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  1. Reddy. Great tip in the Cinch Straps. Just purchased them from your posted link. I almost lost me bike when it moved on the carrier. The straps should take care of business...Rob
  2. @Jim Martin, The twins look great on your vehicle!!!
  3. @MattRobertson, Thanks, the forum has been very helpful...Rob
  4. I'll check out the book. Have not read that one. Thanks. I was an investor on the Fleet Salvage last year and got a Silver Reale and a cannon ball off the fleet but now I am a minority owner so I share in all the finds going forward. I will actually get to blow holes in the ocean floor whenever I make the 2 hour trip and maybe find something personally. WOW, very exciting. Hopefully I will get to write that treasure story. If you get time check out my treasure hunting website at www.FloridaRob.com or my Youtube videos at the same name......Rob
  5. Thanks guys. The trailer hitch is the standard 2" receiver. I use it for my jet ski and my utility trailer so I already had it which was convenient. Those tie down straps look great for a whole bunch of uses and the price is right. Thanks for the tip on those. You may notice a bungee on the front tire but it is so locked down from the tension strap I really don/t need it. With that said the straps look great and you can never be too safe. Thanks, Rob. Besides you mentioned treasure chests and that is what I am looking for. Really! In a few weeks I will begin serarching for some of the treasure from the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet down near Vero Beach. Woohoo.
  6. Perfect Vehicle Carrier for the Sonders Fatty Just thought I would share this carrier I found on craigslist that is perfect for our bikes. It is advertised and made for dirt bikes. It even comes with a ramp to roll it up on if needed but pretty easy to just lift the bike up on the carrier. I see them new for about $135.00 (aluminum version) but I paid $75.00 on craigslist and there were multiple ones listed so you can probably find a used one in your area. Be aware that they are made of steel and also aluminum. The steel version is cheaper but much heavier. I like the aluminum version. The forum has been a great help to me so hopefully I can pay the help forward...FloridaRob
  7. I have just received my Fatty within the last 2 weeks. I purchased it with the sole purpose of taking it to the beach at least once a week and maybe more. I'm in Orlando which is about an hour away. I've been reading about the salt effect and wet effect on our bikes. Rain can come about very quickly here in Florida so there is a good chance the bike could get wet especially on a carrier while in transit. I would like to hear some input on that. Also my bike will be exposed to the salt air and sand on a weekly basis. Some input on that would be helpful also. All the advertising material show beach riders? Thanks so much...FloridaRob
  8. FloridaRob


  9. Great advice. I will do that tomorrow. I am noticing that the rear wheel is not perfect. A slight wobble is present so adjustment is still needed. Thanks again...FloridaRob
  10. Thanks guys. Huge help and the bike is fantastic now. Check out the picture. I guess the small collar came loose during transit. Didn't notice it until I lifted the bike, sped it up and applied the brake. When I did that the wheel actually jumped sideways which exposed the problem. At lower speed it did not jump as it was still tight but not locked in. Thanks again...FloridaRob
  11. Thanks for the tip. I will try it tomorrow. I'm hoping the rear brake adjustment will fix the issue but I have some doubts.
  12. Hey everyone. Just received my Fatty a couple days ago and have it assembled. The front brake was scraping badly so I watched a helpful video that showed how to loosen the caliper and let it close upon the disc while holding the brake handle then re-tighten. Seems to have worked great as the wheel turns freely now. My question is about the rear brake. I am assuming that you adjust the rear brake the same way but would like to confirm that with you experts. It appears that it might be a little difficult to get to with a wrench? Are there any consequences if I adjust the rear just like the front? I hope the problem is the brake? When spinning the tire you can hear a very slight scrape like it is off center but what bothers me is the loud almost scraping sound coming from the rear as I ride it and pick up speed. Almost a clanking sound. The faster I go the louder it gets. Any advice would be appreciated...Rob
  13. OK...MY SON JUST SHOWED ME A WAY AROUND THE LINKS NOT GOING ON HERE. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL POST I TRIED TO UPLOAD. NOTE THE * AFTER modernbike. Please replace * with a dot (.com) and you can open the links. Thanks for your help....FloridaRob Hey everyone. Just got notice that my bike has shipped today but I'm in Florida so it will still be a while. Here are 2 links. The first one is a rear luggage rack that I want and the other are the dimensions. Can anyone tell me that this one will definitely fit the fatty? It looks like it will to me but I thought one would fit a fat tire bike I had a while back and it did not. Your advice is appreciated....FloridaRob https://www.modernbike*com/axiom-fatliner-dlx-rack-for-26-fat-bikes https://static.modernbike*com/Product_Images/2126223489_5411712c-b388-4ecc-9b98-9cad4068831f.jpg
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