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  1. Would anyone know the size of the wheel nuts on a fat bike? I'm trying to buy those locking nuts and they come in three sizes 3/8, 9mm and 10mm but I'm not sure which to buy. Thanks
  2. Battery Holder Has anyone had any problems with the battery holder on a fat bike? I didn't notice a problem until the bike quit suddenly. When I checked the wiring I found that the two wires inside the cradle had loosened and the plastic around one of the contacts was melted a bit. I tightened the contacts and it seems OK now. My question is will the contacts come loose with normal use or was this something from the factory?
  3. I believe my bike was shipped from Malibu, California.
  4. I did not pay any import duties, just the $250 shipping charge from UPS. I wasn't aware that there were any more charges. I thought that UPS took care of import duties.
  5. Can someone tell me how to mount a Ventura universal carrier rack as listed above? Trying to mount it on my fat bike. The front mount bars are not long enough and the other part with the three hole plate does not seem to line up with anything. Thanks for any help.
  6. Fat bike tires? Can I put a pair of Beach Bum Duro DB 1012 26" x 3.0" tires on my stock rims of my fat bike? Are they hard to fit? ADMIN EDIT: TWO TOPICS MERGED
  7. Does anyone know the recomended inflation for the tires on a fat bike? The tires are marked 20lbs max but the bike came with 14lbs front and 17lbs rear and they seem hard. Thanks.
  8. I bought the fat bike and didn't realize that it's such a large bike. Measures 72 inches long and high. I had to lower the seat almost to the bottom. I don't have fenders yet (on order) so I can't take it out until all that white muck outside is gone. Can hardly wait. It's nice to hear there are others around here, maybe we will meet soon. This is what mine looks like.
  9. Jeverett


  10. Does anyone know if others in Ottawa, Canada have Sondors bikes. It would be nice to start a club or gathering here as I'm new to this. I'm just waiting for the snow to go away!
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