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  1. I no longer own the Sonders Thin. Please do not waste your time tongue lashing me in the future on this forum. Some of you "experts" seemed to want to burn me at the stake over the simplest things. I put ~1200 miles on the bike. Maybe, just maybe my opinion is of some small value. Feel free to ask me of my experience in the future. Kindly do so, please.
  2. The only time I pedal firmly is from a stop when smack dab in the middle of automotive transportation. I hit the throttle fully and pedal firmly. (I stay seated.) This provides acceleration comparable to the motorized vehicles. When Texas drivers are in a hurry to get home, you have to stay up with them or get out of the way. It's all about safety. Thank goodness that part of my commute is off the public roads. And I'll take the greater chain wear in exchange for the greater acceleration.
  3. Hot Day! Today was the hottest day so far using my Sondors Thin to commute to work and back home. The ride in was wonderful! Assist level 1 perfect for the one to three mph headwinds encountered. Coming home there was only one way to go: ? all the way. This was always considered a possibility in the back of my mind, but today I finally did it. Six miles. The motor did not overheat. ?
  4. This quote taken from Matt's link backs me up, I think. "Chain wear is very much like tyre choice or chamois cream – and everyone has an opinion. It’s easy to obsess over the minor details of when a chain is worn, and what chain checker does what. Heck, even temperate plays a role – a chain left in the sun matched with a cold checker will read wrongly. In the end, though, whenever you’re in doubt over chain wear, replace it – it’ll save you money in the long run." Bingo! ?
  5. Matt... The original chain did wear out unusually quickly. Perhaps you missed that point. I won't wear the current chain out before replacing the entire set during the application of a 3-speed conversion kit. Oh... There is a LOT of construction I ride next to during my commute. Plenty of very fine dust these days. I'm not so sure that a bone dry chain on bone dry gears wouldn't be best. You could blow the drive train out with compressed air after a day's ride. The squeaky chain noise would go along well with the squeaky brakes! ? Who needs a bell?!?
  6. New chain and lube applied. Let's see how it goes! I'm not necessarily recommending this project or the products shown. Just thought folks might be interested. Some "included master link" with a colored chain, right? ? Almost defeats the purpose of a colored chain. Guess I'll have to stay pedaling! ☺️
  7. New Chain at 850 miles I had twice adjusted slop out of the factory chain. I measured pin to pin at 12". Just short of 12 and 1/16 inches. Time to change! I never cleaned nor lubed the original chain. I relied on the original lube/preservative. I know, I know. I'm an evil person. Funny that most bicycles sold in the world never get the anal care of the drive chain that is "recommended" by experts. If a manufacturer of bicycles had to choose an initial lube for a chain, knowing that it probably wouldn't be properly maintained, what kind of lube would they have on the chain? Probably
  8. Thanks for the reply. I did later check back in the thread. I don't want a 25mph high gear, so a smaller chain ring is indicated. The link to the chain ring is unavailable anyway currently. I'll do the math to determine the correct number of teeth. I know that 44 tooth cranksets are readily available, but I am guessing that I'll want a bit more than that. For now I've ordered a new white chain for my white Thin original. My original chain has worn quickly. I even properly adjusted the chain of the bike out of the box, as it was way too tight. I'm a firm believer in replacing
  9. When you have "all the answers", I'd love a specific parts list/links to do a three speed conversion on an original Thin. I've always wanted a gear equal to the original, one lower, and one higher. The higher should provide a comfortable cadence for about 18 to 19 mph. So, at ~65rpm cadence, I'd like approximately 14mph, 16mph, and 18 mph. I live on flat land, so truly low gearing isn't necessary. Adjusting to winds is my wish. Taking advantage of tailwind is my dream! Thanks so much for for your sharing on this forum! ?
  10. Standardization is the key to all of this. You hit it right on the head. @alienmeatsack Some common sense and reasoning would go a long way. That's where standards that are followed and respected come from.
  11. I find it curious as to the reaction "real bicyclists" give to my electric assist bike. They are above it, of course, feeling that an EAB is "cheating" somehow. Really... As if a bicycle wasn't "cheating" enough. Try walking, trotting, or running alongside a bicycle. Any bicycle. Even a Wal-mart cheapcycle. Just the invention of the wheel itself is the greatest "cheating" in the history of mankind. And these same arrogant road bikers, almost without exception, travel to places in their SUVs, many of them high dollar brands. Ford? Pa-Leese!! I love all bicycles. I love my Sondors
  12. 650 Miles on my Thin It is getting very hot now in Southeast Texas! I can manage 88°F, "feels like" 97°F now. That's way hotter than I could have endured with my human powered bike. (Humidity is very oppressive here.) Love my white Sondors Thin more and more! See you around! ? (Replies not expected nor desired.)
  13. How do I delete this post and thus, the subsequent replies? Please advise...
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