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  1. Joe Engineer

    Sondors Fat (Custom) loses power

    Post Mortem on my battery cradle- Both of the nuts on the terminals were loose enough for me to turn the wire around. The Negative terminal had heated up enough to deform the plastic in the base and locked the spring loaded terminal in the depressed state. Interesting that it took a year for it to show up. I checked the connections on the replacement cradle and they needed some tightening. Bad quality control, if they even have it where these are manufactured. I think things are back in order on the bike, will rake it out tomorrow.
  2. Joe Engineer

    Flaky connection on bottle battery

    Are the battery contact pins making good contact? I have a similar power drop out problem and just discovered one of the contact pins in the cradle was not fully extended. It is stuck about half way down. They should extend about 5/16".
  3. Joe Engineer

    Sondors Fat (Custom) loses power

    Well, I bought a spare battery and a few other parts.To make a long story short, I still had the power drop out problem. I even swapped out the controller to no avail. I noticed I could make the power cut out by applying pressure to the battery as it sits in the cradle. Turns out one of the battery contact pins in the battery cradle was not fully extended. It's stuck about half way down. I have a spare cradle which I'm going to swap out tomorrow. Not sure how easy the stuck pin might be to repair but I'll give it a try.
  4. Joe Engineer

    Sondors Fat (Custom) loses power

    I've been doing a little research to see if it's possible to take these batteries apart and replace the bad cells. There are YouTube videos showing what's inside and it shouldn't be a huge deal if you can get the same type of replacement cells. I might go ahead and take my bad battery apart after I get the replacement on my bike.
  5. Yep, the thermos bottle-bullet battery. The one I have is the extended range one also. $120 sounds good to me! i can put off any power upgrade until next year. This year I want to replace the tires, which I probably over-inflated and caused a little trauma. I am in West Springfield Massachusetts for postage purposes. Contact me at [DELETED] and we can arrange payment and shipping details. Then I will edit out my email address from this post. Thanks. Joe
  6. I'm not sure I would need the motor but I'm interested if the battery is in good condition.
  7. Joe Engineer

    Sondors Fat (Custom) loses power

    Is that the 12.8 AH one and is it working? Want to sell it? If it's a reasonable price I might grab it. EDIT: I looked in the Marketplace and see it is listed.
  8. Joe Engineer

    Sondors Fat (Custom) loses power

    OK, after the heat wave was over I felt like looking at the bike wiring and battery. With the battery removed from the bike I charged the battery for a couple hours and the charger light was green. I turned the battery ON and pressed the test button- all LEDs were green except the one at the 11 O'clock position was red. With a voltmeter, I measure 40 VDC at the battery terminals with the switch ON and 33 VDC with the switch OFF. If I press the test button, the 33 V drops to zero while I hold the button in. While that may be meaningless, it's something to compare with a known good battery if I had one. I'll have to try to set it up so I can monitor the voltage while I run the motor. I just have a feeling that I'll need a new battery and if I have to go to that expense I may as well upgrade to a 48 or 52 Volt and a new controller.
  9. I've had my Custom since last year and have noticed this problem in the past couple days. While riding I notice the LCD display goes blank. The Sondors 3 LED indicator goes out. After around 30 seconds the LED indicators come back on and I can turn the LCD display back on. It comes on set to PAS 1 no matter what level I was using before this happens. The battery has a good charge I can be going up a hill or just tooling around slowly when this occurs. Weather here is in the 90 degree range today. I wonder if this is a temperature issue, though last year I didn't have any problems. Could it be a battery going bad? There are those lights and button on the battery, I was never sure how to use them.
  10. Joe Engineer

    Front tire hits frame

    I thought I had read here that 30 psi was the norm. That must have caused the problem. I just came back from a ride and the tire was slightly rubbing. I kept my eye on the rim and it is true, the tire is the problem. I'll check the bead seating and look into getting the Arisun tire.
  11. Joe Engineer

    Front tire hits frame

    Yeah, I'm aware of the alignment washer tang. I was reluctant to unmount the tire as I sometimes have difficulty with my regular bike tires. I guess the Sondors is similar but on a larger scale. I could take the wheel to the bike shop if all else fails. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Joe Engineer

    Front tire hits frame

    I bought a Sondors Custom last year and put on 300 miles before storing it for the Winter. This Spring, I inflated the tires to about 30 psi (last year I think I did 20 psi). On my first ride this year the front tire was rubbing on the fork in one spot as it rotated. I tried adjusting the wheel for quite some time and couldn't get it to clear. Today I deflated the tire a bit and readjusted the wheel and got it to work better, had to adjust the brake alignment too. It looks like the tire is not true or has a slight bulge on the side. The rim looks true, but the tire itself is not perfect. I guess I'll see how it works out, if not, I'll have to try a new tire.
  13. Joe Engineer

    How do I install the missing magnet wheel?

    Yes, I have seen that. I couldn't quite get it right the first time. Will try again.
  14. Joe Engineer

    How do I install the missing magnet wheel?

    I finally installed the missing magnet wheel this morning. Wow, what a difference, it's automatic power as you pedal. Took a 13 mile ride after lunch. Still need to come up with a better way to mount a water bottle holder.
  15. Joe Engineer

    How do I install the missing magnet wheel?

    Yikes! I think I'll stick with the Sondors magnet wheel for now. I have yet to delve into the controller's settings, but eventually I will.

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