, and should not exceed 6 hours to complete. Set an alarm to help you remember to check the battery. Do NOT leave battery plugged in overnight. I have four Sondor bikes ordered and all have the higher capacity batteries that I want the maximum life from. I did find a charger that has a switch to charge 100% or 80% which I find very interesting that claims to have the ability to double the life of batteries. How do I prepare for the worst scenario of a BMS failure?
  11. Smart Battery Chargers While waiting on my Sondors Bikes I keep reading and re-reading any info I can find on Sondors Bike. I was disappointed to read that the Sondors battery chargers can overcharge the batteries so the charging must be timed to keep from overcharging. I want to find smart chargers to protect and extend the life of my batteries. I will be getting bikes with 36 and 48 volt batteries. Will any smart charger of the correct voltage and battery type work with the Sondors batteries?
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  13. Just Ordered Fold X, LCD Screen question? I am Gary from Lagrange Ga. I just ordered a Fold X for myself and one for my wife, both with the 7 speed option. The info on the site shows the LCD screen and states 5 gears and 5 levels of assist. Referring to the LCD screen it states "this option supplies Fold “X” with five gears and five levels of electric pedal assist plus added torque for increased hill-climbing power, even greater range, and improved towing capacity." I understand the levels of assist but what would the 5 gears be that would be controlled from the LCD display? Does the LCD screen show miles or speed on the original bikes?
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